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Full Version: Wpc Over The Years
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WPC over the years

Hola to my homies! Few things in life remain constant, and few things in M9 have changed as much as WPC over the years. So what I decided to do was dig deep, use my special ‘powers’ that gives me access to M9’s secret treasure chest of information locked behind seven levels of encrypted code and bring you all the dirty little secrets about WPC devil2.gif

Note: though I am included in a part of the story, you can expect an unbiased, factual and informative post throughout.

First there was the beginning
WPC was the brainchild of Patricia (Arthurwill) and possibly Patrick. And it seems Rikard_Sweden (currently inactive) had some hand in its formation too. I could bring you all the little conversations, of course, but I am not allowed to by the M9 rules (talk about secrecy! sad.gif ) So suffice to say that after a lengthy discussion, the first WPC week was started on January 7, 2007. It’s been just about 3 and a half years since WPC started….it’s still a baby!

About Rikard
All I personally know about Rikard is from what I read about him on M9. You can see his posts by clicking HERE. He left M9 before I came (of course…else I would never have been the WPC manager! But we will get to that in a minute). But there’s one thing I can say about him- he was the perfect first leader for WPC. He had everything a leader needs to have – charm, wit and decision making abilities. Most of the first WPC rules were framed by him or under his consultancy. He gave WPC a great start!

And then he left
For all my searches, I couldn’t find the reason why he left. One post he is leading the WPC competition, the next he is just saying hi in the next WPC competition. No discussion in between about leaving M9. Whatever happened, the first switch over for WPC was a swift one. AzureSephiroth, one of the heads of Hazard Blue, took over. He stayed at the helm for four weeks. Apart from a new manager, WPC saw no major changes in this period.

Enter DeZal
AzureSephiroth left just as abruptly as he came. Blame the college schedule of youngsters these days! DeZal pounced upon the opportunity and became the new face of WPC. He stayed in business from Week 27 to Week 87. That’s a long period! Then he left, just like everyone before (and after) him, due to a lack of time.

It is saddening to acknowledge that towards the end of his term, WPC was getting just 3-5 entries a week, and the future of the competition looked in severe doubt. In his entire term, WPC never moved beyond 9 participants (Week 42) due to a lack of awareness and lesser members on Mobile9 itself. DeZal deserved more than that, for sure.

BoxieBlue on Board
Next in line was… me. I was already the gallery mod at that time and I let the admins know of my intent of becoming the WPC manager. I am not too sure of what went on during that period (it’s the truth!) but for some reason, the admins thought I was up to the task and made me the new manager. From this point on, I will refer to myself in third person just to maintain consistency in this post.

The first week BoxieBlue managed was Week 89. That marked the beginning of WPC’s growth over the next weeks. Somehow, participants seemed to drop in from nowhere. It is possible that AW’s renewed interested in getting WPC out of the dumps might have played a role in this.

The one thing BoxieBlue loved to do was make changes. His first post as the WPC manager? Here is how it began:

Hello everyone, and welcome to WPC Week 89. This is the week BoxieBlue takes over! And your new manager brings with him a completely new format and new rules.

Changes in the first ever week! He later proceeded to make WPC fully democratic with topics like Member Opinion and others. And introduced some ideas, like ‘continuous weeks’ that speeded up the WPC process.

Formation of The WPC Team
BoxieBlue seemed to realize he wouldn’t be around forever and he needed to nurture the next WPC manager. So he formed a team consisting of Sam1374, rhtz, sp0rtskiller03 and elaginn. Out of these, sp0rtskiller03 went on to become the next WPC manager. The Team, meant to be like the undercover police, never really took off. One of the many failures of BoxieBlue’s period.

Sp0rtskiller03 and the decline of the Blue age
Sp0rtskiller, from the start, showed himself to be an eager manager. It was clear that he enjoyed his job and was excited to be at the top. He had a lot to learn when he first came around but he was instantly loved by the participants. Over the next few weeks, BoxieBlue started entrusting more and more responsibilities to sp0rtskiller and eventually went into a kind of hibernative state. It became clear that sp0rtskiller was taking over WPC entirely, a fact confirmed by BoxieBlue’s official semi-retirement notice.
Sp0rtskiller loved to make changes just as much as his predecessor. WPC changed again. A lot of times. The WPC of today is barely recognizable when compared the WPC of former days. Changes were done and undone, and then re-done. Sp0rtskiller, it seems, wanted a perfect WPC.

Your mother kept a watch too
In between, after BoxieBlue went into semi-retirement, sp0rtskiller got your_mother on board to help out. WPC had become too big for one person to handle alone. Over the period when sp0rtskiller, and later your_mother, were ruling WPC, the number of participants fluctuated wildly. It went from 20+ to about 7, and then back up. Your_mother quit soon complaining of a lack of time. M9 is addictive, isn’t it?

Yet another one disappears
Sp0rtskiller disappeared all too suddenly. One day he was here, the next he was not. He later explained that he was grounded at home and not allowed to use the internet. WPC needed new managers immediately.

But where are all the leaders?
There was a lot of eagerness amongst everyone to become the next manager. But there was no perfect leader. A manager needs to be nurtured over time and at the time, there were few people who could make WPC grow further. And i mean this is the most respectable manner. The participants were eager and excited about leadership, but they were not prepared.
The process took more than a few weeks. In the meantime, RC managers Pantoflica and Christina readily stepped in to take control of the competition. They brought with them their charm and ready wit (pantoflica also brought her whip.gif of course). After days of deliberation, the admins finally announced the new managers: kewlone and mohib-rameen. Both of are pretty qualified individuals and, as we near the end of the tale, here’s hoping that they last longer than the previous managers!

