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Full Version: Ringtone Challenge Week 257 - Whitney Houston
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*banner made by amdo

Make a mix using Whitney Houston's songs. You can't use remixes/covers of her songs.

Theme pick: idias_1, topmanner1, amdominator & manola2

Current CET Time


1.If you post your mix and lately decide to change it - then use EDIT! Do not upload another mix or make a new post. If you do so, your entry won't be added to the voting booth
2. If you decide to post originals later - edit your first post with mix and add them there. We WILL NOT accept originals which aren't posted along with the mix.
3. If you post links for test mixes - please add them in quote tags.
4. Don't post again links of your edited mixes or any participant's. It 's enough to just inform that you have edited it. Everybody knows where to find them.

Everything you need to know can be found at the rules

If you don't know how to mix - you can also check our Tutorials for the beginners

If you need any help or advice about mixing or you need help regarding your RC mix - please post in HERE thumbsup.gif

All helpful links with songs for this week you can post in our thread HERE thumbsup.gif


All you have to do is copy and paste this code:


In case you don't post it - your mix will be disqualified.

You can pick a different colour for your banner by using one of the codes posted here

Have fun in mixing - please - PARTICIPATE !!! notworthy.gif

Enjoy the music! walkman.gif
Thank You For Choosing This Theme Christy wub.gif wub.gif

RIP Whitney wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
I dont like her songs that much! still i'll give a try! smile.gif

RIP Whitney Houston
beautiful topic idy topy amdy mony.
clap.gif clap.gif RIP Whitney Houston .... great theme....idy,raj,amdo, manola... clap.gif clap.gif
Vany i bet you are stomping your foot now laugh.gif
becoz she made an awesome remix to give tribute wub.gif

Awesome Theme notworthy.gif
RIP Ms. Houston notworthy.gif
Can I use collaborated songs , for example : Like I never left (ft akon)
another thing, Can i use instrumental tracks?
I Will Always Love You - RC Week 257

Originals Follow as:

Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you -
Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you -
Whitney Houston - I Will always love you -
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You -
smile.gif RIP Whitney Houston Great Topic wub.gif
QUOTE (paran0ia @ Feb 20 2012, 01:45 AM) *
Can I use collaborated songs , for example : Like I never left (ft akon)
another thing, Can i use instrumental tracks?

unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif err!! christina? unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif
WOW.. That reminds me of high school..
Great way to honour such a great singer thumbsup.gif

RIP WHITNEY.. nopity.gif
@ Paranoia

It's Supposed To Be A Whitney Houston Special Week wub.gif
But I Guess You Can Use It thumbsup.gif

Quick And Great Mixes So Far By Enna, Idy And Rafal clap.gif 10.gif

Thanks amdo for clarifying! I'll get on with my mix asap!
It was kinda hard for me to come up with a mix of her songs wallbash.gif
Here 's my poor try. yucky.gif Hope you guys like it. unsure.gif

We will always love you-RC Week 257


1. A tribute to Whitney Houston by Twista
2. I will always love you (Part 1)
3. I will always love you (Part 2)
4. All at once
5. I have nothing
beautiful topic i will take a part this week too thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (AMDOMINATOR @ Feb 20 2012, 11:10 PM) *
Quick And Great Mixes So Far By Enna, Idy And Rafal clap.gif 10.gif

thank you very much Amdo notworthy.gif

@Enna an excellent mix, great and quick job as always 10.gif

@Idy great selection of songs and professional performance 10.gif

@RT007 welcome to RC byebye.gif really great first entry 10.gif

@paranOia really really great mix thumbsup.gif I am very impressed 10.gif

@Christy thank you Christy for this topic this week notworthy.gif

@all my originals added wink.gif
QUOTE (AMDOMINATOR @ Feb 20 2012, 03:10 PM) *

Quick And Great Mixes So Far By Enna, Idy And Rafal clap.gif 10.gif

QUOTE (rafalnowak75 @ Feb 21 2012, 04:32 AM) *
QUOTE (AMDOMINATOR @ Feb 20 2012, 11:10 PM) *
Quick And Great Mixes So Far By Enna, Idy And Rafal clap.gif 10.gif

