10:Game Of Thrones
A very well known TV Series produced by the novel of George Martin: A Song Of Ice And Fire
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9:Peruvian Cocaine
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8:Racketeers by 2 Steps From Hell
Suggesting if you are Immidiate music fan
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7:"96.000" from the very famous musical In the Heights
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6:Arrow in the knee (Famous expression from the Game: The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim)
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5:Scarface main theme (Original Version)
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4:No Security Remix Vers.
A song by Crookers in remixed version (Song has been used in the ending of GTA: Episodes from Liberty City:The Ballad Of Gay Tony ) This is a remix version
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3:Gangstas Paradise 2K11 (This is the new version released in 2011 if you didn't manage to get the ringtone now's your chance)
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2:Sick Bubble Gum (Skrillex Version Rob Zombie)
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1: You Know what I'm Lookin 4 (Luciana & Pitbull in da mix)
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