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Full Version: Week 295 - Winners Announced ! ! !
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We have WINNERS!!

A new participant joined us this week. clapping.gif clapping.gif

gourabguddu this goes to you

Gold trophy winner is:


Silver trophy winner is:


Bronze trophy winner is:


kewlone, srimunnamunna, lenhudiel, justbe3112, ofekse, topmanner1, nimesh_kum and idias_1


hunky 81
atri 65
amdo 61
enna 58
barbara 57
idias 52
lenhudiel 47
nimesh 47
munna 44
topmanner 36
gourab 34
ofekse 11
many Congratulations to the winners well done

Congrats to the winners clapping.gif clapping.gif Well done others clap.gif clap.gif Great job Christina 10.gif

Very little that separated u all this week, all entries were terrific rockon.gif

congrats to you all:wow:wow.gifwow.gif thanks for those who voted for me and show their conciousness towards my work... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Congrats to the winners
Congrats hunky bro and amdo bro for your respective trophies! wow.gif wow.gif
Thank you for liking my work! clapping.gif wub.gif
Well Done DJs

Greatly managed Christy! clap.gif clapping.gif
Congrats Hunky, Atri and AMDO !! wow.gif clapping.gif
Great work Guys 10.gif

to... Mood, Atri & Amdo clapping.gif well deserving winners clapping.gif clapping.gif
and all the other participants, great work by all thumbsup.gif clapping.gif

Special congrats to our new Dj Gourab for his lovely green trophy clapping.gif

Thanks to all for your super comments, votes 7 favs. notworthy.gif wub.gif
congrats Mr Hunky wow.gif Atri wow.gif Ariz wow.gif
you really deserve it clapping.gif

great job by all DJs thumbsup.gif
I loved all of your mixes wub.gif wub.gif
BIG Congrats to Winners ... Hunky , Atri and Amdo ... clapping.gif

Great work by all DJs ... thumbsup.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and votes ...
QUOTE (idias_1 @ Nov 25 2012, 10:02 AM) *
BIG Congrats to Winners ... Hunky , Atri and Amdo ... clapping.gif

Great work by all DJs ... thumbsup.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and votes ...

welcome iddy:)
Congrats Moody And Atri clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Great Work By All thumbsup.gif

And Thanks A Lot Everyone For Your Love And Support wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Great Work As Always Managing The RC Christy We Really Owe You A Great Deal wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

clap.gif wub.gif Congrats to Atri & Ariz wub.gif clap.gif

it was great week , awesome mixes by all 10.gif

tnx a lot for ur amazing comments , favs & votes wub.gif notworthy.gif

special tnx to dear Christy for her great managing notworthy.gif wub.gif happy.gif
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