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Full Version: Wpc Week 239 - Be My Valentine
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Welcome to WPC Week 239

The topic was selected and suggested by Enna and Mohib

Topic : Be My Valentine
Description : Create your wally in which you would express your love or propose someone you love Or make a Valentines Day Card Or make Valentine's day special for your loved one!
Restrictions : none (animations allowed)
Resolution : any

All Mobile9 members are welcome to join the WPC

If you are new and thinking of joining, don’t be scared we all have to start somewhere
and this is a good place to have some fun while you learn how to make wallpapers.

What is the WPC?
In short - this is a graphic manipulation contest.
You should make a new wallpaper by manipulating/changing/adding/combining different images that fit with each weeks topic.
If you are skilled in graphic arts you can of course create a wallpaper from "scratch".
The recommended image editing software is Photoshop or GIMP.

Please read the Rules and get the available Resolutions (sizes) HERE before you enter.
If you have any questions please ask them here and experienced participants will try to answer you as best they can.
But don’t foget the most important thing about taking part in the WPC … HAVE SOME FUN! wow.gif

Add this Banner in file description


Nice Topic... but i think it is Hard. rifle.gif wow.gif
but i'll try haha.gif
nopity.gif ......lovely topic.... nopity.gif
serenade.gif lovely topic!! wub.gif wub.gif nopity.gif nopity.gif
perfect topic at the perfect time enna & mohib.
Feb. is the month of Love, so get to work and create a wally full of hearts tongue.gif devil2.gif
SUPER !!!!! Love is all around, I will to make something cool !!! 10.gif
clap.gif clap.gif i love this topic . . . will make something loveble . . . clap.gif clap.gif
enna - we will make wally from heart so no need hearts in wally tongue.gif
Hi to all!!! It is my Valentinka.


BEAUTIFUL wub.gif Topic suggested & picked by U Princess & Mohib 10.gif

I'll definitely try to make something, but not sure, romance & me, like two different dimensions u know tongue.gif laugh.gif

@ Galina:
Lovely animation in your wally Dear wub.gif wub.gif Looking really GREAT 10.gif
Great Topic!! wub.gif wub.gif

Galina - WOW! Superb wally!! wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
@BENnGWEN, @manjuraja, thank you, my dear friends!

@ Princess & Bhai .... superb Choice wub.gif 10.gif

@ Galina .. Lovely & superb Start with nice animated one wow.gif clapping.gif wub.gif
@ galina ...superb walley looking awesome ... - clap.gif 10.gif
lovely topic wub.gif wub.gif
i'll try something for my GF wub.gif

Galina great work dear, amazingy done. love it wow.gif 10.gif clapping.gif
@sksahoozzz, @san-sagar, @anulubi, thank you, my dear friends!

I miss my post here...once
I try this ... be in soma

It's for fun

I don't know why don't function the attachment here...some one knows?
Great topic. im not so romantic, but here´s my try

Be my valentine

Originals used
QUOTE (lenhudiel @ Feb 8 2012, 12:04 AM) *
Great topic. im not so romantic, but here´s my try

Be my valentine

hey len ...bro ...wht are you talking is looking awesome ..lovely the way in which you used originals ... clap.gif
My Valentine's day greeting card

gallery | originals
@ galina: wow dear,awesome work and animation .

@ ajin: oh bro,its fantastic . i just love it.

@ len: bro amazing it.

@laciad: pls upload bigger version of ur wally dear,then only we can see it.and its awesome.u can link ur originals here by using insert link button .
@ Len ... Nice Romantic Wally wow.gif clapping.gif

@ Ajin ... Superb work Bro wow.gif clapping.gif
thank you sis smile.gif
wonderfull walleys by all i think iam having time to do something this time... wink.gif
QUOTE (Aleena143 @ Feb 8 2012, 02:20 AM) *
@laciad: pls upload bigger version of ur wally dear,then only we can see it.and its awesome.u can link ur originals here by using insert link button .

