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Full Version: Week 288 - Winners Announced ! ! !
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We have WINNERS!!

Gold trophy winner is:


Silver trophy winner is:


Bronze trophy winner is:


roohan93, lenhudiel, kewlone, BENnGWEN, nimesh_kum, kevin159 and amdominator


barbara 56
idias 48
hunky 43
lenhudiel 39
enna 37
roohan 34
ben 27
nimesh 26
kevin 19
amdo 11
Congratulations to the winners justbe,idias,hunky ans thanks to all that voted on my mix
Congratulations to all the winners & participants clapping.gif clapping.gif
Great work by all...

Thanks to all for your votes & wonderful comments thumbsup.gif notworthy.gif
Congratulations clapping.gif clapping.gif
Big Congrats to clapping.gif wow.gif Barbara Dear, Idy Bro & Hunky Bro wow.gif clapping.gif

Fabulous Job Christina Dear wub.gif wub.gif

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif Congratulations to Idy and Mood!!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
wub.gif wub.gif Thank you very much for your votes and for the kind comments wub.gif wub.gif
wub.gif wub.gif Thank you Christy for managing it so great as usual wub.gif wub.gif
wub.gif wub.gif Big and last thanks to my bf Deep for all the support, I love you CHAMUDI wub.gif wub.gif
Congrats to all the winners! thumbsup.gif clapping.gif

And special congrats to my Barby thumbsup.gif clapping.gif wub.gif i'm so glad wub.gif Love u too sweetheart! wub.gif wub.gif
BIG Congrats to winners Barbara and Mahmood ... clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Great work by all ... thumbsup.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and votes ... notworthy.gif

clap.gif wub.gif Congrats to Barbara & Idy wub.gif clap.gif

great works by all djs 10.gif wub.gif
tnx for all amazing comments , favs & votes notworthy.gif wub.gif
special tnx to dear Christy for her great managing ! notworthy.gif wub.gif happy.gif
congrats to Barbara Idy and Mr.Hunky!!!!!! wow.gif clapping.gif 10.gif
very VERY good job thumbsup.gif
congrats all djs grouphug.gif
Congrats to all the winners clapping.gif clapping.gif
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