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Hey all! byebye.gif

Since late last year, we have been busy polishing the gallery to make it the #1 place for people to download fantastic stuff. But as you know, community is an important part of M9 too. We believe M9 is made popular by you, over millions of you! So today, we're happy to show you the new community page. wow.gif wow.gif

Inside, you will see:

1. Leaderboard showing all top achievers in M9 (in terms of achievement points, number of uploads/downloads/favourites/followers, competitions won etc)
2. Where you stand against all those amazing M9ers
3. Status updates
4. Shortcut links to forums & competitions

Best of all, you don't just get to learn about M9ers around the world, you can also connect with M9ers around you in your own country! Hoi hoi, you are still here? Stop reading. laugh.gif Check the new community page out now.

It's just the beginning. devil2.gif More to come. If you have any good ideas, let us know.

Its looking Great clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif
Cool! wow.gif
Have seen it few days back! clapping.gif Looks really commendable! clapping.gif
I guess you already informed it once before via your status update.. Anyway nice to see an official announcement.. clapping.gif clapping.gif
It's nice now that we can actually search people we're looking for happy.gif
Love it . wub.gif
Yes i've seen it few days ago , thanks for such good update and nice to see i'm m9er number 1 (in 4/6) from my country laugh.gifdevil2.gif
nice one smile.gif hope its just begining smile.gif hope to see more update than this one notworthy.gif
Community Great Section of Our m9 clapping.gif clap.gif
Love it !
one suggestion -
Update the forums as it don't match with the Whole m9 smile.gif
Very Good work all of you Admins.

looking easy to use and nice. thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
clap.gif good to see this official anouncement , love the new community page > grouphug.gif
awesome!!! wow.gif
QUOTE (ArthurWill @ May 9 2012, 04:00 AM) *
It's just the beginning. devil2.gif More to come. If you have any good ideas, let us know.

hope the 'question & answer' section will return to m9 with great UI smile.gif
great job,its nice to see all toppers.
It is better when m9 tells the people everyone about contest for wallpaper,themes, design,ringtone and some people like me don't have pc in home so they are unable to participate and have some fun in it.:-)
Hi Can anyone help me actually i am not able to login with my email id its saying invalid id from past 10 to 12 days!!
How to retrive my account back?
Yeah saw this feature about a month ago, and I was surprised to see that I'm the leading M9er on most of the categories in my country laugh.gif I really love it. It encourages competitively and the continued use of M9. Good Job Admins cool.gif
I had seen it few days before.It is quite good.
Hello weightlift.gif
Hello weightlift.gif
thanks for this info i will maintain it tongue.gif
good idea! thumbsup.gif I would like to see in the rankings of participants in different countries. smile.gif smile.gif
it become much better that we can see who r online !! great work clap.gif tnx ! thumbsup.gif
hi Patricia smile.gif
community page looks great now! clapping.gif i´ve noticed many more updates last time smile.gif

just have one question... i live in germany, but i am from poland, and this country i have in my profile smile.gif
im more interested in activities of my polish there any way to change the view of the country? for now i can see only germany or world unsure.gif
Great clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
Overall rank of member (visiting) should be mentioned.
Patricia is best of the best
I liked patrick badge which is Sexy Admin tongue.gif
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