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AFAIK -- As Far As I Know
AFK -- Away from keyboard
Alwz -- Always
ASL -- Age, sex, location
ASAP -- As soon as possible
ATB -- All the best
ATK -- At the keyboard
ATM -- At the moment
A3 -- Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

B -- Be
B4 -- Before
B4N -- Bye for now
BCNU -- Be seeing you
BAK -- Back at keyboard
BBL -- Be back later
BCNU -- Be seeing you
BBS -- Be back soon
BF -- Boyfriend
BFN/B4N -- Bye for now
BFz4evr -- Best friends forever
BHL8 -- Be home late
BIL -- Boss is listening
BN -- Been
BOL - Best of luck
BRB -- Be right back
BRBGP -- Be right back gotta pee
BRT -- Be right there
BTW -- By the way
B4N -- Bye for now
BYTS - -by talalsrilanka

C -- See
CU -- See you
CUB L8R -- Call you back later
CU@ -- See you at
CUL -- See you later
CYA -- See you around, See ya
CMi -- Call me
CMON -- Come On
CUB L8R -- Call you back later
CUL8R -- See you later
CYR BOS -- Call Your Boss
CYR BRO -- Call your brother
CYR H -- Call your husband
CYR MA -- Call your mother
CYR OFIS -- Call your office
CYR PA -- Call your father
CYR SIS -- Call your sister
CYR WF -- Call your wife

Dk -- Don't know
DNR - Dinner
doN -- Doing
Dur? -- Do you remember

# E2EG : Ear to ear grin

# EOD : End of discussion

# EOL : End of lecture

# Evry1 : Everyone

# Ezy : Eazy

# 4 : For/four

# 4get : Forget

# 4N : Foreign

# 4e : Forever

# FCOL : For crying out loud

# F2F : Face to face

# F2T : Free to talk

# FITB : Fill in the blanks

# FAQ : Frequently asked questions

# FC : Fingers crossed

# FOC : Free of charge

# FOMCL : Fell out of my chair laughing

# FWIW : For what it's worth

# 4YEO : For your eyes only

# FYA : For your amusement

# FYI : For your information

# GAL : Get a life

# GF : Girlfriend

# GFN : Gone for now

# GG : Good game

# GTG : Got to go

# GTH : Go to hell!

# GMTA : Great minds think alike

# GR8 : Great!

# Grr! : Angry

# G9 : Genius

# GTSY : Glad/great to see you

# GSOH : Good salary, own home

# GUDLUK : Good luck

# H2 : How to

# H2CUS : Hope to see you soon

# HUH : Have you heard?

# H8 : Hate

# HAGN : Have a good night

# HAND : Have a nice day

# HldMeCls : Hold me close

# HHIS : Hanging head in shame

# HHOK : Ha! Ha! Only kidding!

# HHOS : Ha! Ha! Only serious!

# HRU : How are you?

# Ht4U : Hot for you

# HTH : Hope that helps

# H&K : Hugs and kisses
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JstCLMe -just call me
KIT -keep in touch
L8 -late
L8R -later
LETA –letter
LOL -laugh out loud
LstinU -lost in you
LtsGt2gthr -let’s get together
MGB -may god bless
MkeMyDaSa+! -make my day, say yes
Mob -mobile
MYOB -mind your own business
NE -any
NE1 -anyone
NO1 -no-one
MO -moment
OIC -oh, I see
OTOH -on the other hand
PCM -please call me
PLS -please
PPL -people
R -are
ResQMe -rescue me
RMB -ring my bell
RU? -are you?
RUOK? -are you okay (ok)
Salt&ILDoIT -say it & I’ll do it
SETE -Smiling ear to ear
SIT -stay in touch
SO -significant other
SOH -sense of humour
SOHF -sense of humour failure
SOME1 -someone
SRy -sorry
SYS -see you soon
TDTU -totally devoted to you
THNQ -thank you
Thx -thanks
Ti2GO -time to go
TTFN -ta ta for now
TTYL8R -talk to you later
TWIMC -to whom it may concern
U -you
UCnDoMgic -you can do magic
UdoSumthn2Me -you do something to me
UR -you are
WAN2 -want to
WAN2TLK? -want to talk
WenCnICUAgn? -when can I see you again?
WER R U? -where are you?
WRT -with respect to
WTTW -word to the wise
WUWH -wish you were here
XLNT -excellent
Xclusvly Yas -exclusively yours
Y? -why?
YBS -you’ll be sorry

