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Welcome to DC 67

M9 Gallery Banner

A Request From Enna, WPC Manager

Topic: Mobile9 Photo Gallery Banner
Description: Create a banner which would be attractive enough
to invite our lovely members of m9 to join
WPC's Cover Photos
Restrictions: no nudity
Resolution: standard 300x300 or 400x400

This topic will be open for 2 weeks until Sunday 9 Dec

All Mobile9 members are welcome to join the DC and earn this badge:

simply by completing 15 challenges. No winning required!
No participation points or trophy's can be earned in the DC.

Confirmed Participants:

1. anulubi
2. AjiNru
3. RandyMabius
4. dinesh707070
5 Rahulanant
6. Aeronitor
7. Farhad707070
8. gourabguddu
9. mohamedali05
13. engel26
14. yash_raj_singh
15. colorfull life
I love Enna so I will make a banner!! wow.gif
cool!!!add me in!!! wow.gif
awww love you too Joly winkiss.gif

and thanks wub.gif
add me insmile.gif
nice topic, add me in
wow its my 15th entry of Dc!!
And i wll working 4 wpc here !!
I m soo happy bcoz this time we r connecting to DC Through WPC !
and i lov DC and WPC extreemly!
Superrrr topic jeeya 10.gif
add me in laugh.gif
Super cool Topic Add me in !! wow.gif happy.gif
add me plz
i knew exactly that you would love this one guys!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
add me in jolly
aleena thanks for those beautiful words dear!!! glad to hear it from you!!!!
i hope we are doing the job as mom n eric done
but why you always away from DC? i hope you'll join us soon
and one more thing, just want to let you know, that i'm plannig on MDC.i hope in December we can start it

ANu bro,i just now seen ths msg,Actually DC is like my mother place i always say ths..i started my journey here with mom and eric...

really miss them,and my old days..U and jolly doing great job here bro,i just want not to change anything,DC is DC ever.

And about my participation,due to health i give a gap but i think sometimes i feel like stranger here haha..all new guys.And u know how much i love

making wallys and designing,i had to leave something and truth is my health dnt allow me to spend more on system and also my kid.

its really great news to know MDC is coming.Great bro.i hope all will enjoy it.

i'll often visit here bro.
I love Enna so I will make a banner!! smile.gif add me in jolly sis wink.gif
mary..thats very encouraging dear, hope to see you here more often, and take care dear

gourab and ali,,added you guys@added you guys!
yawn.gif why are you guys so lazy whip.gif get to work boys tongue.gif

@ali, thanks wub.gif
have patience enna...tongue.gif
aleena its ok dear smile.gif wub.gif
thank you so much wub.gif
well, health is above of all these, so take care of it smile.gif
yes, now i'm searching for a good topic..if you have anything on your
mind, plz tell me...
and @all you can pm me too the topic which is to be, you wanted on the
next MDC..

enna we are more lazy than you think dear.. laugh.gif all you have to do is sit
and applause to us wub.gif smile.gif ..there is more time to get the banner..i'm sure
you'll get the best of bests banner for the thread smile.gif wub.gif

my entry (not sure)


enna tell me if you find any wrong with this it'll help others to make their banners smile.gif
anu,,,wowwwww,,,thats sooo flawless,,looks really so awesome!!!!! 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif
@ anu- too much fantastic... you are really great 10.gif 10.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
anu this is so nice looking like a starting page of a game so nice
notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
my simple try for this week..
first time i made something from scratch.
hope it will help me for the mdc.

enna i really love you.. tongue.gif laugh.gif
my entry wink.gif

Cool one Anulubi and Gourab clap.gif clap.gif I do not belong to designing wallys much but i was free so cooked up something, i made it in corel draw and not sure if it is allowed surrender.gif
If it is allowed, i dont know how to upload it as a file on M9 oops.gif

THUMPY bro, first of all thanks a lot notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
if you made it a animation then no problem but if you create it as gif then i think pixel quality will be downgraded....
and what you make it's 10.gif10.gif10.gif nothing much about a legendary artist locked.gif notworthy.gif
wow.gif wow.gif you guys needed a kick Start laugh.gif

