HI everyone
here is tutorial for installing android apps on blackberry playbook [sideloading]

1.We need apk file of the app which we want to install
Use Blackberry graphical aid or anyother app to convert it in bar or there is best online site also

2.or u can directly download already converted android apps from following sites
and many more

3.download and install ddpb installer on pc
link to dload- http://ddpb.dauden.vn/

4.ON development mode (under security option) in playbook

after this connect u r playbook to pc/lappy
exit bb desktop and open DDPB installer which we installed earlier

5.Put developers address in IP address and pass which u selected
Default ip is

and click on add then select bar file

6.check that u ticked files which u want to install and click on install option

after compliting installation it say's done then remove pb from lappy

And check apps on u r pb and enjoy them

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