@Idy great selection of songs and professional performance 10.gif

Thanks so much Amdo and Rafal ... thumbsup.gif notworthy.gif

@ Eny - Brilliant Jazzy mix ... clapping.gif 10.gif

@ Rafal - Really beautiful mix , kinda sexy if you ask me .. clapping.gif 10.gif

@ RT - Magnificient First entry mix .. clapping.gif 10.gif Welcome to RC .. thumbsup.gif

@ Paranoia - Really impressive mix , The best so far .. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif 10.gif
@ rafalnowak75 , idias_1 Thank you so much... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

@Enna Loved your entry 10.gif wub.gif

@idias_1 loved to here your entry it's Awesome... 10.gif wow.gif

@rafalnowak75 Besutiful mix loved it... 10.gif wub.gif

@paran0ia Great mix like it 10.gif thumbsup.gif
Thanks a lot rafal, idy and RT! I dint expect to hear such comments though! unsure.gif

I will comment on every mix later! Gotta hit the sheets right now! yawn.gif

@all : Originals added!
@Idy & RT & paranOia

My pleasure byebye.gif
can i join?
QUOTE (Jessaone @ Feb 22 2012, 08:04 AM) *
can i join?

Yes, you can tongue.gif wub.gif

@Vanessa great selection of songs and professional job as always 10.gif
Great Mixes By Everyone clapping.gif clap.gif .
@RT007 - Welcome To RC Family clapping.gif smile.gif . Hope to Participate rolleyes.gif
@Aeronitor .. Thank You I've participated this time. smile.gif
Awesome entries so far! clapping.gif

will comment on every mix later! smile.gif
@Hunky 10.gif awesome mix bro thumbsup.gif

@Lenhudiel 10.gif great job my friend thumbsup.gif

@Ahmed & Afroditta 10.gif welcome to RC friends byebye.gif an excelent first mixes thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

@Justbe 10.gif very well done as always thumbsup.gif
So Many New Participants Here wow.gif wink.gif
@Ahmed & Afroditta - Welcome to RC clapping.gif
@rafalnowak75 @Aeronitor : Thank you so much bros notworthy.gifnotworthy.gif
first of all thank you christy for choosing this sad, but great topic.. whitney was, and always will be the greatest singer wub.gif
let me pay tribute to her unbelievable voice, and talent,, she was a genius... R.I.P. Whitney...wub.gif
here is my little try, i hope you like it smile.gif

Don't Cry For Me - RC week 257


Whitney Houston - I will always love you 1
Whitney Houston - I will always love you 2
Breaking news
Whitney Houston - I have nothing
Whitney Houston - Don't cry for me 1
Whitney Houston - Don't cry for me 2
Whitney Houston - Don't cry for me 3
Whitneys' voice - interview
Whitneys' voice - The Bodyguard

smile.gif byebye.gif
mohamedali ... cute mixing 10.gif

AFRODITTA .... Nice mix friend 10.gif

justbe3112 ... wow great loved it 10.gif

sri ... Awesome bro 10.gif

manola ... Nice song choose 10.gif
RT007 ..rafalnowak75 ....Aeronitor thank you all wub.gif big bear hugges
I've listened to all entry's....great work by all clap.gif clap.gif I'll comment soon wink.gif

Welcome to all Dj's who entered RC for the first time wub.gif wub.gif

Welcome back Dijana sis wink.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Hi everyone byebye.gif Here is my try. This is my first entry so do let me know how is it. wub.gif

Heartbreak Hotel Mix


Whitney Houston-Heartbreak Hotel (Part 1)
Whitney Houston-Heartbreak Hotel (Part 2)
Whitney Houston-Heartbreak Hotel (Part 3)
Awesome Whitney's mixes so far DJs .. clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Great work by all DJs , veteran and new ... thumbsup.gif laugh.gif

Thanks so much for all the kind comments ... winkiss.gif
@vanny sis thank you soo much
kisses and hugges

and yes it is soo nice to be back wub.gif
@All - Originals Added , I'll Comment Soon on every mix thumbsup.gif
great mixes by all !! clap.gif clap.gif tnx for comments & favs. dears!! wub.gif rolleyes.gif


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