As you may have noticed, we're trying to make big changes in M.o.S and make it a real music group. Our plan is to make M.o.S the best place ever for all the DJs in the world. But this needs really hard work.In this way of hard work, we really need you guys next to us.
We need to get your help to go through this way and achieve what we all have always wanted for M.o.S. We need to hear what you think about M.o.S, councilors or anything else that comes to your attention. We need to know whether we have done things right or wrong and why. Why you think a decision was right and why you think another decision was wrong. We need to know whether you'd like to make any changes in M.o.S, and if yes, what changes should be made and why. In other words, we need to know everything you think about M.o.S, cause then we can conclude to the right decision. We've always said, if M.o.S is what it is today, it's just because you guys have always stayed with it and never stopped helping M.o.S. Once again, I want all of you to help M.o.S to go through this way. Smallest suggestions can be biggest help. So please let us hear you.
Thank you for everything wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif