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All users can edite their topics but they can't change the topic title.please add this option to the topics.
Everyday admins are comes here to check member's suggestions for this site. You get no reply doesnot mean they ignore your suggestion, but they have to discuss it to the team first, they always consistent and they always thinking about the risk first (include advantages or disadvantages of the member's suggestions) before they add the feature that has been suggested by member. If they thing that your suggestion is usefull for other or can make other members pleased of the suggestion you suggested then they will added that feature wink.gif

in past we have a motto called ''This site made popular by You'' thumbsup.gif

Thanks grouphug.gif
Thats great yoyo.It was quite informative
//Please add option so users can change UI language + fire you russian transtator!!
This is actually an invision power board (the software we used to run this forums) limitation.
sometimes when i search a book, i can see there are many people have uploaded the same file/s. I wish there's asection here where we can request books. just sayin' byebye.gif weightlift.gif surrender.gif
@ sarahcenism , if you found such a files use ' report button' right side of file and report such a file as 'duplicate ' thanks.

Is this true..he is spreading rumors to most of the beginners that he can increase their ptsI think what he does is creating fake accounts & adding files to fav to gain pts...also requesting to admins to featured other files then he takes the credits.he also thinks that gaining many favs then files will be automatically featured.and he also thinks that if he add files to fav download will increase.pls Pay attention to this day he will be a headache to M9.
Haha.... Don't worry too much.... We have nice Admins and Mods.... They will see.... Yes.... There is a group in facebook called m9 tricks.... And they increase download and favourite.... So, I request to admins that new users must varifiy their email before they can do something like adding to favourite and downloading....
And if I am not wrong this user's profile link is....
Fake Always stayed fake no matter what they did smile.gif
What the hell are you talking about?
QUOTE (pink_sky @ Sep 3 2012, 03:37 PM) *
Fake Always stayed fake no matter what they did smile.gif

@pinky_sky... Yes it is true.. Fake always stay fake, no matter what they do... cheers.gif to you
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