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wow.gif Aaaaah!!!! Its Promotion Again!!!! wow.gif
DC Promotion!

We are very happy to promote six of our greatest members this month!!

Dedicated Artist

First of all
He is one of the very talented designer. we can see many great wallps and Screensavers in his gallery..
in my opinion he is a master of giving shadows!!
in every works of him, we are able to see his Shadow talent that no one could ever done that!!
His Gallery
and he is.....

He is really dedicated to DC.he spend most of his M9 life in DC!!
we are all really surprised to see his improvement! his gallery really amazed us by great 3D Designs!!
His Gallery
and he is...

He is one of most known members in M9!!he is also very dedicated to DC!
he really amazed me with his Animated wallys all the time!!
also his stilled wallys look so realistic, i must say!!
His Gallery
and he is...

Last but not least
A really talented DC member i know!! the star of Poster and Icon maker!!
he is not only a Designer but also a great DJ..but his design works always rock DC!!
His Gallery
and he is...

So, here's your very well deserved Dedicated Artist Badge. Enjoy it!!

Gifted Artist

She is a senior and a great designer come themer who is most known in entire M9!!
she participated DC 55 times till now!!isnt that amazing!!!!!
also she won 12 times including first place!.
she is very well Deserve this Badge more than anyone!!
i proudly announce our new Gifted Artist
Her Gallery
and she is...

So, here's your very well deserved Gifted Artist Badge. Enjoy it!!

Legendary Artist

A great, really great artist!! we all know her by her unimagined talent!!
all of her works extremity realistic and stayed in TOP level!!!

Oh Miss Greece, you reach the top of DC!!
from now you wont get any badge from us that you got the final Badge :D !!

her Gallery
and she is...

So, here's your very well deserved Legendary Artist Badge. Enjoy it!!

Big Congrats to all our promoted members!!

November '12 DJ Badge Awards

RC is proudly announcing the new Gifted DJ.

It 's finally paran0ia's turn to join the Gifted DJs club. clapping.gif clapping.gif

He joined RC at Week 255 with this entry. Since then he has achieved 20 winnings. He 's one of the most regular RC participants and a great DJ

Check out some of his best entries until now

Week 257
Week 263
Week 266
Week 272
Week 277
Week 279
Week 287

Congratulations Atri!! clapping.gif clapping.gif Keep up the good work
Themers Award Nov 2012

Time for another big promotions!! Who will get shiny badge and who will get promoted to ranks that make others drool? Read on!

Legendary Themer
Today we are welcoming two super themers into the ultimate hall of fame! Who are they? Joined M9 back in Aug 2008, Jolansky, started theming using online creator like many others. Plain, poor text readability, blurry preview are common traits of Joly's themes. Fast forward today, Joly is one of the world's most famous themer - winning 11 gold and a whooping of 30 trophies in competitions, getting many millions of downloads, and continuing to explore new type of themes day in day out. Joly's gallery of awesome themes says it all! Very very happy that you made it!

Another themer we want to promote today is Mangotango. No, of course not because she loves Liverpool football club like me hahaha. Joined back in Jun 2010, Mango caught people's attention right away by winning gold toothy in her very first participation in theming competition. It was very clear a star is in the making. Mango has won 15 gold and 37 trophies, an achievement that put her 4th in total trophies won in whole M9 history. On top of that, Mango is very humble right from the start & continue to help others till this date. If this is not worthy of the legendary status I don't know what is.

Big big big clap to both of you Joly & Mango!!!!! is finally yours!

Certified Themer
This is our oldest award and this month we want to bestow it upon three M9ers whose skills have improved so much that the Rosy Gifted no longer fit. Please give Galina53, Imsagi, and Handikap big clap! Certified Themer is the oldest award on M9 and all three of them create unique themes that make millions of Nokia phones so much better. Go check them out!!

Congratulations to the trio! Spidey will be following you now!

Gifted Themer
Who gets the Rosy rank this time? Two beautiful ladies from Russia Viola53, Dar777ina and a cool guy from UK Randymabius. Congrats to three of you! Looking forward to your themes. ^.^ Way to go but the Rosy is a brilliant start!!!

