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I kept on donloading epub/ebook/albite readers on this site. None of can read it. What does Clas File mean anyways.
Better to google it.
epub is a file format for an ebook.. If ur phone supports viewing of ebooks, u shall be able to view the downloaded files.

Please note epub file formatted ebooks are meant for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.. If u have a different brand other than Apple device which supports viewing of ebooks, then u may want to download a third party application to convert the epub file format to the file format supported by your device.. Normally other devices other than iOS devices support pdf file format.. I hope this gives u an idea about eBooks and epub file format.. Do reply to let us know if u have any more questions.. Also do not forget to type the brand and model of ur phone.. Thanks.. smile.gif
I'm just using My|Phone A818 Duo and I already downloaded Adobe Reader but it's still not working. What will I do?
QUOTE (YENvincible @ Jan 23 2013, 09:41 PM) *
I'm just using My|Phone A818 Duo and I already downloaded Adobe Reader but it's still not working. What will I do?

u may want to check the file format of the ebook u have downloaded.. As i know A818 Duo supports ebooks in pdf file format.. If the ebook u have downloaded is in a different format u may want to convert the file format to pdf using a third party application.. Another option is to download ebooks which are available in pdf format..
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