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Full Version: Ringtone Challenge Week 286 - Retrospective Vol. 6
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This week you have to pick one of the themes RC previously had and make a mix.

Any theme from Week 209-228 can be chosen. You have to follow the rules for the weekly theme you picked
When you post your mix you also have to post the exact number of RC Week you have choosen and the theme of that week.
Entries without this, won't be accepted!

212-RC DJs
213-Asot 500
217-Retrospective Artist edition
221-Cosmic Gate
222-Body parts
223-American natives
224-TV commercial music
225-Letters Vol 2
227-Amy Winehouse
228-Hip hop

Theme pick: srimunnamunna

Current CET Time


1.If you post your mix and lately decide to change it - then use EDIT! Do not upload another mix or make a new post. If you do so, your entry won't be added to the voting booth
2. If you decide to post originals later - edit your first post with mix and add them there. We WILL NOT accept originals which aren't posted along with the mix.
3. If you post links for test mixes - please add them in quote tags.
4. Don't post again links of your edited mixes or any participant's. It 's enough to just inform that you have edited it. Everybody knows where to find them.

Everything you need to know can be found at the rules

If you don't know how to mix - you can also check our Tutorials for the beginners

If you need any help or advice about mixing or you need help regarding your RC mix - please post in HERE thumbsup.gif

All helpful links with songs for this week you can post in our thread HERE thumbsup.gif


All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


In case you don't post it - your mix will be disqualified.

You can pick a different colour for your banner by using one of the codes posted here

Have fun in mixing - please - PARTICIPATE !!! notworthy.gif

Enjoy the music! walkman.gif

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Week 286 entries:

thanks for picking this topic christy smile.gif
Great topic wow.gif well suggested by Sri & nice pick Christina thumbsup.gif

I'm pick Week 214 "Duets" b'coz i'm already make a mix for last week but not able to submit it. Just waiting for my pc repaired and working properly again.

@Christina- my entry is valid or not for above picked topic, yes i do some changes as per topic requirement.

-- posted via mobile
Yep, if like you said you do the changes required
@ wow.gif cool theme wow.gif well suggested by munna smile.gif
add me in, i choose week 220
I Have A Question Christy...

Can We Have Multiple Themes Selected And Mixed Songs According To It?
No, you have to choose only one
I Understand smile.gif
Well We Really Have Some Great Themes In Here So I Won't Be Having Any Worries laugh.gif
QUOTE (AMDOMINATOR @ Sep 11 2012, 04:29 PM) *
I Understand smile.gif
Well We Really Have Some Great Themes In Here So I Won't Be Having Any Worries laugh.gif

how to participate
Cool topic wow.gif
well suggested Sri n great picking Christy wub.gif

Read rules HERE
Grettings my lovelly's

big bear hugges for everyone

open advertasiment-rc week 286

originals ;
SOUND EFFECT-Woman's Chuckle

ciara-like a boy

Ny - Trophy Boy - 1

Ny - Trophy Boy - 2

Ny - Trophy Boy - 3

PS.week of choice 226-Boy/Girl
FABULOUS Mix Kaisser Sis 10.gif wow.gif 10.gif

wub.gif Originals wub.gif

Part 1 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 2 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 3 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 4 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 5 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 6 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional
Part 7 - Unknown Artist - Beautiful Chinese Music [20] Traditional

wub.gif Chosen Week : RC Week 216 wub.gif

I felt to share few things about this mix here ....
U may feel that I fragmented a long part to increase my originals, but you trust me or not, its not at all the same, I wish if I could have saved the screenshot to share, so that I could justify my point thumbsup.gif
Also, as the artist & album is unknown, I shared the names what I found in youtube, if Christina wants the video link, I may share the same too thumbsup.gif
I choose theme from week 225 - Letters vol. 2

Just Jazz

Artist : Sade

Song : Someone already broke my heart

Originals ...

