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Full Version: Ringtone Challenge Week 275 - Beatboxing
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Make a mix using beatbox tracks.

Theme pick: paran0ia

Current CET Time


1.If you post your mix and lately decide to change it - then use EDIT! Do not upload another mix or make a new post. If you do so, your entry won't be added to the voting booth
2. If you decide to post originals later - edit your first post with mix and add them there. We WILL NOT accept originals which aren't posted along with the mix.
3. If you post links for test mixes - please add them in quote tags.
4. Don't post again links of your edited mixes or any participant's. It 's enough to just inform that you have edited it. Everybody knows where to find them.

Everything you need to know can be found at the rules

If you don't know how to mix - you can also check our Tutorials for the beginners

If you need any help or advice about mixing or you need help regarding your RC mix - please post in HERE thumbsup.gif

All helpful links with songs for this week you can post in our thread HERE thumbsup.gif


All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


In case you don't post it - your mix will be disqualified.

You can pick a different colour for your banner by using one of the codes posted here

Have fun in mixing - please - PARTICIPATE !!! notworthy.gif

Enjoy the music! walkman.gif
Fantastic Topic Definitely In clap.gif
Ya ya! Suprelike! wow.gif wow.gif
Thanks Christy! wub.gif
wow, this gonna be interesting, ill try something wink.gif
good sugestion Atri thumbsup.gif
beatboxing sounds good

but for me this topic is not clear can any one explain me >??
@ Munna

Beatboxing Usually A Type Of Vocal Percussion Involving The Method Of Producing Drum Beats, Rhythm And Other Music Related Sounds Using Just One's Mouth, Lips, Tongue, And Voice.
Beatboxers Sometimes Involve Singing, Vocal Imitation Of Turntablism (Scratching, Reverse Beat, Etc) Or Sometimes Horns, Strings EtcB.
Beatboxing Today Is Connected With The Hip Hop Genre, But Is Not Just Limited To Hip Hop Music.

Now Well That Was The Theoretical Part laugh.gif

Check This Link
And You'll Know What I Mean wink.gif
Quite Interesting topic, clapping.gif Very Nice Suggestion Atri Thanks Christy for picking this one smile.gif
@AMDO - Thanks Brother notworthy.gif
amdo bro now i understand what is beatboxing is smile.gif
thanks for the information brother.

christy - can we use our own composition or tracks of beatboxing ???
Hi Friends, byebye.gif Great Topic wow.gif thanks to Christy & Atri clapping.gif

Last week i'm not able to participate, but here is my entry for this week :-

"Human BeatBoxing"

Originals Soon...

Part-1 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-2 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-3 SFX - "DJ NIM"

Part-4 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-5 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-6 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-7 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-8 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-9 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-10 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Part-11 DJ Alligator - Human Beatbox

Thanks n Takecare...
@ nimesh:
Blasting Entry 10.gif wow.gif 10.gif
Great mix nimesh! wow.gif
DJ alligator! wow.gif Thanks to hunky bro, i am a freaky fan of him nowadays! smile.gif
Thanks a lot Abir & Atri smile.gif wub.gif
U r most welcome Nimesh bro wub.gif wub.gif

@ Christina:
Dubstep is allowed? unsure.gif
QUOTE (srimunnamunna @ Jun 25 2012, 03:04 PM) *
christy - can we use our own composition or tracks of beatboxing ???

QUOTE (BENnGWEN @ Jun 25 2012, 07:51 PM) *

@ Christina:
Dubstep is allowed? unsure.gif

Whatever you like as long as it contains beatboxing
nimi & fanatic - awesome entry's guys.

christy - thank u.
ben - i am too looking at Dubstep this saidi bro made me mad at it.
Crazy mix marcin bro! wow.gif wow.gif
haha.gif thanks , is a little laugh.gif different laugh.gif
Fyi in case you cause any troubles again you 'll be out of RC without any further discussion. thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (christina86 @ Jun 26 2012, 03:26 AM) *
Fyi in case you cause any troubles again you 'll be out of RC without any further discussion. thumbsup.gif

I understand thumbsup.gif have a nice day christina wink.gif
@ Roohan

Nice mix roohan! But it dosent sound like beatbox to me! sad.gif Its dubstep!
@Nimesh - Wonderful Mix as Always 10.gif
@DJ-FANATIC - Welcome back ! wow.gif Your Mix is Awesome ! wow.gif
@Roohan - Yeah i also think That Your mix doesn't Sticks to the topic wink.gif
Then I should remove my entry
@Sri & Aero - Thanks a lot my friends smile.gif wub.gif

@DJ-FANATIC - Welcome back mate thumbsup.gif Fantastic comeback mix clapping.gif

@Roohan - don't worry friend, you can try another... smile.gif
Nimo and Marcin
wow really fantstic mixes! wow.gif 10.gif

@Marcin.. im so happy to see you back here!! wow.gif wow.gif

after a long searching i started to work on my mix finally laugh.gif but i have to say im impressed! i didnt know anthing abt beatbox before, some of them are awesome!
i wonder how is it possible to make this kind of sounds surrender.gif laugh.gif
may be next time, don't have a clue about beat boxing tongue.gif
hello all, thanks for the nice welcome and thanks you like this mixwink.gif

@manola2 - as you are happy ,I am also happy thumbsup.gif

@paran0ia, @srimunnamunna ,@Aeronitor ,and @nimesh_kum - THANKS!! GUYS wink.gif
I'm so out of ideas this week! wallbash.gif

I have made a scrappy mix, still unsure whether to finally post this as an entry! unsure.gif
Need comments from you guys!


@Manola - Thanks a lot dear smile.gif wub.gif

@Atri - You're mix sounds awesome to me, you did a great job bro thumbsup.gif clapping.gif 10.gif

@Barbara - Wonderful mix dear, love it clapping.gif
Nice topic..
Beatbox difficult topic ... sad.gif wallbash.gif but .....

I'm listening to great mixes so far ... wow.gif clapping.gif 10.gif

Awesome work DJs .. thumbsup.gif

BeatBox Xtradinare

Originals ...

1. Sound effect

2. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox1

3. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox2

4. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox3

5. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox4

6. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox5

7. Mastamic - Best DNB beatbox6

Enjoy .. walkman.gif

Thanks so much for your time .. winkiss.gif
amazing mixes so far wow.gif 10.gif

hmm.. im still searching.. i hope skrillex beatbox is allowed.. its made only with mouth tongue and voice, no instrumentl music unsure.gif
Great Mixes By All So Far clap.gif 10.gif

@ Joanna
I Too Am Stuck Like You tongue.gif
No Ideas Yet laugh.gif
Ariz.. i think i have found something, but im not sure if it is allowed..
omg..its really tough topic wallbash.gif but i dont give up laugh.gif
QUOTE (srimunnamunna @ Jun 25 2012, 10:50 PM) *
ben - i am too looking at Dubstep this saidi bro made me mad at it.

Really cool mixes so far 10.gif10.gif10.gif

Good u dont give up wink.gif

Hope to see u in the end laugh.gif

Originals added thumbsup.gif
wow so i made it finally laugh.gif

first i must say something.. may some of you will be surprised with my mix, but i have to say that everything what you can hear in my ringtone is made ONLY with mouth and voice! there are NO instruments used smile.gif
here is a ittle proof :
Avici - Levels - Acapella

Mike Tompkins - Starships (Nicki Minaj)

so is my work: smile.gif


Avici - Levels by Aaronic (1)
Avici - Levels by Aaronic (2)
Avici - Levels by Aaronic (3)
Avici - Levels by Aaronic (4)
Avici - Levels by Aaronic (5)
Mike Tompkins - Dynamite
Mike Tompkins - Starships (1)
Mike Tompkins - Starships (2)
Mike Tompkins - Starships (3)
Mike Tompkins - Starships (4)
Enjoy byebye.gif
I Was Very Confused.. Cause it is very hard Topic, Here is my Little Experiment with House Music and Beatbox... Hope Everyone Like It smile.gif

AMAZZZZZING Mixes Everyone wow.gif 10.gif wow.gif

@ Aero Bro:
I love your mix very much 10.gif 10.gif Though I am just an amateur, but, I am not sure if that instrumental music is permissible this week unsure.gif I mean is it on the topic? unsure.gif
plz w8 me Christy !! surrender.gif tnx ! wub.gif
And Me 2
@Mood n Ariz

Cool persian beatbox 10.gif
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