That’s about it
That’s about all the information I have! So I am going to end this long post right here and wave goodbye! byebye.gif Hope you enjoyed it.

Wow..... Glad I am alive to hear this sweet-sour history... I Pray the WPC goes on and On and ON.... grouphug.gif
wow nice story
hahaha haha.gif
Honestly, I actually already knew about this,
I've known m9 since 2006, and I had just joined the business in 2009
I still remember my first visit in M9.
When I was a guest
On the forum I only see a few contests,
Namely TMC And STC .

but I think this story is very interesting smile.gif
And in 2011 some madman, who doesnt like the rules, goes on a WPC killing spree
and the WPC finally comes to an end ...

QUOTE (CrazEric @ Jul 31 2010, 12:38 PM) *
And in 2011 some madman, who doesnt like the rules, goes on a WPC killing spree
and the WPC finally comes to an end ...

so...CE will be the next WPC manager ...........devil2.gif

@Boxi bro .............

intresting story............... thumbsup.gif Great effort .............. 10.gif thumbsup.gif Hope u will be back soon as a senior manager.......thumbsup.gif
Nice story of WPC. I didn't know it but now i glad to know.
so where are kewlone and mohib unsure.gif have you seen them, CrazEric? I hope not laugh.gif
QUOTE (p.snp @ Jul 31 2010, 10:57 AM) *
so...CE will be the next WPC manager ...........devil2.gif

No way tongue.gif
if I became manager there would be a lot going on here ..
but very little to do with wallpapers laugh.gif laugh.gif

QUOTE (boxieblue @ Jul 31 2010, 11:30 AM) *
so where are kewlone and mohib unsure.gif have you seen them, CrazEric? I hope not laugh.gif

No ... innocent until proven guilty wink.gif
@boxie ...i am arround and watching over all....
BTW: great to read all the history of wpc and let you one thing to know that i will not let wpc to the end level...
we will do our best,
Great story clapping.gifclapping.gif May WPC will go forever...
Great journey WPC... grouphug.gif
Nice to know more about WPC , the point is that we all never let WPC end or die!!!!! so that was very important.

@ Boxie >>>Thank You for giving us an opportunity. Mohib and I will never let you (admins) down and definitely work hard to keep it going thumbsup.gif hopefully for a much longer time!!!!! Thanks for believing in us. wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
wow nice memory 10.gif grouphug.gif
Thanks for sharing this ups and downs history of WPC

WPC forever 10.gif grouphug.gif rules.gif
It is really nice story.
Lovely story B.B. smile.gif clapping.gif

It is really fascinating to know about this big boy(W.P.C.) wink.gif

I think you should make a movie on it wink.gif laugh.gif
Nice story of WPC. I didn't know it but now i glad to know. grouphug.gif 10.gif
Everybody referred this as a STORY, but I didn't find it like a story.... The time I was reading this the only thing which I could feel & visualize was that the amount of emotion attached & poured in this column, its a privilege for me to know all these.... Personally, I hate to bid good-bye, departing or leaving something forever, is soul shattering experience for me, I know how it feels when the last manager departs, administratively, no change, one goes, one joins, but had anybody ever felt bout that departed person, not the manager designated fellow, the person, the human being, there might hav been his friends out here, who also left m9 forever, missing him.... Just for say, now enna & mohib bro r managers in wpc, they r in such a big post, but still when they interact wid us, it feels like they r our childhood pal, no pride, no show off.....They both r already living in our heart, so when any one of them retires or leave m9, wil u b same, I CAN'T & WILL NOT BE FOR SURE!! So, I pray to GOD that till my last breadth these managers stay here & giv us more opportunities for making a mark in their heart!!
well said Ben clapping.gif even i didnt feel its a story wink.gif its something which i didnt know , im glad Boxie took this initiative and introduced the ups and downs in the entire history of WPC, yeah as time passes , things change , people come and go, the most important thing is it should continue and never end , should be a memoriable experience for everybody. i believe we all cherish these memories wink.gif

and thanks for appreciating Ben , personally i would like to say this " i feel we are like a family in WPC" wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif and i truly love you all and want to see more talent here thumbsup.gif and without my friends help it wouldnt be possible , so rock on guys rockon.gif
Thanks Princess! Thanks for appreciating my comment.... I really mean my every words....Thanks
great story.thanks for sharing with us clap.gif
@eliasjan :don't post two or more then two replies in a row(double post is not allowed)

me to agree with ben 10.gif
QUOTE (sonyd @ Oct 12 2010, 03:54 AM) *
Great Info. Bro.

gathering.gif i say its nice to read about the brief background note on how this WPC started.its certainly growing and beginning to mature with creative artists taking part in the carry on and make the most of it.we are all a family not only in this particular section.but,as m9ers. hats off to you all.
QUOTE (CrazEric @ Jul 31 2010, 09:08 AM) *
And in 2011 some madman, who doesnt like the rules, goes on a WPC killing spree
and the WPC finally comes to an end ...

And here he is....!!! haha.gif
Its good to know about, how it started and who carried out these.
as we are the part of M9 and we are proud to be.. clap.gif
wow ,nice story

Really a long time !!!!!!! clap.gif grouphug.gif gathering.gif
clap.gif great brief history ......... clap.gif

hoping me become manager day .....!
ofcourse you will happy.gif wow.gif after i retire vampire.gif laugh.gif

thank you wub.gif
Great journey of WPC.

and Good luck sagar
Really a Great History of WPC loved to know about WPC ... wub.gif

san-sagar .... Same hope Here. wink.gif

Enna ... You are really nice Manager don't think of retire wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

but, i would really like to be a Manager. vampire.gif smile.gif
wow, nice story bro clap.gif byebye.gif
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