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Full Version: One Of Only Three Legendary Dj, Bratvany
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Big congratulations Venessa, you are now one of only three Legendary DJ on M9!
Thank u very much Patricia ! I still wonder what I've done to deserve this. At first i thought that this badge has landed by some error on my Profile. LOL.

LOL, then others must pray that we make more mistakes. Haha! Can you introduce yourself to M9ers who don't already know you? Why Bratvany? name is Vanessa & I'm from Germany. Hmmm ... what else can I say about me?! Better nothing ... everything else isn't family safe whistle.gif tongue.gif

I've choosed Bratvany because I like the Cartoon Bratz & Vany is short 4 Vanessa. Both combined - Bratvany.

Oh that's new to me! I thought where you came up with such a sweet name. Then how did you find M9 and what makes you stay in this little community for over 2 years?
Someone told me about M9 & this one was Mrs. whip.gif (Pantoflica). laugh.gif

What makes me stay in M9..really..this question i ask myself every day (J/K) Seriously..M9 is the only site where absolutely everything goes very personal & friendly. See ... this is the best example ... which site makes a interview with its members? I've never seen that elsewhere. And finally I've met a lot of amazing ppl here. wub.gif

Thanks for the praise! You started to make your own fame in making ringtones & joining RC. Why making ringtones? How did you start in RC?
My own fame...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh laugh.gif
I only make ringtones because I have no idea about themes & wallpapers. I was trying to create graphics but the result was always a disaster. I'd rather stay with what I can (or what I think i can) angel_not.gif

I was forced to join RC laugh.gif If someone tells u nearly every week:"What now? Where is ur first mix? Come! I'm waiting! Ha...not participating again!" Then u give up, some time. haha.gif

Hahaha I can imagine how the conversation went. Ended up with a big whip on your butt? LOL! Can you describe how you create a ringtone mix from start to the end? Including what tools you use.
I'll try to still use the same program with which I started to mix - Acoustica mp3 Mixer. I think it's the easiest program of all, has not many functions.
The only features it has are cut & record, that's all. Everything I do is: Use the songs which I like, the best pieces cut out, add everything 2gether so that it fits, that's all. Nothing special. laugh.gif

Apart from creating mixes for RC, I see that you often create mixes & dedicate them to other M9ers. Where did that idea come from? that case I'm probably a copycat. I've seen some others made dedications and I thought it is a nice idea. I like to do something 4 ppl that I like.

You have created a lot of ringtones. It must be hard to pick. But of all those, can you list 3 ringtones that you like or you find them most special of all? Why those 3?
Call of the wild
I like this one..because I'm a big fan of Peruvian music..I love the sound of Pan Pipes

Cheer 4 Germany
Yeah..Word liked it to make something with German songs..but I think I didn't cheered enough,we lost! crybaby.gif haha.gif

Hard in style
This one...I don't know why...I just love it hard (i'm talking bout music...nothing else tongue.gif )

A lot of DJ see you as their inspiration, someone they can learn from. Can you share some mixing tips with those who want to make superb ringtone mix like yours?
Really ?! Who ?! unsure.gif
To be honest,I don't think that I can give useful tips, because my results are mostly the opposite of what I've planned.

You should choose the songs u like. Even if it's not the topic u like, it will always find something good from the bad.

Yes, you are right. As long as you start with something you like, you can't go very wrong. It's the same in making mixes and the others. So what's the phone you are currently using? Let say $$ is not a consideration, what phone will you buy next?
I currently use a HTC Touch 2..but I don't like it. It has too many functions 4 me, I don't need all that stuff. (to be honest..I'm too lazy to read the complete instructions) wallbash.gif

I don't know yet what will be my next phone, but I'm sure it will be a Nokia. They're easy to use..perfect for lazy people like me. whistle.gif

Aha, good old Nokia to the rescue! Besides mixing tunes, what do you do when you are free?
Laughing, relaxing, annoying ppl devil2.gif .......................working crybaby.gif
I organize karaoke parties with my friends, go to pubs & sometimes I go to one of our animal shelters to borrow some dogs to go out 4 a walk.

