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Topic : Ramp Walk
Description : Make A Mix That One Would Hear At A Fashion Show
Topic : Cardio
Description : As We Know Most People Have A Habit Of Listening To Music While They Workout In The Gym.
So Make A Mix That Would Suit That Kind Of Atmosphere
Topic- Female voice
Description-make a mix of female pop or rock songs.
restriction-no male voice.
Topic: Duet "duets are songs that have individual compositions set to be sung by a boy as well as a girl."
Description: Make a MiX from Duets Song.
Restriction: None
I got the idea wow.gif but the band Scorpions thumbsup.gif
Topic: Mix about girl
Description: Make a lyrics mix about girl whom you like most
Restriction - any music not matter its hard or melody but lyrics should be main about girl
Topic: "Dedicated to Japan"
Description: Make a Mix from a song would you like to dedicate to the people of Japan in this time of crisis. Like example:-
* Whip my hair by Willow Smith
* Mr Brightside by The Killers
* Traveling soldier by Dixie chicks
* Firework by Katy perry
* Pray by Justin Bieber
* Fix You - Coldplay
* Other: We are the world, Keep your head up, Hold my my hand, Earth song, Heal the world

Restriction: None
Topic : House
Description : Mix Songs Of The House Genre
forget about Michael Jackson
can make RC a memory of his byebye.gif
Topic : Jazz music , acid Jazz
Restriction: None
Pan Pipes,Pipes whistle.gif
Indian music,American natives
TOPIC: ROMANTIC GUITAR smile.gif clap.gif

I hope it work in the slection of topics:)
Topic: katy perry
Description: Make mix using tracks from katty perry
Restriction - allowed to use ft tracks too
Topic: Female singers
Description: Make mix using tracks from Female singers
Restriction - only females no male
Topic: -> Metal punk.gif
Topic-Hard rock
Description- make a mix of hard rock of any band.
Restriction-English songs only
Topic: Celebrations
Description: Make mix of celebrations like marriage , birthday , festival , samba anything relating to festival
Restriction - no remix versions
Topic: Folk'a'Rock

Description: Make a mix , with a folk classical instrument and any other rock song. One Folk Instrument is must, and should be clearly audible.

Restrictions: One folk song instrument is must. And you have to mention the name of the instrument
Topic- Bagpipes
Description- Main part of the tune must be bagpipes.
No restrictions.
Topic: "Hands-up"
Description: make a mix of the songs of this music style
Topic : Mother

Description : Make mix with songs that has mother in title or lyrics or showing your love for your mother.

suggests the band  "A-Ha"

rock hip hop gathering.gif
QUOTE (christina86 @ Aug 27 2010, 03:10 PM) *
In this thread you can suggest topics for the next ringtone challenges.

  • Only one topic per post BUT that doesn't mean that spamming will be allowed.
  • Please be specific about your suggested theme - give us some examples
  • Other comments/posts aren't allowed
  • It's not necessary to be a RC participant to post your ideas here
  • At each week's voting booth, participants will be able to pick a theme from this thread or post one, like you did so far, straight to the voting booth. RC managers will decide the topic which will be held each week

For any questions please use the chatterbox

walkman.gif in my opinion,,,, nice to be a combination of reggae music and electro dance. . There is no such original music and songs of this type of connection, and it raises the bar, and I'm curious what will come out and you,,... what you think about it walkman.gif
topic - "songs for children"
topic-smile of an infant
Topic: sports
Description: Make mix of sports relating songs
Restriction - no remix & pick only one sport like i will pick cricket
Topic: Ambient music. "a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbral characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric",[2] "visual"[3] or "unobtrusive" quality."
Description: Make a MiX from an Ambient Music.
Restriction : None.
Here is my little suggestion for RC Topic..:shy:
Topic :Honour to Winners!
Description : Every participants must use winning entries of our gr8 RC Journey till today by rework on that entry by adding their creative work..thumbsup.gif
Restriction :Only RC winning 1,2,3 entries mix allowed to rework
@christy ;it is on urs to decide which RC ENTRY! to be chosen wub.gif
Topic: Female voice
Description: Make a mix of the songs sung by females only.
Restriction:No male voice.. simple
Topic: Singer Inna
Use any of her songs/remixes
Restrictions: only Inna's songs and remixes smile.gif
Topic: Sylver

original or the remix

Topic: Ballroom Dance Styles
Description: Make a mix using any one or different Ballroom Dance Styles eg. ChaCha, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Swing, Waltz, Hustle, Foxtrot, Mambo, Merengue
Restrictions: Strictly Ballroom Style
Topic: 90's Eurodance

Description: Make a mix out of Eurodance songs from the 90's.

Restiction: Only originals tracks to be used, no remixes allowed!

Helpful links: Link1 Link2

Reason for edit : RC week 378
Topic: Metallica
Description-pick up any song of your choice and make a electronic mix
Topic : National music
Destription: Make a mix of a national music, chose what country you will represent (dont must be the own) like
"Country music" in USA or "Samba music" from Brazil..

Thx if you chose my suggestion thumbsup.gif
Topic: Lyrics
Description: Make mix using meaning full songs contains good lyrics
Restriction - no bad words , mix should sound only melody or classy , no sound effects allowed
Topic: Hip-Hop
Description: Make mix using tracks from Hip-Hop
Restriction - No Remix versions
Topic : Legendary RC DJ

Description : Make mix using mixes from RC Legendary DJs clapping.gif
Topic: Reagge
Destription: Make a mix of Reagge music, like songs from Bob Marley, Damian Marley !

walkman.gif BUGGY DANCE MUSIC walkman.gif

clap.gif Do mix in the style of dance buggy clap.gif

weightlift.gif BIG GHALLENGE weightlift.gif

ddr.gif ddr.gif ddr.gif
Topic : hardstyle ! wink.gif
Topic: 3 Random Songs.
Description: make a mix with any 3 songs must be 3 no more no less.
Restriction: only Original, No Remixed versions of the songs.
Topic: Muse (artist)
Description: Make a mix out of Muse's songs...
Topic: vivaldi 4 seasons
Topic: IBIZA
Destription : make a song that inkludes IBIZA in the vocals or in the song Name
Topic: Classical
Destroption: Make a mix with diferent Classicla song like Mozart
Topic: Feel Good
Destription: Make a mix from lazy songs like songs from Bob Marley...
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