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Here we will be posting all the blog post we have done about ringtones so to keep everyone updated. If you have ideas for ringtone topic, please post them here too! notworthy.gif
You know I love this topic AW happy.gif

Just checked it out, ringtones are quite well categorised n organised, good job clapping.gif

Thanks Thumpy! thumbsup.gif Yup, I figured you and other ringtone masters will love it. clap.gif Any idea what topic we should work on next? unsure.gif
Pc/Video games unsure.gif
My most recent upload is an Angry birds ringtone so this topic clicked immediately in my mind laugh.gif
wow its a great idea & work aw thumbsup.gif
Definately needed that one thumbsup.gif Good job wink.gif
Aha, that might come into play in near future. clap.gif I think we have plenty of gaming ringer in the gallery too.

@Sri @Antonis
Thanks guys! It's quite hard to think & find all those collections so I am glad you like them. thumbsup.gif
Great classification of ringtones there. thumbsup.gif

Some topics :-

* Top Movie Songs Ringtones

* Top Natural Sounds

* Top Genre Ringtones (this category can be further ramified into different genres like Top Hip-Hop Ringtones, Top Metal Ringtones etc.)

* Top Football Ringtones

* Top Different Language Ringtones

That is all that I can think of right now. Hope this was helpful smile.gif
Great work with this thread AW clapping.gif thumbsup.gif

I think you should add the winning entries for all the weekly RC that had been organised thumbsup.gif
wow nice topic, well done AW gr8 job.... smile.gif
i guess we should start a topic on wallpaper ringtones smile.gif
It's definitely a useful list, thanks sooo much Rohan!

Aha, I will take a look and see what I can do there. smile.gif smile.gif

Wallpaper ringtone? Means match ringtone against wallpaper? unsure.gif
i mean a ringtone with album art or smth like that..

Done a new collection a few days ago, inspired by all those robotic sounds! Check it out, see if you like them. smile.gif smile.gif

15 Free Robotic Ringtones & SMS tones
great AW its awesome
Thanks! Glad you like it!

Something interesting for dads & moms wow.gif - 12 Baby Voice Ringtones and SMS Tones
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