Rising Themer
This month there are lots of newcomers coming to the theming scene. Welcome guys & girls! Enjoy theming & learning from all the brilliant M9ers around. Marteeni, Naz, Ivanna01, Villacher, МАРГО2010, Asu81, lenhudiel, kazjin, shalvincalicut. The will now fly high in your profile. Keep working!
WPC Promotions November '12

As you know that we all have been anxiously waiting,

so Wpc announces bunch of promotions this month.

Wpc proudly presents Legendary Designer Badge happy.gif

It is none other than our Magical Lady wow.gif yeah yeah i know you all have guessed it tongue.gif

This Awesome Badge goes to


She got her first Silver trophy in WPC Week 165
and ever since she has stacked trophies week after week clap.gif
If you see a Dark and Gothic looking wallpaper, it is definitely Magic Lady wow.gif
you all can find her awesome collection Here
She has won 13 Gold, 23 Silver, and 15 Bronze Trophies clap.gif
She has brought life in wallpapers, the best animator
Magicas is one of our unique designers in M9 and an awesome friend wub.gif
We can't imagine without you Magic lady,
i hope you will continue to inspire our newbies with your participation notworthy.gif

You can see few of her breathtaking winning entries
Halloween Showdown 2
Christmas Showdown R 1
Wpc Week 256
Wpc Week 257
Week 277

Heartly Congrats Magicas

cute kitties only for you magic

Certified Designers Badge goes to


Raja has brought wpc to new heights, he is one of the best designers in M9
Amazing sense of creativity and the best part is that the wallpaper quality
is simply awesome clap.gif I love his gallery! it is difficult to just pick few
so i would like y'all to visit his GALLERY and explore it


Aleena has a very unique style too. A very gentle touch of motherhood in her wallpapers.

She has won uncountable trophies wow.gif

Please visit her GALLERY



All her wallpapers have a theme and great assortment of images that cannot be seen in any other designer's GALLERY !

She is a very helpful, caring and loving friend.

We can't imagine any wpc without you Galina notworthy.gif

Gifted Designers Badge goes to

Nazarenko, Soumyadeepbshn, sksahoozzz, gemini7010, Yahont, Lenhudiel, lola31lola

and not to forget the promising work by these gifted designers.
Please visit their galleries to see some of the outstanding wallpapers

Congratulations folks!!! clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

@Lia @Mango @Joly
Double congratulations girls! You will get Premium Publisher account for free. Happy playing!

Since you already bought premium publisher before this, wanna say big big thanks for your support. notworthy.gif
congraats to all promoted memebers ... clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif wow.gif wow.gif

got new legendry designer magicas... smile.gif legendry themesrs lara and maria congraats guys welll deserved promotions.. smile.gif

btw thanks a lot anu.. smile.gif
congratxxx to all promoted memebers cheers.gif cheers.gif cheers.gif cheers.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
congratulations to all ..
Congratulations to all the designers, DJ, Themers! ! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Thank you very much team M9!

This is so unexpected and so nice. I am very, very happy!
I never Expected Too tongue.gif But i got one tongue.gif and Congrtax Lola

Thanks a lot to command M9. I very much love this site and I today very happy!

after long time we can see lot of promotions

congrats to all the members on there new shining badges, well deserved guys wub.gifwub.gif
Guys, congratz to all your promotion! You are the best!! clapping.gifclapping.gif

Congratz to all promoted artists! Especially those legendary artists, magicas, lara, jolly and lia! Looking forward to see yours new customized profile! =)

And to those certified artists, Galina53, Imsagi, Handikap, Manjuraja and Aleena! You are one more step close to the legendary throne! Keep going!! laugh.gif

congratulation to all the talented artists!! clapping.gif
clap.gif clap.gif Congrats to all the promoted members, very well deserved clap.gif clap.gif
clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif congratulation to you all especially mom... clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Congraats to all promoted memebers!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif grouphug.gif

Thanks a lot to command M9!!! I very much love this site and I today very happy!

Congrtssss Voila adn Galinaaaaaaaaa wow.gif
My congratulations to all! it all really deserve it!
I'm very happy for you, my friends! all very talented!

thank you, Enna, for my badge!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!

OMG!!!! still so speechless!!!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

This is my biggest surprise of the year!!! wow.gif wow.gif

I am really so jumping with joy to see this month's promotion, and i was not expecting to see my name on the
list of promoted members, and its even a Legendary Themer's Badge!!!!++++ a a Premium Publisher's Gift!! wow.gif wow.gif
Such a wowwwww!!!! Thanks Patricia, really you dont know how happy i am today!!!Thanks a lot

My heartiest congrats too to all deserving members earning shiny badges!! especially sweet Lara, now also a legend!!likewise to Mom and Lia, our new promoted DC participants - Lenhu, ali, vino and Aero and to our certified themers!- galina, sanam, handi, gifted themers Darina, Viola and Randy, and finally our rising themers- esp Margo, Sherey, lenhu, naz, villa, marteeni, ivanna,ashu and shalvin clap.gif clap.gif

likewise to our promoted DJ and our designers too congrats guys

Many thanks for the promotion! Of course congratulations to all the participants to get a promotion! Happy for you friends! thanks to a great team M9!


To all the promoted members. ♡♡♡♡♡

I am surprised for mine. !!!

Thanks princess U think so. ♥♥♥♥♥
Congratulations to all the promoted members. Very well deserved everyone clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

clap.gif wow.gif Congrats to All promoted members wow.gif clap.gif
well deserved

big congrats to Lenny for dedicated artist,rising themer & gifted designer badges wow.gifwub.gif

Congrats to Ahmed,Vinothvardha,Aero for dedicated artist badge wub.gif

Big congrats to Magi for Gifted artist & legendary designer badges wub.gif

Big Congrats to Lia for Legendary artist badge wub.gif

Special congrats to Atri for gifted dj badge , well done mate wub.gif

Big Congrats to Lara & Maria for getting Legendary themer badge wow.gifwub.gif

big congrats to Galina for certified themer & certified designer badges wow.gifwub.gif

congrats to Sanam & Handikap for Certified themer badge wub.gif

Congrats to Olga,Darina & Randy for gifted themer badge wub.gif

Congrats to Marteeni, Naz, Ivanna, Villacher, МАРГО, Asu, kazjin, shalvincalicut. for rising themer badge wub.gif

congrats to Manjuraja,Aleena for certified designer badge wub.gif

Congrats to Tatiana,Soumyadeepbshn, sksahoozzz,Yahont,Lola & Sue for gifted designer badge wub.gif

My friends!
First of all, I want to tell many thanks to everything someone made this site! It not the simple site is our house in which all of us very warmly and comfortably to live! Thank you, all of you something do time, think out, each time surprise. I wish you further successes in the work!

Accept this bouquet as a token of gratitude!

For me great honor to join legends M9! Patricia, many warm thanks for everything, for kind words, for the rendered trust! But remember that my heart is broken off on two parts when I watch matches Arsenal - Liverpool laugh.gif

I am happy!

I am happy to congratulate Jolly Magi Lia
Galina Sanam Handikap Manjuraja Aleena Viola Darina Randy Marteeni Naz Ivanna Villacher Марго Asu Lenhudiel Afridi Shalvincalicut Nazarenko Soumya Sksahoozzz Gemini Yahont Lenhudiel Lola Aeronitor Vinoth Mohemmedali Lenhudiel ParanOia

wacko.gif ooh as much! I hope, I didn't pass

Well deserve congrats guyz.
To All The PROMOTED Members clapping.gif wow.gif clapping.gif
Too many promotions.. Big big congratulations everyone..
Specially to Lia, Lara, Magicas, Jolly, Hakan bro, Galina and beloved Sanam.. So happy for all of you.. clap.gif clapping.gif clap.gif
Congrats to all the promoted members! clapping.gif clapping.gif

I sincerely thank the M9 team for this appreciation and honor!

