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gathering.gif Add new option to change username grouphug.gif

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Dont know when this option will able, but I THINK will never be exist due to avoiding the spamming (its happens to ,they have an option that can change username and flamming,swearing and spamming are often happens there,because of this option)

Thanks grouphug.gif
Bro i have 1 positive no. This shows that i have broken any rule.would u plz tel me that.
QUOTE (Leafjohn @ Jul 17 2012, 11:43 PM) *
Bro i have 1 positive no. This shows that i have broken any rule.would u plz tel me that.

Hey . I dont know what do you mean? unsure.gif do you mean warning level? If yes then just click that 1 number, you will get the reason why your warning level increased and please, dont post off topic, because its not a right place for discuss about warning level smile.gif

Thanks grouphug.gif
Is it possible Chnge username if a user request to a Moderator to chnge his username???
Like yoyo said it's impossible to Give option of changing nick in m9 sad.gif I talked to Arthruwill about that issue She also gave me same Answer like yoyo did Hence maybe Nick changing option will never grant to us!
yes till leech system not ended choor tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
good one

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Like some already mentioned earlier, there is no way to change username at the moment because of technological limitation and also some complications with using the feature for spamming. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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