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Make a mix using at least one song with opposite words in the same title (eg Kid Kudi-Day n night) or use at least two different songs with opposite words at their title (eg RIO-When the sun comes down/Yves LaRock-Rise up).

Theme pick: amdominator amd paran0ia

Current CET Time


1.If you post your mix and lately decide to change it - then use EDIT! Do not upload another mix or make a new post. If you do so, your entry won't be added to the voting booth
2. If you decide to post originals later - edit your first post with mix and add them there. We WILL NOT accept originals which aren't posted along with the mix.
3. If you post links for test mixes - please add them in quote tags.
4. Don't post again links of your edited mixes or any participant's. It 's enough to just inform that you have edited it. Everybody knows where to find them.

Everything you need to know can be found at the rules

If you don't know how to mix - you can also check our Tutorials for the beginners

If you need any help or advice about mixing or you need help regarding your RC mix - please post in HERE thumbsup.gif

All helpful links with songs for this week you can post in our thread HERE thumbsup.gif


All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


In case you don't post it - your mix will be disqualified.

You can pick a different colour for your banner by using one of the codes posted here

Have fun in mixing - please - PARTICIPATE !!! notworthy.gif

Enjoy the music! walkman.gif
Interesting topic thumbsup.gif
Good pick amdo bro & atri bro wink.gif
Interesting theme again christy! clapping.gif
Thanks for picking this theme! notworthy.gif
superb theme christy.
amdo & atri awesome guys.
Super Cool Topic Guys !! wow.gif clapping.gif
Thanks to Ariz and Atri smile.gif
Very Intresting theme wow.gif hope to having lots of fun this week.
Great pick Christy & well suggested by Amdo & Atri thumbsup.gif
Glad TO Know You Guys Like This Theme wub.gif
Thank You For Picking This Theme Christy wub.gif notworthy.gif

Guy I Have An Update Here Check The Link Below wink.gif
@Ariz n Atri
Cool topic suggestion thumbsup.gif

Thanks for the great topic picking wub.gifsmile.gif

Thanks for Audacity update gonna update now wink.gif
Awesome reed bro! wow.gif wow.gif

Now i have to find another track! wallbash.gif I was thinking of using the same song! lightbulb.gif
reed wonderful mix 10.gif clapping.gif

Atri, to find?? wow i cant decide! there are too many songs for this topic laugh.gif
@Reed - Awesome trance mix, love it clapping.gif this is my all time favorite trance track from Armin wub.gif

@Mano - Agree with you thumbsup.gif and @Atri - I'm sure you can find so many other good songs with opposite words smile.gif
@Reed - Pure Piece of Music clapping.gif wow.gif clapping.gif Loved it a Lot wub.gif wub.gif
@Barbara - Another Amazing Mix Dear clap.gif
All,thanks so much for comment n favourite wub.gif byebye.gif
Great Mixes by U all wow.gif clapping.gif wow.gif

Thanks Amdo Bro for that info thumbsup.gif

Unfortunately I think I'm out this week, as I'm shifting home tomorrow, so busy with packing & all wallbash.gif crybaby.gif & on saturday & sunday, I won't be able to sit properly on PC sad.gif crybaby.gif But, I'll try my best to take some time out smile.gif

So, BEST OF LUCK Guyz thumbsup.gif
Love U All wub.gif wub.gif
Amazing Entries So Far !! clap.gif
@Christy - Can We Use Non-opposite Word songs with Opposite word songs ?

Own compositions allowed? unsure.gif
QUOTE (paran0ia @ Jul 5 2012, 08:17 PM) *

Own compositions allowed? unsure.gif

Do let me know Christy! I need to work on my mix fast sad.gif will be off for the rest of weekend!

Freakin presentation censored.gif
Sad engineer's life! robbed.gif wallbash.gif
christy U & i will be considered as oppsite words right ??
QUOTE (srimunnamunna @ Jul 6 2012, 08:52 PM) *
christy U & i will be considered as oppsite words right ??

laugh.gif Nope Bhai, you & she will be considered opposite genders laugh.gif tongue.gif
Couldn't control this bad joke laugh.gif laugh.gif

In btw, AWESOME Mixes by ALL 10.gif wow.gif 10.gif
Hey guys!

This is my composition, made from scratch using FL studio 10.
No external VSTi or plugins used. External sound loops and effects featured.

Love to Hate You


External SFX and loops :

1> Are you ready (vocal SFX)
2> Bass (Vocal SFX)
3> Hit and Explode (Drums Loops)
4> SFX 1.0
5> Ready for take off (Vocal SFX)

Drums :

1> Kick (C5/60)
2> Hat (C5/60)
3> Clap (C5/60)

Strings :

1> Bass (B3/47, C#4/49, D4/50, G4/55, A4/57)
2> Lead 1 (PoiZone)
3> Lead 2 (5 string BopBass)


Thanks for your time! walkman.gif
I want participate

This is my file

Please read the rules first
Originals added smile.gif
Heard all mixes rly great 10.gif
i'll comment soon smile.gifsmile.gif
Hi Guyz! byebye.gif GREAT Mixes by YOU ALL wow.gif clapping.gif wow.gif
Though I said I would not be able to participate this week as I am on a shifting phase & trust me or not, my mind is freaking out, can't just sit on pc & concentrate on anything wallbash.gif crybaby.gif
But still, I took some time out & made one mix smile.gif I know its very very poor, both in respect of quality & content, but hope you guyz gonna accept it as an entry rolleyes.gif

Here it is:


I need to inform you this christy, i bumped on to a leecher, who uploads our RC mixes to the Z site! While browsing through his gallery i found most of his ringtones are our RC mixes. He dosent even change the name of the tone. He only changes the bit rate and the tags.

