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Are you ready to meet your hero, Batman? Yes, this time we are going to make themes for Batman! There are many series and merchandises for Batman. Comic, cartoon, movie, games and even Lego! Work your magic and make a creative Batman of yourself! Let's start! cheers.gif

Topic: Batman
Description: No restriction. You can do related to Batman would be fine !

If you are new, please read & understand the updated Rules and Guidelines for this contest.

A final entries thread will be opened shortly where you place your finalized theme previews. Once posted in final entries, you cannot alter them at all. Deadline for final entries will be Monday, 16th July, 0300 GMT.

In this thread you can post your work in progress to receive comments and suggestions from others and also give your comments on others work too.

If you have any other question, feel free to post them here and we will try to help. If you know themers (S60, Series 40, UIQ) who might be interested in joining us for some fun, please tell them & provide them with a link to this thread. Thank you for helping to keep STC alive.


Here is the banner and link for STC.

Confirmed Participants:
1. soumikatoz
2. coolpunee1411
3. Galina53
4. caiso16
5. princeabid708
6. f_batiir
7. Imsagi
8. mangotango7
9. magicas1
10. jimitjaishwal
11. princeabid708
12. rezvane
13. JAMES_BOND-007
14. Villacher
15. Yahont
16. xailin
17. sajansu12
18. niteshkrishna
19. handikap
20. __Naz__
21. kazjin
22. munna921
23. jolansky
24. IVANNA01
25. mkraj25
27. protsenko2006
28. primavera77
29. Challenge to the winner! Add me in! =)

Happy theming! byebye.gif
let me in mam smile.gif
add me also..........
Hi,Alicia! It is possible to do a theme only with the man? Such pictures will not approach?

QUOTE (Galina53 @ Jul 4 2012, 01:05 PM) *
Hi,Alicia! It is possible to do a theme only with the man? Such pictures will not approach?

Yes, you can use Cat-woman wally, as in she is one of the characters in Batman too. smile.gif
QUOTE (aliciawwp @ Jul 4 2012, 11:08 PM) *
Yes, you can use Cat-woman wally, as in she is one of the characters in Batman too. smile.gif

ma'am im in again ! smile.gif :D

hello guys here is a little glance on my upcoming theme..

cool work prince
can anybody tell me how to change the dimming black colour
I wanna participate,too. thumbsup.gif
Which App is the best for s60v5 themes ?I use carbide.ui 3.4 now,is there any better one?

@prince: super cool theme. 10.gif
@alicia im back at home now count me in
princeabid708 nice look rifle.gif
princeabid great thumbsup.gif

Alicia add me PLS

my theme

@ mangotango wow wonderful theme the blckred combo is so perfect the soft are exellent

@ imsagi welcome back

@ alicia please add me

Plz add me in ?
@Magi,,,nice work friend and very good purple color combination wub.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif and cat woman very sexyyy punk.gif 10.gif
@ handikap thank you so much happy you like it wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
magi thank you my dear! I, too, is your theme very much liked me!
Very nice Lara
very coOl princeAbid
@ mangotango7:
AMAZING Detailed Clean Theme 10.gif wow.gif 10.gif

@ Mom:
GREAT Theme Mom wub.gif 10.gif wub.gif
my entry hope u wil like my work

Uploaded with

download from below link
@ magicas , lovele ...
@ lara wow very clean and fabulous
@ coolpunee nice one
hello friends here is my theme on batman..

Hi to all! My entry! I ask a pardon from Magicas for use of identical wall-paper in a theme. But I have designated earlier that I will do a theme with this wall-paper

@mangotango7, The amusing theme,Lara!Exellent disign!

@magicas1, beautiful theme,dear Mag!

@coolpunee1411, very nice theme!

@princeabid708, exellent work!

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
kazjin BEN princeabid Galina many thanks! notworthy.gif

BEN very lovely ava and siggy!

coolpunee very nice theme!

princeabid well done! awesome theme!

Galina wonderful! icons - superb!

by the way, two beautiful women and two beautiful themes on one page it are magnificent! especially cats! laugh.gif
oops! and two beautiful supermen!
@ mangotango7:
U r Welcome Dear wub.gif
Thanks for your praise for siggy & ava, it all deserved by Anu Bro notworthy.gif notworthy.gif He's a CLASS of Designing wub.gif wub.gif
OoH thts Cute Galina and Very Hotyy Catwomn tongue.gif
Very nice Abid
cooL Theme Puneeth
@mangotango, Great design!