When I go through my friends SMS messages and email messages several times, I have noticed that they send me message with some “coding” words which are meanigful words rathar than bogus.

I love to share those words that I have acquired from my friends messages and internet. The CODE words and Meaning are available below. Do your comments to me on this post.. Keep sending messages!! :-)

2DAY -today
2MORO -tomorrow
2NITE -to night
AAM -as a matter of fact
AFAIC -as far as i know
AKA -also known as
ALOrO -all or nothing
AML -as soon as possilbe
ATB -all the best
B4 -before
BBFN -bye bye for now
BCNU -be seeing you
BFN -bye for now
BRB -be right back
BTW -by the way
BYKT -but you knew that
CMIIW -correct me if i’m wrong
CU -see you
CUL8R -see you later
CYA -see ya
4EVRYRS -for ever yours
EOL -end of lecture
F2T -free to talk
FITB -fill in the blank
FWIW -for what it’s worth
FYI -for your information
GAO -glad all over
Gr8 -great
GSOH -good salary, own home
GSOH -good sense of humour
GTSY -glad to see you
H8 -hate
HAGN -have a good night
HAND -have a nice day
HTH -hope this helps
IAC -in any case
ICQ – I Seek You
IDK -I don’t know
IIRC -if I recall correctly
IMHO -in my humble opinion
IMNSHO -in my not so humble opinion
IOW -in other words
IYKWIN -If you know what i mean
IYSS -if you say so

I will post more SMS codes tommarrow! Keep in touch!!
great...thanx buddy...... thumbsup.gif
Chat, E-Mail, Web, and chat room slang and acronyms

