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Full Version: Tutorial Make Theme With Carbide Ui 3.4 ?
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Somebody can show me,, how to make theme with carbide Ui 3.4 ??? PLEASEEEEEEEEE ...

gathering.gif gathering.gif gathering.gif
you can try out the you tube videos or wait for others.
1.choose your phone model(s60,s40 or...)
2.choose a picture for every part(right click on every part and choose select a file)
3.make the .sis file by clicking on "create new package"
(this is only a simple help to start working with carbide ui,full explanation will need several pages,you can search the net for more thumbsup.gif )
click here my friend
Google search.
follow sagar's Tutorial thumbsup.gif
Go to youtube there u find some videos go through them .
soumikatoz see this
is it carbide Ui 3.4 is a PC software ??????
QUOTE (king_abhishek @ Aug 24 2012, 05:29 PM) *
is it carbide Ui 3.4 is a PC software ??????

OMG...!! yahh dude it is a Pc software..

Cn any one tell me hw to change nth format to sis format.. After generating the theme it shows only nth format..!!
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