@anu Fantastic Banner clap.gif

@ gourab, amazing work clapping.gif ya ya everybody loves Raymond(Enna) laugh.gif

@ Thumpy i can see the talent of fashion here tongue.gif 10.gif awesome thumbsup.gif

Thanks guys notworthy.gif
anu;so great work.. very nice idea..i love it
goura;so amazing idea soo cool work dear
thump;exellent work and great idea soo nice

my try for this week


gourab,,,that looks amazing to me!!!!! youre too good at scratch! wow.gif wow.gif

thumpy,,,wowww,,pretty awesome,,,really love it! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

farhad,,sooo cool,,lovely colors!!!!well done!!! clapping.gif wow.gif wow.gif

dinesh,,,thats amazing one! cool animation thumbsup.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
@jolly- thanks a looot dear... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
@farhad-wow..awesome bro.... 10.gif
@dinesh..this time you did well.. 10.gif..
want too see
Awesome creations Farhad and Dinesh, good job 10.gif Thank you all for valuable comments, designing is not my cup of tea so I appreciate ur comments all the more wub.gif I still don't know in which category to upload though unsure.gif
thumpy bro, restriction includes a 300 x 300 or 400 x 400 resolution, so do not worry, gallery link is not a requirement thumbsup.gif
@anu, very nice and execution ... flawless work 10.gif
@ gourab, nice scratch & i love the animation... 10.gif but i dunno how to make animation image:shy:

@thumpy, very simple & nice work thumbsup.gif10.gif

@farhad, very nice & superb colours 10.gif

@dinesh, i love the animation. good work 10.gif

i dunno this one looks awesome... but i did hardwork to make this banner smile.gif
Good job Ajin clap.gif The second one has better readability so it scores over the first one thumbsup.gif
gourab nice one anim 10.gif

thumpy so cool work you've done with it yar 10.gif

farhad nice unique work bro..beautifully done 10.gif

dinesh looks so cool! very nice decor''s 10.gif

ajin fab work bro..great job! 10.gif i agree with thumpy..second 1 is better IMHO smile.gif

@thump & anu, thanks friends wub.gif
Nice topic, add me in, here's my first try; if there something i need to change please let me know

Originals used
Hi !!! add me in! clap.gif

lenhudiel,,,wowww,,,looks sooo gorgeous!!! perfect wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

lola,,stunning,,love that cute girl!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
len very cool work there bro..nice colors 10.gif

lola brilliant work dear...nice brush art 10.gif

need help guys..please tell me which is better


(Originals:scratch work)

@anu, three are very nice..... i vote 1st & 2nd one thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (anulubi @ Dec 2 2012, 12:08 PM) *
need help guys..please tell me which is better

i choose the first one, is a piece of art notworthy.gif notworthy.gif clap.gif clap.gif
@ lenny, Dinesh, Ajin , Farhad and lola fantastic work all clap.gif clap.gif

@ Ajin 2nd is better thumbsup.gif

@ Anu, i like first one as an invite/banner but second one is WOW! i can place it in my profile later wub.gif love it wub.gif
thanks a lot guys wub.gif
so i'll go with the first one smile.gif

i feel so silent here ohmy.gif
@anu, i too feel silence......
rarely posting comments
@anu bro- each and everyone tells about your talent... i like the 1st one as it's looking great.....thumbsup.gif
we were busy in doing work........!!¥!!

anu,,,i love the first and the second one!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

yeahh so cold and silent here unsure.gif unsure.gif

and only 4 at the FET?? wallbash.gif wallbash.gif
may be most our participants don't like banner contests.. ohmy.gif
no bro i dont think they dont like banners, i think they are busy and will submit their work later sleeping.gif
i said 'maybe' :D
yea i hope so smile.gif
oooh i agree,,then no more banners later tongue.gif
please add me up, i will try to make one wub.gif wub.gif
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