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Full Version: Week 264 - Winners Announced ! ! !
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We have WINNERS!!

Gold trophy winners are:

Group A:

Group B:

Silver trophy winners are:

Group A:

Group B:
paran0ia and hunky_guy

Bronze trophy winners are:

Group A:

Group B:

bratvany, kewlone, topmanner1, amdominator, roohan93, lenhudiel, RT007, DeepDreams and manola2


nimesh 47
idias 36
harri 34
amdo 33
vanessa 28
topmanner 28
enna DQ

barbara 75
atri 73
hunky 73
aero 63
deepdreams 40
manola 38
roohan 36
RT 35
lenhudiel 19

Enna is disqualified for not posting originals
Congrats To All Winners clap.gif wow.gif

Thank You All For Your Love And Support wub.gif

Great Work As Always Christy Managing The RC wub.gif
Congrats to all Winners clap.gif clap.gif
Congratulations to all winners. thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
Congrats to nimesh, idy, harri, barbara, hunky and aero for their respective trophies! clapping.gif clapping.gif

Thanks for the votes, favs and wonderful comments! wub.gif
Well managed christy! notworthy.gif
OMG !! wow.gif Congrats Nim, Barbara, Idy, Atri, Mood, & Harri cheers.gif clapping.gif
Thanks for Voting My Mix notworthy.gif
Special Thanks To Christy For Managing Another Great Week clap.gif
Congratulations to all winners
christy you should forgive enna this time, she is pro and she deserves a chance smile.gif

to all the wonderful winners!!!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif

barbara im soooooooo happy for you sis!!!! wow.gif wow.gif great job!! thumbsup.gif

thanks for all amazing comments, favs, votes and support wub.gif

great job christy thumbsup.gif thanks notworthy.gif
clap.gif Congrats to all the winners clap.gif

notworthy.gif And big thanks to all notworthy.gif

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif Congrats to Nimesh, Idy, Atri ,Mahmood, Diabolical and Aero clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Thank you all for the voting, thank you for the sweet n kind comments n favs, also big thanks to u Christy for making my week (also picking my theme) wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Thank u sis wub.gif wub.gif

I dedicate this trophy to my Deep.. thank u sweetheart to listening to countless tries n giving ur honest opinion as u always do wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

to Nimesh & Babsy for winning Gold clap.gif clap.gif wub.gif wub.gif

to Idy..Paranoia & Moody winkiss.gif for winning Silver clap.gif clap.gif wub.gif wub.gif

to Harri & Aero for winning Bronze clap.gif clap.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Great job Christina clap.gif clap.gif wub.gif wub.gif

clap.gif clap.gif Congrats to Nim,Barbara,Atri,Harri,Aero dears well done!! clap.gif clap.gif

tnx for all amaizing comments,favs & votes !! notworthy.gif wub.gif

great works by all djs!! 10.gif clapping.gif

vany wub.gif wub.gif winkiss.gif

special tnx to dear Christy for managing !! notworthy.gif u r great manager !! wub.gif happy.gif
BIG Congrats to all Deserving winners .. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Truly deserving .. thumbsup.gif

Thanks to Christy for making all these possible .. thumbsup.gif

Many many thanks to all for your kind votes and comments .. notworthy.gif
Congrats to all the winners! clapping.gif clapping.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif


Aww.. wub.gif thanx sweetheart for the dedication.. wub.gif wub.gif but its all your have done it all by urself..i'm so proud of u.. clap.gif clap.gif and its my pleasure to give u my honest opinions.. wub.gif even though risky at times.. laugh.gif tongue.gif Congrats to u again for ur 1st RC gold trophy..i'm sure there's many more to come.. wub.gif wub.gif


Thanx a lot.. wub.gif smile.gif
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