Well i tried to get in touch with the admins of Z.E.D.G.E , but they are not replying. I gotta funny answer from one of their gallery mod.
He replied:

Well leeching is a big problem on any site where stuffs are available. You should have used the link given at the footer "Contact z.edge" or just flag his stuffs or the person himself one more thing I guess you too haven't made those stuffs yourself, must have copied from somewhere:P or you are a professional stuff uploader at m9 xD And I am really confused how you got to know about that guy you are reporting here, you came on z.edge for downloads or something to leech Your topic will be removed soon

Happy Zedging

Is there anything we can do?[

@My fellow DJs

You can check out his profile. You will surely find a lot of familiar tones. tongue.gif (Remove the '.' after z)
ooooooooohhhh i mad.gif i'll Kill That Leecher mad.gif rifle.gif chair.gif gun_bandana1.gif bash.gif
My tuneeeeee nooooooo!!!!! robbed.gif robbed.gif robbed.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
What we can do more than Atri did till now? sad.gif
Im really pissed off!!! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

the reply u got isn't funny at all, its a smart-a** reply and annoying one mad.gif
@ Atri:
Whatz the name of that person here bro? unsure.gif If any prob in public, u may PM thumbsup.gif

Regarding that answer, its a pity to hear that dry.gif
Ya i was super pissed too..!! even more at the gallery mod's reply!

This leecher copied my own composition and the gallery mod is asserting that i have copied from somewhere else! (which is a natural chain process according to him!) This is so sad! sad.gif

I dont know that bro! sad.gif I am trying to find out. But no luck still now!
.. Sorry for the double post!
@ Atri:
If you don't know Bro, how can you say many mixes were winning entries in RC, the winner was a leecher or the leecher there is copying winning files unsure.gif
Also, don't bother about that moderator chair.gif
Atri..well i have noticed it long time ago, i found there many ringtones made by me.. i tried to do something..and.. hmm.. when i started this topic in forums i got banned laugh.gif laugh.gif
admins there will NEVER reply to you, you dont need to wait for this..
Abir bro,
you can browse the ringtones in his gallery, you will find every tune!
Even for this recent week,

Here are the links:

Barbara's mix :

Joanna's mix :

This is hunky's beatbox mix :

This is the entry by prasad in boys band week :

This is my mix for MOS challenge :

This is aero's most probably :

Again this is mine :

This is vany's gold winning entry from reggae week :

This is again my MOS challenge tone :

This is my own composition :

And so on..
didnt know tht my mix is considered a tone for u wink.gif laugh.gif

i dont think that theres a problem for anyone to do so, i bet i can find my mix in other places..
@ Atri Bro:
Don't waste your time on the leecher's gallery Bro tongue.gif laugh.gif Else, after a few mins you will feel WTF? laugh.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (justbe3112 @ Jul 8 2012, 10:20 PM) *
didnt know tht my mix is considered a tone for u wink.gif laugh.gif

i dont think that theres a problem for anyone to do so, i bet i can find my mix in other places..

I am so sorry bout that barbara! My apologies! sad.gif

QUOTE (paran0ia @ Jul 8 2012, 08:37 PM) *
QUOTE (justbe3112 @ Jul 8 2012, 10:20 PM) *
didnt know tht my mix is considered a tone for u wink.gif laugh.gif

i dont think that theres a problem for anyone to do so, i bet i can find my mix in other places..

I am so sorry bout that barbara! My apologies! sad.gif

No offense taken u were upset i guess, u also called some of urs tone laugh.gif
I'm upset too about all this, but maybe admins can't do much about it either.. unsure.gif
Guess that mod wanted to shake u off his back wink.gif u could answer him that we can provide screenshots about our works and to ask the other guy if he can wink.gif

Mindblasting Entries this week gonna be awesome for me .........
and very happy to come here again with the family.....thanks to all ..........

@Atri - thank you very much bro to inform us about this thumbsup.gif

I don't know what to say about this stupidity. Just want to share this...

Really need to do some thing about this leeching activities coz after seeing officials reply to Atri i'm really shocked. I'm ready and always avail for do anything about this matter but firstly we need see what our admins think about this matter'
I know, unfortunately it isn't something new. sad.gif Z members are leeching RC entries years now.
Few years ago Vanessa and I tried to stop them, but unfortunately their mods and admins didn't co-opeterate. I just got banned, because of reporting the members and the stolen files, don't remember if Vanessa was as well. They don't care. censored.gif
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