Wow you have a pretty interesting lifestyle! Thank you for your time, Venessa! If there's anything you'd like to add, go ahead.
Many thanks to u was a honor 4 me to be in this interview notworthy.gif
A really great interview clapping.gif clapping.gif
Nice to know few more things about you Vanessa wow.gif wow.gif
great work thumbsup.gif

and my belated congrats also !
to one of the nicest nasty nasty females here

it's not that we like them, dudes - right ? we just NEED them devil2.gif

Congrats vany clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

And nice to meet you wink.gif
It was a big pleasure to me to read this interview.. clapping.gif
So nice to know more about our Vany happy.gif thumbsup.gif wub.gif
a great interview with a great person smile.gif

thank you AW for this notworthy.gif , and thank you Vanessa for being with us notworthy.gif
wow.gif wow.gif A Classic Interview of My Sweet Sis wub.gif wub.gif Way to Go wow.gif wow.gif
Proud Of U My Dear & Patricia Sis, THANKS A World For Sharing This notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Yeeey, good job sis wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
Love your life style. Perfectly suits lazy people happy.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif (kidding tongue.gif )
Wonderful interview wub.gif wub.gif Great job Patricia wub.gif wub.gif

Finally an interview to read clap.gif Great to know more about one of the finest talents in RC 10.gif Good job with the interview AW thumbsup.gif
I always love these little interviews at M9 smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

It always cheers you up when you get to know someone behind that screen smile.gif

Great job with the interview you guys clapping.gifclap.gifclapping.gifclap.gif

I'd love to read some more interviews wub.gifthumbsup.gifwub.gifthumbsup.gif
@Vanessa great interview sis 10.gif congratulations thumbsup.gif clapping.gif
Great to know more about new legendary dj .
Thanks Alot for this interview wow.gif wow.gif wow.gif
wow.gifwow.gif After so many time we can read an interview of my sweet sis Meow tongue.gif
clap.gif It's great to know more thing about u sis wub.gifwub.gif
Great work by both of u Vany & patricia sis clapping.gifclapping.gif
Awesome Interview clap.gif clap.gif

Nice to meet you Vany wub.gif wub.gif
It is so great knowing more about our dear Vanessa, great interview !!!!!!!!!!!!!
really its a great interview vany wow.gif go go up you sexy girl laugh.gif
well its a great to be a part of rc with vanessa
Great interview! nice to know more about you B clapping.gif clapping.gif
Really Amazed To Know More About Our Sweet Vanessa wub.gif wub.gif
Really A Great Interview clap.gif
Awesome Interview wow.gif and good to know our sweet Vany wub.gif

it was very nice to "meet" u a bit more Vany..... i always want ed to call u Brat, but i didn't sinc we all know the meaning of the word (i think) laugh.gif laugh.gif know that i know the origin of the nick i may sometimes call u like this adding the "z" at the end..... wink.gif wink.gif
it was a very interesting interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i enjoyed it very much.....
Nice to learn a little more about you Vanessa thumbs_up.gif

Uhm ... but I dont know ... should I just post this 1 comment or should I spam this thread? unsure.gif
For some reason I feel like I should be spamming here ... whistle.gif
QUOTE (ArthurWill @ Nov 18 2010, 09:26 PM) *
Aha, good old Nokia to the rescue! Besides mixing tunes, what do you do when you are free?
Laughing, relaxing, annoying ppl devil2.gif .......................working crybaby.gif
I organize karaoke parties with my friends, go to pubs & sometimes I go to one of our animal shelters to borrow some dogs to go out 4 a walk.

ROFL...I LoL-ed so Hard at that...!!

Great Interview clap.gif clap.gif
That's a very nice interview here... Good to know about you little more dear VANY... wub.gif
Awesome Interview
wub.gif wow nice to know abt u vany wub.gif
smile.gif superb interview smile.gif
Hi superrikki from malaysia just a newcomer using nokia 6124 happy with my phone..and to M9er grouphug.gif grouphug.gif
A very nice interview... Good to know about you little more dear wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifthumbsup.gif
i salute thee notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
QUOTE (jolansky @ Jan 16 2011, 01:19 PM) *
i salute thee notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif

Nice to know you. You are indeed one of the greatest.
enchanted to meet u my darelling
kisses and hugges
Great interview clapping.gif thumbsup.gif

@ Vany - Its nice to know a little bit more about you .. thumbsup.gif wub.gif
Really fantastic interview, Congrats and good lucks for dear Venessa
Excellent interview! But who is this Vanessa?? unsure.gif ......Oh! I know! She one of the coolest people I've ever met! wow.gif
laugh.gif tongue.gif
Congratz!!! BratBunny
NICE interview Vany
Nice interview smile.gif
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