@magicas, beautiful work, great theme...

@coolpunee, very nice theme!

@prince, middle tab design is awesome........
hi , add me in
HI!! byebye.gif

@Alicia Plz Add Me In...


mangotango7 - The original theme. It is like the design theme.
magicas1 - Excellent theme turned out. The beautiful color.
coolpunee1411 - Very interesting theme.
princeabid708 - Amazing work! I really liked.
Galina53 - Wow! Awesome theme. Excellent!
rezvane - great work.

Alicia, add me, please!
My Theme.

Hi, rezvane, JAMES_BOND-007 and Villacher, welcome to STC!

@rezvane, very nice theme of yours. But you need to make your preview as the actual size of your theme. For example you are making theme for Symbian S60 5th edition, the previews should be 360x640 px. Remember to submit your theme to the Final Entry Thread for S40, S60 and Symbian^3 accordingly before the closing date. Once the Final Entry Threads are closed, you need to vote for other themes. If you fail to do this, you are considered as disqualified from the contest.

@Villacher, Amazing theme! Remember to submit your theme to the Final Entry thread for S40 and vote afterward too!
@rezvane nice theme and well done with combinations..
@Villacher nice wally welldone
Alicia Hello, can I use it byebye.gif

@ mangotango - Lara, great theme, perfect design
@ magicas1 - Mag, wonderful job
@coolpunee1411 - very nice theme
@princeabid708 - excellent work
@ Galina53 - Galina, amazing theme
@'Villacher - very good work

wow.gif clapping.gif 10.gif

Alicia, please, add me

my theme...

Alicia plz add me in here is my start..

@Villacher, very nice theme! thumbsup.gif clap.gif clap.gif

@xailin, With returning, Marina! i am very glad to see you and your fine theme! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif byebye.gif

@sajansu12, nice start! thumbsup.gif

@Villacher, @xailin, thanks you! wub.gif
Marinochka wow.gif hello! very much I miss you and your themes! very beautiful work! amazingly! love it!

1990nick Villacher xailin many thanks!

Villacher great! i like!
wow wonderful entries thissss time owowwww
hey add me in plz...
alicia,, add me in smile.gif I try...

@sajansu,, nice start and cool wallpaper friend smile.gif
@xailin ,,,colour, icons and elements combination great smile.gif
@Villacher,,nice theme friend,,,icons great... smile.gif
@yahont,, your wallpaper very sweet smile.gif
@prienceabid,,, excellent theme smile.gif
@galina53,,icons great smile.gif i like it and other sexy theme
@coolpunee,,crazyyy theme smile.gif

smile.gif<--always smile -->:)
hiii,heres my theme , add me in byebye.gif

Galina53,.....excellent theme
mangotango7,rezvane,.....nice theme
magicas1.......nice wall good work
coolpunee1411.....good theme
princeabid708,Villacher....great work
xailin........very nice
my entry.... byebye.gif

Batman (STC 85)

Download Here

Visit My Profile

@ mangotango7 - Wow! Impeccable design theme! Superb! 10.gif
@ magicas1 - Gorgeous work! Excellent design, beautiful color! 10.gif
@ coolpunee1411 - Very good work! thumbsup.gif
@ princeabid708 - Surprising work and a wonderful design! 10.gif
@ Galina53 - Wow! Awesome work! Design, icons, color - everything is fine! 10.gif
@ rezvane - Very good work! thumbsup.gif
@ Villacher - Amazing work! I loved it! thumbsup.gif
@ xailin - Dear Marinochka! Welcome back! I'm very glad to see you here! Very beautiful theme! Great work! 10.gif
@ sajansu12 - Great start! thumbsup.gif
@ __Naz__ - Very beautiful theme! thumbsup.gif
@ niteshkrishna - Great work! I loved it! thumbsup.gif
@ Galina Great theme wow.gif wow.gif
@ razvane nice theme clapping.gif clapping.gif
@ Villacher good theme clapping.gif clapping.gif
@ Naz good theme clapping.gif clapping.gif
@ niteshkrishna nice theme clapping.gif clapping.gif

@ xailin Great theme Excellent Work Great Designs 10.gif wow.gif wow.gif But when i use this theme in my cell (s40v6) there is a problem, while in dial-ling number background is white & numbers (text color's) are also white so there is zero visibility of numbers.... same in message writing box but there is whitish grey background ,where text is visible
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