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*banner made by amdo

Make a mix using at least one song with a city name at its title.

Theme pick: nimesh_kum

Current CET Time


1.If you post your mix and lately decide to change it - then use EDIT! Do not upload another mix or make a new post. If you do so, your entry won't be added to the voting booth
2. If you decide to post originals later - edit your first post with mix and add them there. We WILL NOT accept originals which aren't posted along with the mix.
3. If you post links for test mixes - please add them in quote tags.
4. Don't post again links of your edited mixes or any participant's. It 's enough to just inform that you have edited it. Everybody knows where to find them.

Everything you need to know can be found at the rules

If you don't know how to mix - you can also check our Tutorials for the beginners

If you need any help or advice about mixing or you need help regarding your RC mix - please post in HERE thumbsup.gif

All helpful links with songs for this week you can post in our thread HERE thumbsup.gif


All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


In case you don't post it - your mix will be disqualified.

You can pick a different colour for your banner by using one of the codes posted here

Have fun in mixing - please - PARTICIPATE !!! notworthy.gif

Enjoy the music! walkman.gif
I Believe This Will Be An Amazing Mix clapping.gif

Great Suggestion Nimo And Lovely Pick Christy wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
agree, this is gonna be a great week! clapping.gif
i have same options, might i come up with something again. wow.gif
sorry for d.p.
that's what happens when u browse net with nearly 3 years old phone! laugh.gif
Cool theme.. 10.gif
Cool suggestion Nim and nice pick Christy wub.gif
Hope i'll find something i like tongue.gif
superb topic christy
well suggested by nimi.
again great topic wow.gifwub.gif
my try:

In Paris you want me

TRACK 1 .mp3
TRACK 2 .mp3
TRACK 3 .mp3
TRACK 4 .mp3

I used a romanian club song Phelipe - Addicted (inParis) thumbsup.gif
Nice Topic smile.gif
@colorfullife, Amazing Mix Color, just work on the transitions, a bit noisy towards the end unsure.gif else your choice is awesome thumbsup.gif

@ dbzlinkin, what an awesome song selection and flawless mixing clap.gif great job 10.gif
@enna thank you very much wub.gif please tell me if is better now:
In Paris you want me EDIT.mp3
not a big change, just low amplifier, little more fade out..
if you say is better I'll upload this one but if is not I'll try to edit again laugh.gif
@Enna sis, Thank you very much.wub.gif
Any help on this? unsure.gif I don't know many songs like these sad.gif crybaby.gif
Try this site HERE

@All i'll soon check out ur mixes smile.gif
You Guys Can Also Refer To Christy's Post #222 At The Helpful Links Section thumbsup.gif

Check Here
@ Barbara Dear:
Thanks a million Dear notworthy.gif notworthy.gif

@ Ariz Bro:
Thanks Bhai for that link thumbsup.gif winkiss.gif
@dineshovi, Dinesh707070 or whatever
Would you mind explaining why it 's so difficult to read the rules of the challenge? If you really want to participate, then do it, otherwise do not post here again. Will consider it as spamming from now on.
Wonderful topic! smile.gif clapping.gif
Though i am afraid i wont be able to enter this week! sad.gif sad.gif as i dont have my laptop with me!
I would like to see if anyone makes a mix with one of my fav song of Owl City, 'Hello Seattle' wub.gif
Best of luck guys! thumbsup.gif

seeya next week!! byebye.gif
Originals added. thank you guys and girls for your comments
QUOTE (paran0ia @ Nov 2 2012, 12:00 PM) *

I would like to see if anyone makes a mix with one of my fav song of Owl City, 'Hello Seattle' wub.gif

I still have it on my playlist - its a good song 10.gif
and i have it on my list for "wk 293" it's still possible that someone 'll use it happy.gif

awesome entries by all so far 10.gif
Awesome remixes by all DJs so far ... 10.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Great work people .. thumbsup.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments .. notworthy.gif

Originals added .. thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (povilius @ Nov 2 2012, 09:57 PM) *
QUOTE (paran0ia @ Nov 2 2012, 12:00 PM) *

I would like to see if anyone makes a mix with one of my fav song of Owl City, 'Hello Seattle' wub.gif

I still have it on my playlist - its a good song 10.gif
and i have it on my list for "wk 293" it's still possible that someone 'll use it happy.gif

Waiting to hear it! wow.gif
where's Enna? unsure.gif I need to know if I have to edit my post surrender.gif
and Chisty, now I read once again the rules.. sorry for that second post oops.gif ( I didn't want to edit the previous post till I don't know if is better or worse)
@ Color - I'm not Eny but I think your edited version is definitely much better ... thumbsup.gif clapping.gif

but you may want to improve the flow by introducing the 3rd track 2 ~ 2.5 seconds earlier ... wink.gif

that's just my honest opinion though .... happy.gif
Super mixing to all dj's!!! clapping.gifclapping.gif

in my opinion the editing was perfect thumbsup.gif10.gif

Originals Added happy.gif
@Idy I would like to can but I forgot to save .aup file wallbash.gif so now I can't sad.gif Thanks anyway for advice wub.gif
@Barbara thanks soo much sis wub.gif
I edited my post now and replaced the fist mix with the edited one happy.gif thanks so much friends notworthy.gif
omg sorry Color oops.gif i didn't visit, let me chk ok thumbsup.gif

Ok Color the prob is at the end of track 2 wanna be there it fades out and suddenly the track 3 begins, so my suggestion is not to fade out the track 2 or start track 3 after completing the wanna be there words thumbsup.gif to avoid the cut out or fade out feeling in there thumbsup.gif

Here your corrected mix thumbsup.gif

and aup file thumbsup.gif
@Enna OMG wow thanks soo much wub.gif you're awesome notworthy.gif

Originals Later
Indian Punjabi Dhol - Rc Week 293

Artist: Dhol Beat International

Album Title : Soundz of Future 2010

Hey All byebye.gif

Here's My Mix walkman.gif

Originals mf_type.gif
Song Used The Noble Six - Sundown In Dubai (Ahmed Romel Remix)
Part 1,2,3 Are SFX's

Rest Of The Stuff Check The Link Below

voted... thumbsup.gif
I wish you best luck my dear friends smile.gif
thank you for your favs and kind comments notworthy.gif
voted, good luck to everybody.
Voted wub.gif wub.gif
Voted happy.gif
Good luck to all cheers.gif
Another tough voting week ... stretcher.gif surrender.gif

All mixes are simply extra-ordinary ... 10.gif clapping.gif

Great work DJs .. thumbsup.gif
voted & added originals.
Originals added & voted thumbsup.gif Good Luck to all Dj's wub.gif wub.gif
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