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Everyone wanted to be a superheroes when they were a kid, who is your Marvel superhero back to your time? Superheroes are super cool with their superpower, and the villains made the stories even more interesting! The movie Avengers is bringing the Marvel superheroes together and made a such nice movie! So, this time the challenge is to create a theme for your favorite character in Marvel comics, the superhero or the villains also can do! Good luck everyone! cheers.gif

Topic: Marvel Characters
Description: No restriction. You can do related to Marvel characters (the heroes or the villains) would be fine !

If you are new, please read & understand the updated Rules and Guidelines for this contest.

A final entries thread will be opened shortly where you place your finalized theme previews. Once posted in final entries, you cannot alter them at all. Deadline for final entries will be Monday, 21st May, 0300 GMT.

In this thread you can post your work in progress to receive comments and suggestions from others and also give your comments on others work too.

If you have any other question, feel free to post them here and we will try to help. If you know themers (S60, Series 40, UIQ) who might be interested in joining us for some fun, please tell them & provide them with a link to this thread. Thank you for helping to keep STC alive.


Here is the banner and link for STC.

Confirmed Participants:
1. mkraj25
2. AnshuVaid
3. shusdm2
4. Galina53
5. Nilaplayboy
6. mangotango7
7. Jolansky
8. imsagi
9. Branislaw
10. SHRI_10
11. Mr_Crash
12. magicas1
13. bkrm_dahal
14. princeabid708
15. primavera77
16. Aeronitor
17. RandyMabius
18. naghi63
19. vinothvardha
20. 1990nick
21. kazjin
22. protsenko2006
23. Sonythemescreation
24. nazarenko
25. sajansu12
26. Challenge to the winner! Add me in! =)

Happy theming! byebye.gif
Very Good Topic , count me in Dear Alicia clapping.gifclapping.gif
Add me too...
I shall be using this wall

Is it fine and according to topic??
wow nice topic add me in!
I will try to make theme Elektra.

Add me in.
Add me in.
@AnshuVaid, yes, you can use the wallpaper. smile.gif
Ansu &Galina Dear, nIce CHOICE OF WALLPAPERS clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif
anshu,,wow, i love that wally too!!!!!
my wallpaper
Nice Theme, Like it thumbsup.gif
I think "AVENGERS" movie wallpapers would be perfect for this theme.
well, I'll try to make this woman's Marvel

wowww coool,,i think i will join this week!!!!
my theme

@lara wow superb work
@Alicia count me in
thanks a lot dear Sanam
@ glalina..great wallpaper..the red colour is so rich in n my mobile r waiting for ur next theme anxiously..
Thanks Alicia, mkraj and Jolly.. what a wall..did u create the light effects on it..they look superb..Can't wait for ur theme..
@MangoTango( may i know ur real name?)...Awesome choice of wall n wonderful theme..Ur speed n creativity astonishes me...Real artist u r!!
@Sanam...Hey ..good to be with u in stc dear first teacher n friend..waiting for theme too..
Please count me here is my theme...

Iron Man ^ 3

AnshuVaid thanks a lot dear!
my name Lara
Branislaw wow!
looks perfectly!
mangotango7 wonderful theme dear lara clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif

Branislaw awesome Iron man theme clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif
raj thank you very much! I wait your theme
Challenge to the winner! Add me in! =)
lara...just simply perfect...>!!!!!!i just love the details!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

brani,,,excellent as usual!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
'mangotango7' fantastic color combo! excellent design! great work!
'Branislaw' excellent theme! I like details!
@mangotango7-nice theme...! smile.gif

@Brani-you always rock bro... punk.gif notworthy.gif

@alicia-count me in...!
Hi to all! This is my theme. smile.gif

@mangotango7, wonderful theme,Lara!
@Branislaw, looks perfectly well!

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
wow Brain
Nice Galina smile.gif
@ fantastic comics and so creative

@ alicia please add me

jolly nazarenko Mr_Crash Galina thanks a lot! notworthy.gif

Galina53 wow!
excellent choice wally! great work!
magi Your spider is amazing! cute icons!
@AnshuVaid: nice wallpaper i have this image of hulk in my profile signature thumbsup.gif

@shusdm2: Amazing wallpaper waiting for the theme.

@mangotango: Great theme wow.gif

@Branislaw: wonderfull theme i love ironman. 10.gif

@Galina: Beautiful theme wow.gif thumbsup.gif

@magicas: Great wallpaper and amazing theme 10.gif

My Entry for this week :

@magicas1, nice theme,Mag!

@mashhellboy, exelent work!

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

@kazjin, @mangotango7, @mashhellboy, thanks a lot,my dear friends! smile.gif

@Branislaw really cool one mate my fav character...

@galina like that bloody red ....

@magicas as usual u alwayz made cool one...

@mashhellboy great work man....nw i really regret that i choose android over symbian...cnt use these stunning themes ..pity
mashhellboy beautiful theme... thumbsup.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
mangotango7 awesome theme....beautiful design... clapping.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
Branislaw lovely work....beautiful wally... clapping.gif thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
Galina53 beutiful it... clapping.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
magicas1 lovely wally n beaautiful theme... clapping.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
[b]my try[/b]
add me in
@ all thanks for wonderful comments and feedback grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif
mashhellboy bkrm_dahal thanks a lot!

mashhellboy perfectly! interesting design! pleasant colors of a theme!

bkrm_dahal cool! wally - very cool! softkeys and bars it is liked me!
@Branislaw That's really a superb theme..Loved the icons specially
@ Hey Lara is a beautiful name @ mangotango ( do u like mangoes?)
@Galina..Such an excellent creation... A glamorous theme..
@Magicas...That's great theme.. U do magical work with dark colours..So neat n lovely theme..
@mashhellboy..yep i went to check it on ur and great theme u
@bkrm_dahal hey nice theme n nice designing of bars..good choice of wall smile.gif

Here is what i made..tried with Clock Flash but could not do it so made it simple smile.gif hope i could do it right

The Hulk


Edit: The previous Preview had three conversations screen updated the preview both in gallery n forum
Thank you dear! Yes, I love mango and tango, but it's a big secret!
Your green man is great! Theme looks the splendid!wonderful elements!
MT, I lovge mango and tango too wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Alicia can u countme in please.
I think about ironman...but not sure yet tongue.gif
I'm New Here byebye.gif Glad to See My Friends Here, Hi ! byebye.gif
hmm.. May Be i can try smile.gif smile.gif
@Alicia - Add Me in thumbsup.gif
lara, perfect work
brain, mighty awsm
galina, wow cool job
magicas, nice and cool
mash, great work
bkrm, nice and great
anshu, mighty job
O sorry, i was harsh
Well, not much time for s^3. So a simple try for a superhero


add me in alicia... smile.gif

all wonderfull theme.. will comment on galleries..
clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

here is my try with spiderman...


Congratulations Dear Xailin for Legendary Themer badge, after a very long time we have a legendary Themer !! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

And my very Congratulations to Three Lovely Ladies Jolansky, Mangotango, Nazarenko for winning Spidy Badge. i created the theme somedays ago to dedicate
them, but waited for Announcement, here it goes notworthy.gif gathering.gif gathering.gif gathering.gif

RandyMabius naghi63 vinothvardha
good themes guys!

raj Thank you very much bro wub.gif and for the congratulations and for the theme! she is gorgeous!
By the way, Red Rose you are very fit! laugh.gif winkiss.gif winkiss.gif winkiss.gif
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