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Full Version: Mos Challenge 29- Make Some Noise
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MOS Challenge 29

Topic - Make Some Noise !!
Description - Make a Mix Using Noisy tracks.. eg. Heavy Rock or Metal Songs.
Restriction - None !!

Important Rules

1. Your remix has to be no more than 30 seconds and uploaded to M9 gallery.
2. When you're uploading your entry, the file must be named like this :
"Your Entry Name- MOS Challenge 28"
You can't use any Artists name in your mix!
3. You have to add this banner in description section of your entry.All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


4. Along with your remix that should be posted in the topic, you are supposed to post the originals you have used for that remix as well.We don't care about the name of the song or the artist (though it would be much better if you provide these too), all you have to do is to post the parts of the song you have used in your mix.
5. You can post your entry before the voting begins. In case voting starts, we cannot accept any new entries & Do NOT edit your entry during the voting. This will result in disqualification. If there's anything that bothers you, simply explain it in a PM to Me , Shad (Injamul_ahmed) or the councilors. We will take care of it.
6. In Case You Didn't Post Originals Along With Your Entry Your Mix Will Be Disqualified

All the Mobile9 Members are Allowed to join the Challenge.

Here is the Introduction & Rules thread for more Info thumbsup.gif

* The Challenge will close on 24th September 2012 MONDAY 10:30 AM INDIAN TIME GMT +5.30 (Approximately)
Check Current Time in INDIA CLICK HERE

Voting rules will be explained in the voting topic.
You can share your opinions in Challenge Talk Thread.

walkman.gif We Hope You all Enjoy your time here! walkman.gif
Participants Entries

Hello, is anybody here? unsure.gif
Im the first one i guess, here's my try for this topic

evil_2.gif Infernal noise Mos challenge29 evil_2.gif

Originals used

Hecate Enthroned - An Eternal Belief part1
Hecate Enthroned - An Eternal Belief part2
Hecate Enthroned - An Eternal Belief part3
powerful topic shad love it smile.gif
awesome topic .,..
definitely in this time
wow.gifwow.gifwow.gif Welcome back bro...
Great Topic... i'm in

We are here to make some noise, Coming soon...
Hey guys! byebye.gif

Hope you all are doing good! smile.gif

I'm so sorry for this problem, but it seems like currently we all are unable to manage M.o.S Challenges regularly. So for that reason we have to close the challenges for a little while, hopefully, to get fully back and run the challenges.

Those mixes that are made for this challenge (M.o.S Challenge 29) are allowed to enter in our next challenge (M.o.S Challenge 30) without any change! smile.gif

Hope that makes everything better, and hope someday, we get all we need to run M.o.S stronger and better than ever! smile.gif

wub.gif wub.gif
sad.gif sad.gif OK Bro.
i miss The Challenges sad.gif (and Managing them too tongue.gif)
i also Hope to start them soon happy.gif
Well actually I didn't know you're fully back!!
If you can manage things then I guess we can run the challenges again! smile.gif)))) laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
I'm lil bit busy these days coz of my study & some festivals in my home... I'm really very sorry for that sad.gif
I'm not a good manager at all... But I promise if aero will be with me then we can handle it better...
QUOTE (derber @ Oct 4 2012, 01:34 PM) *
Well actually I didn't know you're fully back!!
If you can manage things then I guess we can run the challenges again! smile.gif)))) laugh.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif

Fully Back !! laugh.gif no bro laugh.gif
i Can went online only on Sundays laugh.gif tongue.gif Coz of my Studies. sad.gif
Hope to Manage MOS After one or two months happy.gif
anybody home? unsure.gif
Aero move your lazy a$$!!!! tongue.gif laugh.gif
No body's been here for a while, and I guess that's going to take some more, too!!
but why?? sad.gif
is it my bad luck? while when I started to join you here everybody's gone dry.gif
lolx should i run tooo tongue.gif Joanna tongue.gif
Actually it's a matter of time, manola!
All the council and challenge host have been quite busy. Running this challenge takes quite much of time, and currently we're unable to give the time to challenges!
@Joanna - i hope that we are able to open the challenges again after the February month wink.gif
@Derb- Hey !! bro nice to see u again.. i'm hoping to open the challenge with a bang! in february 2013 smile.gif
Hey Aero!! byebye.gif
Sounds quite interesting! Looking forward to it! Quite excited happy.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Same here smile.gif
I'm also there with both of ya wink.gif
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