AAK Alive And Kicking
AAR At Any Rate
AAS Alive And Smiling
ADN Any Day Now
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From the Keyboard
AFN that's All For Now
AOTA All Of The Above
a/s/l or asl Age/Sex/Location - (used to ask a chatter their personal information)
AV Avatar - Graphical representation (a picture) often used in chat rooms to depict a person that is in the room and chatting.
b4 Before
BAK Back At Keyboard (I'm back)
BBL Be Back Later
BBS Be Back Soon
BCNU I'll Be Seeing You.
b/f Boyfriend (also shown as bf, B/F, or BF)
BEG Big Evil Grin
BFN Bye For Now
BMA Bite My A** (became popular with the Simpson's cartoon show)
boot To get kicked out of a chat room, or have to restart the computer because you couldn't talk in the chat room anymore.
BR Best Regards
BRB Be Right Back
BRH Be Right Here
BSEG Big S**t Eatin Grin
BTA But Then Again....
BTW By The Way
btw BeTWeen you and me ...
chat room A web page where people gather using software that allows them to talk to one another in real time.
CRS Can't Remember S**t
CU See You - also posted as cya
CUS Can't Understand S**t (stuff)
CNP Continued in Next Post (seen more on message boards than chat)
CP Chat Post
CUL8R See You Later
CUOL See You On Line
CYA See Ya
dd, ds, dh Darling or Dear: Dear Son, Dear Daughter, or Dear Husband. Usually exchanged in family chats.
DDSOS Different Day, Same Old S**t
DEGT Don't Even Go There (I don't want to talk about it)
DIKU Do I Know You?
DIS Did I Say
D/L, DL, d/l, dl Downloading, or Download it.
EG Evil Grin
EM E-Mail
EMA E-mail Address (example: ?ema or ema? = what is your email address)
EOT End Of Thread (meaning end of discussion)
ez or EZ easy (one of the really old ones)
F2F Face To Face
FAQ Frequently Asked Question
FISH First In Still Here (someone who is on line TOO much)
FITB Fill In The Blanks
flame to insult someone. Used when a person asks a stupid question, or says something rude to irritate the users of a chat room or message board.
FOCL Falling Off Chair - Laughing
forum What todays message boards are called. Often using php as defining language to quickly write 'real time' messages and replies to a web site (or page)
FTS F*** This S***
fu f*** you (If you can't figure this one out, you shouldn't be on line)
FUBAR "Fouled" Up Beyond All Repair / Recognition
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYI For Your Information
GA Go Ahead
GAL Get A Life
gest Gesture ... a small multimedia file played over the internet, usually expressing an emotion or comment.
g/f Girlfriend (also shown as gf, G/F, or GF)
GFN Gone For Now
GGOH Gotta Get Outta Here
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
GR Gotta Run
GR&D Grinning, Running, and Ducking.
GTR Got To Run
GTRM Going To Read Mail (leaving chat room to check email)
H&K Hugs and Kisses
hack person who breaks into software, or disrupts a chat room.
HAGD Have A Good Day
HAGO Have A Good One
Halsoft Name of a company that purchased the brand of Chat that Excite offered, now a pay as you go service.
HB Hurry Back
Hosts Refers to the people that are running the chat room, they usually have the ability to kick a person off due to rude behavior.
HTH Hope That Helps
huggles Hugs
IAC In Any Case
IB I'm Back
IC I See
IDN I Don't kNow
IDK I Don't Know
IDTS I Don't Think So
IANAL I'm Am Not A Lawyer (expect an uninformed opinion)
IC I See
ICQ I Seek You. A computer program used to communicate instantly over the Internet.
ILU or ILY I Love You
IM Instant Message
IMHO In My Humble Opinion (or In My Honest Opinion)
IMO In My Opinion
IOH I'm Out of Here
IOW In Other Words
IRL In Real Life
IYO In Your Opinion
JAS Just A Second
JIC Just In Case
JK Just Kidding
JMO Just My Opinion
JW Just Wondering
k, K, or kk O. K.
KIT Keep In Touch
L8R Later (an early one, kind of outdated with current 'young geeks')
LMAO Laughing My a** Off
LFFAO Laughing My F***(freaking) a** Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud
LTNS Long Time No See
LTS Laughing To ones Self
LY I Love Ya.
LYL Love You Lots
Message Board. A web page where people write comments, and those comments are than added to that web-page for others to view. Used to carry on conversation, request information, and relay messages.
MUG Refers to a new user of that chat program, goes back to Excite VP days when the AV (or icon) that represented someone new was a picture of a coffee mug.
NE1 Anyone
newbie refers to a person who is new to an area or technology. Also seen as nube, nooby, nubie, nb, etc.
NFW No Feasible (or F***ing) Way