I am indebted to the whole RC family (have learnt loads from you guys!! wub.gif wub.gif ) and specially last but not the least, Christy for allowing me to be a part of this big wonderful family, and managing RC tirelessly every week! wub.gif wub.gif

~Thank you again!

to all promoted members, they are very talented and deserve this recognition.

to all the M9 team for giving me a rising themer medal.
I'm so happy!
Congrats to All promoted members well deserved

Very pleased to be among the Promotion
Thank you very much for your confidence!
grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

Thank you very much to all for the congratulations! grouphug.gif

Congrats to all the promoted members! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Thanks to great team Mobile9 for your trust!
Thank you so much for my promotion to legendary designer i am so honoured happy chocked thank you so much for this fantastic appreciation for my work.i will keep on in wpc i love making wallys and animations
thank you enna and patricia wub.gif wub.gif when ijoined wpc very long ago this was not even in my wildest dreaams but dreams come true
thanks for your fantastic words enna and for the kittens wub.gif

jolly anu thanks for the wonderful dc promotion wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

viola dar77in randy mabius

jolly mangotango

marteeni naz ivanna margo asu lenhudiel villacher kazjin shalvincalicut

galina imsagi handikap

nazarenko soumya gemini yahont lenhudiel lola sks

galina aleena manju

vinoth lenhudiel mohamrdali aero

to lia
for her 3 rd legendary

to paranoia for gifted dj
Hellz Yeah Magic Lady wow.gif wow.gif thats what i meant the real legend the animation QUEEN clap.gif clap.gif

i am so proud of you and you truly deserve it sweetie wub.gif wub.gif
OMG OMG ... A New Promotion Party ... and wow Some real amazinggggggggggggg promotions ...
swear u seriousely made me missssssssss arting again !!!!!!!!!

MY Heartiest Congratssssssssssssss to every one .. ( Long list u know ) .... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

One of best promotions i think !!! .. Rock On m9 !!!!

Congraats to all promoted memebers!!!

thanks magi
my BIGGEST congrats to all promoted m9ers!!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
sorry for not mentioning your names,as there are many members who got promotion laugh.gif
i'm sooooooooooooooooo happy for you dears!!!!very deserving promotion set i've ever seen in m9!!! clapping.gif
love you all!!!keep rocking!!!!!!! wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif
Oh,Thanks so very much for considering .

Thanks dear Enna and Pat.,admin and M9.

COngratulation to all promoted members.

Magicas dear im really happy for u.

And manju bro and galina dear congrates.

and Nazarenko,Soumyadeepbshn, sksahoozzz, gemini7010, Yahont, Lenhudiel, lola31lola.

COngrates so very much.
wow.gif wow.gif Congrats to all the promoted members clapping.gif clapping.gif wow.gif wow.gif


Lenhudiel, Mohemmedali05, Vinothvardha, Aeronitor, Magicas1, Liapireas, paran0ia's, Jolansky,
Mangotango, Galina53, Imsagi, Handikap, Viola53, Dar777ina Randymabius, Marteeni, Naz,
Ivanna01, Villacher, МАРГО2010, Asu81, lenhudiel, kazjin, shalvincalicut, Manjuraja,
Aleena, Nazarenko, Soumyadeepbshn, sksahoozzz, gemini7010,
Yahont, Lenhudiel & lola31lola

clap.gif Well done! clap.gif
@ALL PROMOTED MEMBERS -- A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS FROM MY SIDE wow.gif clapping.gif Well Deserved clap.gif
@Anu & Jolly -- Thank You So Much Guys, I'm Glad that you guys Considered me as a Dedicated Atrist.. smile.gif clapping.gif

to be a surprise for me...Thank you for all beautiful word.. Big big congratulations everyone...

Specially to Asu,Naz,Lia, Lara, Magicas, Jolly,, Galina МАРГО,Marteeni,İvanna,Darina,Viola clap.gif clapping.gif clap.gif

big big congrates to lend, mohem, vinod, aero, magicas, lia, paranoid, jolly, lara, galina, sanam, handicap, viola, darina, martian, naz, Ivan, villacher, Malone , aus, kazin. clapping.gif clap.gif clap:
well done friends, thank you everyone for supporting wub.gif
Thnx Eric and randy tongue.gif
smae to you randy congrtax :D
My Heartiest Wishes To Each And Every Promoted Member In Here clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Keep On Rocking With Your Amazing Work thumbsup.gif
wub.gif locked.gif
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