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This challenge is open to all M9 members interested in graphic design.
Topics will cover anything & everything related to graphics.
This may include icons, themes, wallpapers, screensavers, sigs & avatars, gifts for M9, banners, profile backgrounds, about me layouts, etc.
The M9 community can also ask for a design challenge not related to mobile phones or M9 in general. Examples: wedding invitations, tattoo designs, flyers, restaurant menu designs, skins, e-cards, etc.

The duration of the challenge will depend on the nature and difficulty of the topic. The duration will be announced at the start of each new topic (in most cases it will be 2 weeks). Topics will start and end on Sundays when possible.

The role of this challenge is not strictly to functions as a competition but rather to create a platform for the M9 community to learn/expand and share with others your interest and love for creative design. No achievement points & awards (trophies) will be earned with this challenge. However: It will be possible to earn a badge – not only for “winning” but also for continued participation. And of course a lot of fame and admiration! Details about earning the badges are now available in post #2 below.


Because this challenge will cover a wide variety of design topics, some rules will be specific to the given topic. Such rules/requirements will be mentioned in the topic thread.

There will be 3 threads for each challenge:
Topic Thread (TT): this is where each new challenge is announced. In this thread you can ask questions and post previews of your entry for comments and feedback. We would like to encourage you to discuss and to give honest feedback on entries.
Entry Thread (ET): this is where you will post your final preview/entry for the challenge. It is the responsibility of each participant to post your final submission in the Entry Thread before closing time. No comments/discussion or other posts are allowed in the ET – only your final entry. Editing is allowed until 23:59 GMT on the last Saturday before the entry thread closes. No editing on the final Sunday of the challenge.
Voting Thread (VT): a voting thread will be opened at the end of each challenge. The voting thread will be open for approximately 48 hours. All participants must vote and participants who failed to vote will be disqualified from the challenge.

Things should added in the Final Entry Thread

in Wallpapers contests
2.Gallery's link
3.Original's link
4.Project files of Wallpaper (PSD,XCF..etc) *optional
in case you are making the wallpaper from a scratch work which mean that you are drawing on paper with your hand, you have to
add following things instead of 'Originals'
1.starting of your drawing
2.drawing when 25% complete
3.drawing when 50% complete
(take the picture with mobile camera or digital camera)
in Screensavers contests
2.Gallery's link
3.Original's link
4.Softwares used *optional
in case you are making the Screensaver's farames from a scratch work which mean that you are drawing on paper with your hand, you have to
add following things instead of 'Originals'
1. starting of your drawing
2.drawing when 25% complete
3.drawing when 50% complete
(take the picture with mobile camera or digital camera)
in Theme making contests
1.Your theme's Preview
2.Gallery's link
in Icons contests
1.Your theme's Preview (800x800 pix or less)
2.Gallery's link
3.Project files of atleast 4 icons (PSD,XCF..etc)
in Signature,avatar and cover photo contests
3.Cover photo
4.Project files (PSD,XCF..etc)

(more update coming soon)

Voting Procedure

In the VT you will vote for:
3 participants (in case of 4 to 7 entries)
7 participants (in case of 8 or more entries)

- Do not mention more than one person in each vote.
1. Jane
2. Patricia and Stuart
3. Sven
4. Lynn
5. Rashid
6. Jürg
7. Manuel

- You can not vote for your own entry.
- Do not vote "everyone".
- You are not allowed to ask or encourage other members to vote for your work, or "exchange votes" with other participants. Doing so will result in disqualification.

Guidelines for choosing your votes:
• Skills/techniques used to make the entry
• Originality and creativity
• Fits the given topic/guidelines/restrictions
• Overall look/quality of the entry

Things you should avoid when voting:
• Friendship – do not vote for an entry simply because it was made by a friend.
• Do not vote for a manager/admin/person of authority just to gain their friendship or to try and influence their vote. We have enough experience to see when another participant created something better than our own.
• Do not vote for entries you consider "inferior" to your own in the hope of increasing your own chance of winning.

We reserve the right to demand a private and a public explanation for your choice of votes. Since managers will see the votes of other participants, he/she will not be allowed to influence the result in any way. The DC managers will not be able to earn any DC badges.

All participants must be able to prove authenticity/ownership of their entries in the form of a psd file (Photoshop file) or xcf (GIMP file) etc. You are required to keep these files even after the challenge is over. Managers or Admin may require you to provide these files on certain occasions. During challenges necessitating the use of stock or modified images you will be required to show the original unmodified images in the Entry Thread. It is the responsibility of each individual participant to find and use images without infringing on anyones copyright or ownership as best as you can. In cases of any legitimate complaints entries will be removed from the gallery.

Entries must be in line with the general terms/rules of Mobile9 .

We reserve the right to disqualify or ban any members guilty of cheating/misconduct/unruly behaviour or any other actions/conduct found to be to the detriment of the Design Challenge in general.
How you can earn the Design Challenge Artist badges:

Badge 1The first badge can be earned by successfully completing 15 + Design Challenges. No winning required. The badge can also be earned after completing 10 challenges if you have won in 3 of them.

Badge 2The second badge can be earned by successfully completing 20+ Design Challenges and winning 10 + challenges. Winning refers to a podium finish (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

Badge3The third badge can be earned by successfully completing 25+ Design Challenges and winning 15+ challenges (5 wins should be for first place)

Badge4The fourth badge can be earned by successfully completing 30+ Design Challenges and winning 25+ challenges (10 wins should be for first place)
New Voting Rules and Guidelines

Starting today June 27, 2015 and onward, these are the new DC rules and guidelines for voting.

1. A contestant with an entry is allowed to vote.
A contestant who submits an entry in support for a friend
is not allowed to vote.Entries to be valid must have artistic
2. No votes are counted after the deadline.
3. Participants who did not vote are considered disqualified(DQ).
However if he can not make it because of unavoidable circumstances,
inform the manager in charged.
4. Anyone can be a "guest voter" if and only if he is a legendary badge
5. The following are given special permissions to vote:
a. senior administrators
b. junior administrators
c. contest managers
6. No voting in favor of friends. Anyone who voted for a participant
in three(3) highest positions for three consecutive weeks will
no longer be warned. Automatically, he will be banned from the contest.
7. Votes should not be solicited. No one is allowed to encourage participants
to vote for himself or not to vote for a fellow participant so as to
put him down.
8.New participants are welcome; provided he must have at least knowledge
in designing. His gallery must contain at least one hundred (100)
uploads for themes and wallpapers or combination of both.
9. It is required that all participants must use a forum signature.
A link to his profile and gallery is a must.
10.The result of the vote is final and irrevocable.
11. Anyone who violates these rules and guidelines is subject
to further investigation. If found guilty,managers have the right
to stop him from joining.
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