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Full Version: China Taxi: An Original Chinese Style App Game Is On App Store
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A super cool game China Taxi is now available on App store.

“China Taxi” is a unique and exciting game. It is inspired by an ancient Chinese painting "Along the Riverduring the Qingming Festival" from Song Dynasty, by Zhang Ze Duan.

During this game, you will go back to 800 years ago, help two country pumpkins whose name are Johnny and Burger, to start their special Taxi-carriage business in the capital city. Johnny and Burger know Kungfu and have unique skills.

There are alpacas, gigantic rolling rocks, trickyzombies, Tibetan mastiffs and Qinchuan bulls blocking their way. You just have one second or less to react. So, PLEASE STAY FOCUSED.

And don't forget that every 100 gold coins can turn your taxi into an invincible rocket booster!

What are you waiting for???

Special Features:
☆ 30 exciting levels
☆ 3 main scenes: Alpacas Grassland, Rock-Rolling Dawn, and the
not-scary Zombie Night
☆ Challenges from traps, exploding bombs, rocks, cute zombies and the
dangerous animals like Alpacas, Qinchuan bulls and Tibetan mastiffs!
☆ These Kung-Fu masters are able to perform charge, crouch, hop, jump
and rolling jump. Choose their moves wisely.
☆ Free items: Collect 100 gold coins to equip a rocket booster on your carriage.
☆ Multiple layered Chinese Shan-Shui painting style backgrounds
☆ Dynamitic fireflies and leaves animation
☆ Support Retina Displays

◎【Coming Soon】Collect as many gold coins as you could. Customize the
carriage, hire new taxi carriers and unlock new adventures in the
coming City Scene.

Available at:
I've tried it, the art is nice.
I looovvvveee the zombies...~~ winkiss.gif
feel free for feedbacks!
me love it too wink.gif
Thank you!

Available at:
hey it IS a cool game.
I wonder if they will add more levels? ?
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