It's true what do you say but I have a problem with the attachment here .....
You can visual at this link Galery

i will try again


My Valentine

my try

@ All:
GREAT Wallies everyone 10.gif wow.gif 10.gif
I'll comment them soon smile.gif

@ Princess:
Dear, I'll try to finish it in time, if not plz don't be angry smile.gif My health is not ok, details is at Biig News DC thread sad.gif
I love WPC u know that Princess wub.gif wub.gif & U definitely r an AWESOME Manager wub.gif wub.gif

Love U All wub.gif wub.gif
laciad great wall 10.gif wow.gif.

len amazin entry bro.perfect shadows. perfect execution 10.gif wow.gif . everything is ok exept the word texture. may be you could change it to the curtain's color. or remove it completely. just my opinion bro. dont take it badly smile.gif

ajin well thats a great idea. very beautifully executed. love it 10.gif wow.gif

vinoth nice wally bro, love the animation. 10.gif wow.gif , try to be more curious when popout objects from other pics, you can easly done that by setting the 'feather' into 1 or 0.5 ...
@ aleena, if you had clicked on the thumbnail laciad has posted you would see a bigger size thumbsup.gif
nevermind she has a new post for you laugh.gif
amazing wally Laciad, welcome to the world of design notworthy.gif

@ symbian, omg that is fantastic clap.gif you have nailed it thumbsup.gif

@ lenhudiel, absolutely amazing wally clapping.gif clapping.gif

@ vinoth , that is soooo cool, i love the animation wow.gif

great job boys and gals, and give your best, i am sure your work will be recognized and appreciated wub.gif
QUOTE (anulubi @ Feb 8 2012, 01:25 PM) *
len amazin entry bro.perfect shadows. perfect execution 10.gif wow.gif . everything is ok exept the word texture. may be you could change it to the curtain's color. or remove it completely. just my opinion bro. dont take it badly smile.gif

thanks for the advice dear friend, i was thinking the same about the text but i wasnt sure.
@ galina wonderful so romantic and lovely animation

@ laciad wow a hot hot valentine

@lenhudiel wow great perfect use of originals follow anus suggestion

@ symbian so perfect for valentines all in red

@vinot so romantic and sweet

here is my vintage valentine

Thanks @ annu, @ aleena @magicas 1 and @ Enna for the appreciation. After a long time i enjoy it again...... and hope to learn more about the layers on psd whip.gif so any sugestion it's welcome

Thanks again smile.gif
hi thanks for the sugestions, finaly i've decided to remove the text completely

Be My valentine WPC Week 239

Originals used

Download Here

looks much better now smile.gif

@ lehudiel great change thumbsup.gif

@ Magic, omgosh that heart on lady looks so real wow.gif wow.gif amazing wub.gif
thank you enna smile.gif
@ Vinoth ... Fantastic & Nice Animation wow.gif clapping.gif

@ Magic ... Really magical vintage wow.gif 10.gif

@ Len ... Change is much Better thumbsup.gif wow.gif
@ lehudiel ..your walley looking superb now .. wow.gif

@ Magic...waw.....awesome creation ..looking great ... wow.gif
so many beautiful entries are there wow.gifclapping.gif
i'll comment on gallery later byebye.gif
Here Is My Try



sks the artistic one looks more better

you have really improved a lot,now you are in the league of great artists

Don't you think the frame\border looks a little blurry smile.gif
magic beautifully done dear mom, absolutely awesome animation and great vintage feelings. 10.gif wow.gif clapping.gif
sk awesome wally, with beautiful color and idea. 10.gif wow.gif clapping.gif IMHO you could reduce the frame size, its look so blury as anurag says. smile.gif
Anurag & Anu Thanks Bro notworthy.gif wub.gif wub.gif
BTW about the border I hv mistakely not saved the PSD when I exiting the PS sad.gif
I am keeping it mind for future notworthy.gif wub.gif
@sk waw . . . Bro great work. . .but as anu and anurag said reduce size of frame . .it affect your walley.
@ enna thank you wub.gif wub.gif I wanted it to look real if possible

@ sks, san sagar,anulubi thank you wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

@ sks wow its so good 10.gif
@ SKS, i guess leave it like that, second one is better, the blurred frame is adding as an EFFECT to me! thumbsup.gif wow.gif
my another try with butterfly animation
Galina53 ... Love your Animation dear 10.gif wow.gif wub.gif

lenhudiel ....;s really cool. clap.gif wub.gif

symbiantweets ..... Nice thinking super work 10.gif wow.gif

vinothvardha ... Nice wally and animation is superb. 10.gif wow.gif

magicas1 .... magic in your wally really awesome 10.gif

sksahoozzz .... nice idea loved your wally. 10.gif wow.gif
My Try


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