1. Sade - Someone already broke my heart1

2. Sade - Someone already broke my heart2

3. Sade - Someone already broke my heart3

4. Sade - Someone already broke my heart4

5. Sade - Someone already broke my heart5

Enjoy .. walkman.gif

Thanks so much for your time .. winkiss.gif
@ punisher94

sweety welcome to rc wub.gif wub.gif

awesome mix wub.gif


thank you soo much my big crimson bro wub.gif wub.gif
my entry:

Robot RC Week 286 Retrospective

Originals used:

Bass mekanik - dq drop pt1

Bass mekanik - got funkpt1

Bass alien - alien bass pt1

Bass alien - alien bass pt2

Chosen week: RC Week 220 Robot vocal (Make a mix using songs with robot vocals. You can also make them by yourself.)
Wonderful mixes everyone! clapping.gif clapping.gif
I'll participate this week with one of my compositions. Hope you guys enjoy! wub.gif wub.gif

Week 216 - Instrumental

Lust TO Last

Screenshot : Click Here


Bass (B5 D5 C#5 E5)

Beep Body (D#5 B5 G5 C#5 E5)

Beep Intro (D#5 E5 C#5)

Beep Rhythm (C#5 E5 D#5 B#5)


Piano Body (C#5 E5 A#5 D5)

Piano Connect (C#5 A#5 C5)

Piano Intro (C#5 D5 D#5 E5)

Strings Body (Sitar FX)

Strings Intro (Sitar FX)

Synth FX

Enjoy!! walkman.gif
Dropping by to say hello to RC Family byebye.gif
Can't participate cause of my exams sad.gif , i'll back soon happy.gif
Hey Christy wub.gif wub.gif
Do Wait Please wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Here is my Entry:

"Wild Ones (NiMix)”

Originals Later...

Theme Pick:- RC Week 214 - "Duets"
Song Used:- Flo Rida Feat. Sia - Wild Ones (Acapella)

Part-1 Bassdrum

Part-2 Clap

Part-3 Hat 01

Part-4 Hat 02

Part-5 Hat 03

Part-6 Snare 01

Part-7 Snare 02

Part-8 Melody 01

Part-9 Melody 02

Part-10 Flo Rida Ft Sia - Wild Ones (Acapella)

Part-11 Flo Rida Ft Sia - Wild Ones (Acapella)

Part-12 Crash 01

Part-13 Crash 02

Part-13 FX Sweep

Screenshot:- "Fl Studio Screenshot"

Thanks & Take-care...
plz wait for me Christy ! surrender.gif tnx ! wub.gif
Here Is My Entry ! walkman.gif

Flute Hunky MiX - RC Week 286

Chosen week: RC Week 216(Instrumental)
walkman.gif Originals walkman.gif

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (1)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (2)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (3)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (4)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (5)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (6)

Barcode Brothers - Flute - Part (7)

i'll check all entries soon & comment on them asap ! 10.gifwub.gif
i hope u like my try friends ! wub.gif rolleyes.gif
tnx for waiting Christy wub.gif happy.gif
Thanks You So Much Christy wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Here's My Mix

Follow You - RC WEEK 286

Chosen Theme : 209-Ibiza

Song Chosen "Follow You" By Matt Darey & Stan Kolev Featuring The Vocalist "Aelyn"
Used Two Versions Of The Song One A Radio Edit Of The Song And The Others An Edit Done By "The Madison Edit"

Click The Link Below To Check The Parts Used
Welcome to RC.
Please post once at the trophy room

Awesome remixes by all DJs .. clapping.gif thumbsup.gif 10.gif

Well done people .. thumbsup.gif

Would like to say thanks to all for the kind comments and favs .. winkiss.gif
Voted! thumbsup.gif
All thanks for comments and fav ___ Great work by all voted , good luck thumbsup.gif
@ christina86 thnx alot and yes it i post there

voted thumbsup.gif
Voted smile.gif

@ Christina:
I think the topic that need to be chosen during voting is for week 288, but its written 289 there smile.gif Though I'm not sure about this unsure.gif
Awesome Mixes by all djs clapping.gif
Originals added
voted thumbsup.gif
Added Originals And Voted mf_type.gif
Good Luck To All thumbsup.gif
voted .

added originals

i had a dou't my votes are in or not so i voted twice sorry christy for troubling you.
Voted ! thumbsup.gif Originals Added also ! walkman.gif

good luck friends ! wub.gif thumbsup.gif

hi bro ! byebye.gif we miss u ...
Wonderful mixes by all 10.gif10.gif
Sorry for so last minute comments it was our New Year happy.gif

Originals Added and voted thumbsup.gif
Good luck all dj's cheers.gif
Originals added & voted too...

Good luck to all my dear friends thumbsup.gif wub.gif

@Barbara - Happy New Year dear!!! smile.gif
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