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Full Version: Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0 Is Out
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Hi M9ers,

finally a major update of our beloved Series 40 theming tool with a bunch of new features. Download it here.
Sadly, still no support for 320x240 landscape themes, instead you have to work with a 240x320 template as before.

Whats new?

- Integrated installer and updater, which will simplify product updates.
- All new "Create new theme" features, you can directly create theme for Nokia specific
Series 40 phones or you can use the traditional method to create theme by selecting
available theme template.
- Improved packaging feature,
- Carbide.ui tool will automatically manage the appropriate target version for themes
created through phone selector.
- In packaging window, it shows "Supported phone models", Which tells you that the
created theme can be compatible with the supported phone model(s) as well.
- Now user can install new plugin(s) and update existing plugin(s) through tool itself. When
new plugins released user can get that new plug-in through “Manage Plugins” icons from the
tool bar. This feature supports all existing and latest plugins released by Carbide.ui tool.
- “Media player, Equalizer and FM Radio background can be skinned with flashlite (.nfl)
animations. Abobe® flash player is needed to be installed for Carbide.ui to show static
- "16-bit color" display supports in properties view for skinned bitmap or png elements.
- "Export screens to PDF" button, on the tool bar, exports all screens of the active theme
into a PDF which contain embedded preview bitmaps in 100% resolution with Screen names
and other metadata included.
- "Switch background colors" button, on the tool bar, provides for improved viewing of
graphics in editor, component view, and other views by enabling the skin (underlying
background) color of the tool from white to default the system color.
- Bookmark view and Task view has been removed, as per users' feedback.

Happy theming! byebye.gif
No support for 320*240 resolution sad.gif, BB can the .nfl files be created trough carbide??
Will download tomorrow...... smile.gif
No, you can't do that in carbide. .nfl files seem to be a special kind of Flash file that has to be signed by Nokia before you can actually use them.

The Carbide help states:
Note:Skin files ( .nfl ) are a collection of Flash component that require signing by Nokia before they will activate on a device. Signing is available to operators and other contracted customers of Nokia. Contact your Nokia business development manager for more information.

Here is an accordant discussion from the Nokia Developer forums: Link

So this seems to be no option for "private" themers, sadly.

If you have seen different flash music players in a theme, however, they were probably "created" using this method.
Thanks BB wink.gif. i Already know this smile.gif. hope someone find a way. a pakistani programmer named SAMIR invented a software for pcking .nfl files. its not available now sad.gif, i will ask nokia myself what are they doing ohmy.gif
thanks smile.gif
thanx.......... 10.gif
i want a theme creator which allows me to get a preview of my creation. then what is the best for me???(s40 5th editon).is carbid ui make it possibel???
great topic clapping.gif
How May I make swf clock wallpaper using carbide.ui 6.0?
may I need to install any other flash maker app.
Pls. Reply the ans.. byebye.gif
where i can download it
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