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This is the official announcement thread...
Here we'll have announcement for LOT..
All discussion should be continue in LOT discussion thread..
No one is allowed to reply here..

Our first announcement is about joining LOT... Only one condition..

" If you are a member of MOS group than sorry you are not welcome as a member.. You can be an active guest.. That means you are free to visit LOT and do everything like a member.. Only your name will not be listed..And if you want to join in MOS after joining LOT you've to inform about that.. You are free on your will.. I'll remove your name from list.. "

And I've removed all member's name from list whom are member of MOS.. Actually I deleted the LOT deejay group.. Sorry my friends.. grouphug.gif
Hello friends. As I said from tomorrow the party to choose our logo will start..

So some rules...

1. Make a logo as you want...
2. Dimension 150*150 pixel..
3. Give it a name..
4. Describe How it's related to LOT.. And What it express..
5. Use transparent background.. So that it'd be easy to use in sig or somewhere else..

Deadline... 7 September, 0630 GMT...

Post your final here in LOT root thread.. So that in future we can remember your contribution.. And please say that the post is your final..
Like this..

MY Final...
Than post it.. You are free to edit it before the deadline.. But once the deadline pass I'll not accept that.. So please don't be late and try to avoid editing final..

Thanks to all.... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
This is LOT official logo...

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif

Thanks to Petra to create this awesome logo... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
This is important to let you know that from now LOT root thread will be introduced as LOT Discussion thread...
In this thread we'll talk about only LOT related matters..
For other words we have Chit-chat.. So please try to use these threads perfectly...
Thanks a lot...

notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
This is strongly recommended to everyone to not to use native language in forum..
Not in chit-chat or not at any place in LOT..
Everyone has the right to know what is cooking in LOT..
It may be bed or good.. But can't be secret for some particular person...
So we'll not use any other language in forum...
Hope you all follow this.. If not I'll set those post invisible..
Thanks to everyone...
This is announcing to let all of you know that from now we are going to
make music themes too for our theme request project.. For this purpose the MOSians
gonna help us by providing the tone.. Here is official L.O.T Theme Ringtone Request thread.. Only our LOT themers gonna request there for
ringtones in case of a music theme.. Hope it's clear.. If not continue the discussion in discussion thread.. Thanks to all LOT and MOS members for co-operating... notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Today I'm going to announce a promotion in LOT area...
From now Alex bro is officially LOT investigator..
I feel very proud and happy to announce this...
Hope you'll enjoy your new job bro.. notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Here is another announcement also...

So please follow these rules and make the LOT a home for all the themers..

notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Here I'm again to announce something.. From next year (2011) LOT will have a show per month..
In that show LOT will provide a topic and you have to make a theme on that..
Topic will be choosen from discussion in LOT discussion thread or from any special occasion...
In the theme preview you must use the LOT logo.. You may change the color of the logo as you want..
And there will be no contest and no trophy as well.. That just a show..
Every month we'll open a new thread for this.. This themes will be only in those thread in LOT area.. They must not be putted in showroom..
I want all of you to join those show and make it worthy... Hope you will enjoy it..
grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif
Woooowwww.. From now we are having a subforum for LOT theme making party.. So that we can get all party and contest in that place.. We also have a hidden voting space there.. So that whenever we need for voting like we needed for LOT Logo making contest we can use that.. Many thanks to AW for helping us out.. notworthy.gif So you'll found the LOT theme making party -1 thread inside the subforum.. It's here..;showforum=135.. Enjoy it my friends.. grouphug.gif
I like to inform you all that our member list has been modified.. From now there will be no deletion of any member from the list.. If there is any mistake I've done on re-arranging the list please inform me.. I'll fix that as much as possible.. Still there is a regular members list and inactive members list.. There will be a new thread soon in LOT.. In the thread you've to say the reason to stay away from LOT if you need in future.. Than we'll put your name in the inactive list till you return.. When you come back just inform me via PM.. I'll put your name back in regular member list.. Hope it's fine for all of you.. Thank you... grouphug.gif
Seems like I've to use this thread one last time... Sorry for late announcement... This last time I'm writing in this thread to inform you all that LOT has new HOST... Also we've now Manager for party... Introducing to all of you the new LOT Host SANAM & The Party Manager ASAD... Congratulations to both of you.... Good Bye from me... Enjoy your time guys..
Welcome our new LOT party manager PAWEŁ


From April , applies only this new banner! - Please insert all the code with the link!!!. Not just a picture (click on the banner must open forum LOT-Party!... this is a forum of presentation of our business )...... THANK YOU!!!



14 July 2015 have been revised rules of voting in contests LOT!..

* Now they can vote *
- Participants who taking part in contest,
- all the Members of LOT,
- Administrators, Managers,
- Holders of any badge acquired in LOT,
- Rising Themer/Gifted Themer/Certified Themer/Legendary Themer!!!..

clap.gifWith happy to announce: clap.gif

Starting from March 22, 2016 all entrants in the competitions
Regardless the outcome of the vote additionally receive:
1 "credit"
in profile after ended each contest
Provided that participant:
will take share in the competition,
correctly will vote
and will not be disqualified..

clapping.gif grouphug.gif clapping.gif

wub.gif Thank you! wub.gif
yeongshing, Galina53, idias_1,
mangotango7, protsenko2006 and Zuza_987

thumbsup.gif for your active support my initiative. thumbsup.gif
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