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Full Version: How I Can Enter A Contest?
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Hi Im new..I would like when I can enter in a contest please...Can you help me please??

thank you and sorry for my bad english Im Spanish...xD

Hello smile.gif WELCOME to m9 forum smile.gif

In mobile9 we have 4 contests smile.gif
they are :

''Theme making contest and Symbian making contest''
Both are theme making contest which you can share fun there and sharing about theming skill there smile.gif in There you will meet many creative themers and friendly too smile.gif

More info about TMC And STC Can be found here :
Introduction To Thememaking Challenge *updated 2009* and here : All You Need To Know About Symbian Theme Contest, guidelines on participation & voting

Theme making contest link :

''Ringtone Challange''

Ringtone challange is a place thet you can show off your Dj skill smile.gif a friendly place and also a good place for learning ringtone making thumbsup.gif

RC rules are here : Ringtone challenge Rules

''Wallpaper Competition''

Wallpaper competition is a weekly wallpaper competition smile.gif have skill in designing? Share your skill there and made new friends and learn more skill there too smile.gif

WPC FAQ are here : What Is WPC?

''Design Challenge''

Is a place that open for everyone that has skill in designing smile.gif this competition almost same as wallpaper contest, the different of both is : Wpc is a competition that for create wallpaper but DC is a place for creating some stuff that will contribute to m9 its just like creating gift for m9, creating icons oack for themers and many other things smile.gif

DC rules are here : Introduction And Rules, read this before entering the DC

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In every contest there will be three threads :

''Topic thread''
Is a thread that you will know about the topic of the week, in this thread you can share idea,getting idea,learning new things, give suggestion, receive advice from other and many fun things can be found here.

''Final Entry thread''
Its a thread where you can post your final work of your entry, it means once posted your entry.You will not able to edit your post that you have poted in this thread except the rule or the managers give you permission to edit it.

''Voting thread''

voting thread will started if the FINAL ENTRY THREAD CLOSED. In this thread manager will allow you to vites the entries of the week, but the voting thread has rules which the participant should have to follow, remeber only vote for the best not for friend or something that unnecessary.

I think that enough for you smile.gif hope they will became usefull things for you in the future smile.gif

Thanks grouphug.gif
If you want to participate in the contest check m9 forum everyday.
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