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Full Version: Week 259 - Winners Announced ! ! !
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We have WINNERS!!

Gold trophy winners are:

Group A:
nimesh_kum and srimunnamunna

Group B:

Silver trophy winners are:

Group A:

Group B:

Bronze trophy winners are:

Group A:

Group B:

kewlone, idias_1, topmanner1, mashhellboy, lenhudiel, jessaone, hunky_guy, aeronitor, afroditta, mohamedali05 and raindeer123


nimesh 39
munna 39
vanessa 38
amdo 32
enna 31
idias 23
topmanner 20

manola 85
star_santa 75
paran0ia 69
hunky 64
raindeer 62
aeronitor 48
afroditta 30
jessaone 27
mohamed 27
lenhudiel 24
mashhell 19

-I made a change at the voting booth thread, but there was someone who didn't pay attention on it. Will not accept that next time.
-Two of you are voting for each other the past few weeks. The next time it happens you will be disqualified
Congrats to all the winners.

Thanks to all for your votes and comments,great work christina.
To the winners clapping.gif clapping.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Great work by all Dj's clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

To Chrissy for making all this possible,week by week wub.gif wub.gif
clapping.gif Congratulations to all the winners clapping.gif
notworthy.gif Thanks to the people who liked my work and voted for me notworthy.gif
thumbsup.gif Best of luck to all the participants thumbsup.gif
congratulation to the winners, well deserved
congrats to all the amazing winners
great work christy
thanks for the votes & comments guys.

TO ALL THE WINNERS clapping.gifclapping.gifthumbsup.gif
Congrats to the winners! notworthy.gif

It was an amazing week! clapping.gif
Thanks for the votes, favs and wonderful comments! notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Congratulations to all the winners
to all winneres.big bear hugges


hunny ,one of those 2 pepole was me.devil2.gif
i allwayes give 1 place to my is subjective mater.although he is just learing tehniques of mixing,his work for me is the best and allwayes shall be,probaelly cuz i'm in love with the guy .wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

don't fuus much about this sweethearth,it is not real life.

juice kisses hunny,enoy ur life.big bear hugges

@Christina86 : & of cours 2-1=1 devil2.gif That is me , i always give 1st place to my GF and will always do , her work for me is and will be always the best cuz she has the gift & mostly cuz i love her wub.gif i'm in RC only to be with her , u can DQ me next time , my vote for 1st place will be the same whistle.gif Have a sweet day thumbsup.gif
@ Dijana & Mohamed... ur acting is not ok...not fair to all other participants dry.gif **vote for the best mix not for the ppl u like more** a bit respect to other & follow this rule smile.gif
QUOTE (Bratvany @ Mar 14 2012, 06:07 AM) *
@ Dijana & Mohamed... ur acting is not ok...not fair to all other participants dry.gif **vote for the best mix not for the ppl u like more** a bit respect to other & follow this rule smile.gif


ola sexy sisy wub.gif .wub: wub.gif

kisses and big bear hugges

here hunny take some ice cream and just chill

love u wub.gif


Every action has it's reaction and it's consequence 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif

In case if someone wishes to add somethingh or exprres himself/hereself ,that person is warmelly welcome to either come to my profile or my bf's :wub. wub.gif

Nor it is mine and especielly not mine bf's to show disrespect towards such respectabalae faciltey as it is forum of rc,threfore anythingh a person could add to this topic shall be ignored.''WE SHALL NOT SPAM THE BOARD''

your's truelly kaisser

big bear hugges for everyone :wub wub.gif wub.gif
QUOTE (Bratvany @ Mar 14 2012, 12:07 PM) *
@ Dijana & Mohamed... ur acting is not ok...not fair to all other participants dry.gif **vote for the best mix not for the ppl u like more** a bit respect to other & follow this rule smile.gif

@ Bratvany : At least we had the courage to say it was us , unlike others who hide cry and deny thumbdown.gif , its happening all time in WPC , DC , TMC , STC and here and we see all m9 works this way , even those hypocrites who make the rules break them devil2.gif . & dear none asked for ur advice i was talking to christina , also i know m9 rules , was there since 2005 mf_type.gif and as my gf said we shall not spam board come to us in our proffiles 1.gif
@afroditta & mohamed
I did what I had to do, what you will do from now on will be your decision. thumbsup.gif
congrats to all the wonderful winners smile.gif notworthy.gif great work wub.gif

and of course to all participants wub.gif you all were great! thumbsup.gif clapping.gif it was really amazing week wub.gif

thank you all for wonderful comments, favs, votes and support wub.gif

C√łngrtas winners!
Congratulations Nim, Sri, Joanna, Vany, Dhaya, Amdo & Atri cheers.gif
Awesome Mixes By Everyone rockon.gif
notworthy.gif wub.gif Thanks A lot For all The Votes as Love wub.gif notworthy.gif

clap.gif Congrats to All winners clap.gif
fantastic jobs u deserved

Great work by all djs !! 10.gif 10.gif well done my friends!! wub.gif walkman.gif
tnx for the votes & favorites & amazing comments!!

i'll comment on the rest of mixes i've missed,soon!! happy.gif happy.gif

special tnx to Christy for managing !! wub.gif notworthy.gif
congratulations to all winners thumbsup.gif
congrats winners thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
BIG Congrats to all deserving winners .... Nim . Sri , Manola , Vany , Dhaya , Amdo and Paran ... clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Awesome efforts by all others ... thumbsup.gif

Thanks to Christy for making all these possible week after week ... notworthy.gif

And finally many thanks to all for your kind comments and votes .... notworthy.gif winkiss.gif
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