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
nm, or NM Never Mind
NP, np No Problem
NRN 1. No Response Necessary
2. Not Right Now
NT No Thanks
OBTW Oh, By The Way.
OIC Oh, I See
OF Old Fart, someone who has been around for a while.
OJ or OK Only Joking or Only Kidding
OL the Old Lady
OM the Old Man
OMG Oh My Gosh (although it's usually used with the Lords name in place of "gosh")
OT Off Topic
oth or OTH Off The Hook: Something is really popular, or hot. Very exciting.
otr or OTR Off The Rack: Saying that something is outside the ordinary.
OTE Over The Edge (beyond common sense or beyond good taste)
OTOH On The Other Hand ...
OTOMH Off the Top of My Head ...
OTW On The Way ... I've sent a file to you, it's "On the way"
P911 My parents are in the room. P=Parents, and 911=emergency, in other words either drop the subject, or watch the language.
PANS Pretty Awesome New Stuff (often referring to computer technology)
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Cards International Association
PCMCIA People Can't Master Computer Industry Acronyms (slang)
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
peeps People. example: "There sure are a lot of peeps in this room" - meaning a lot of people are in the chat room.
peep this Hey, listen to this, I've got some interesting news.
PITA Pain In The a**
PLZ Please
PMJI Pardon Me for Jumping In (when you enter into a new conversation)
poof when someone leaves a chat room, often seen as *poof* as in boy he *poofed* in a hurry.
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
POS Parents are looking Over my Shoulder.
POTS Parents Over The Shoulder - (My parents are watching, I can't really talk)
PPL People
QT Cutie
RFC Request For Comments (used more in newsgroups, a page or pages that supply technical information)
rl or RL Real Life (as opposed to being online)
r m or RM Ready Made: pre-existing
ROFL Rolling On Floor, Laughing
ROTF Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My a** Off
ROTFLMFAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing F(***ing) My a** Off
RSN Real Soon Now
r/t Real Time (also: RT, or rt)
RTFM Read The "Flippin" Manual (response to beginner question on net, chat, newsgroups, etc.)
RU aRe yoU?
SEG s*** Eating Grin
SH Same Here
SMS Short Message Service (more cell phones and pagers than chat rooms and the Internet)
SN Screen Name. The name or moniker selected by person in an IM or chat program. ex: My "SN" in vp was "-lone.wolf"
SNAFU Situation Normal, All "Fouled" Up
SO Significant Other
SOL s*** Out Of Luck
SOS Same Old S**t (stuff)
SOTA State Of The Art (latest technology)
SPST Same Place, Same Time
SSDD Same S**t, Different Day
STR8 Straight (can refer to sex, or DSTR8 as in Damn Straight)
STW Search The Web
SY Sincerely Yours
SYL See You Later
TAFN That's All For Now
TC Take Care
TFH Thread From Hell (a topic or discussion that won't stop - esp. newsgroups)
TGIF Thank Goodness It's Friday
THX Thanks!
TIA Thanks In Advance
TM Text Message (often refers to communications with text over cell phones)
TMI Too Much Info. (information)
TNT 'Til Next Time
TPS That's Pretty Stupid
TPTB The Powers That Be (can sometimes refer to the people that are running the chat room or server)
TRDMF Tears Running Down My Face: Can be with either laughter, or due to saddness.
TS Tough S**t
TSFY Tough S**t For You
TTFN Ta-Ta For Now
TTTT These Things Take Time
TTYL Talk To You Later
TY Thank You
TYT Take Your Time
TYVM Thank You Very Much
VPPH Virtual Places Page Host
US You Suck
usa or USA Until Sides Ache: Usually used with one of the laughter acronyms such as "lolusa" Laughing Out Loud Until my Sides Ache. I've also heard that some folks substitute ush for "Until Sides Hurt". rotflolush = rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, until my sides hurt.
UV Unpleasant Visual
UW yoU're Welcome
UY Up Yours
vp or VP Virtual Places: A brand of chat offered by Excite in the late 90s and early 2000.
WB Welcome Back (you say this when someone returns to a chat room)
WC WelCome
WEG Wicked Evil Grin
WEU What's Eating You?
WFM Works For Me
WIIFM What's In It For Me?
WTG Way To Go
WTF What The F**K
WT? What The ...? or Who the ...?
WTGP? Want To Go Private? (move to a private chat room)
WWJD What Would Jesus Do?
YAA Yet Another Acronym
YBS You'll Be Sorry
YL Young Lady
YM Young Man
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YR Yea, Right. (sarcastic)
*ys* You Stinker
YVW You're Very Welcome
YW You're Welcome

Emoticons: (symbols used to display feeling)

Note: For these little things called "emoticons" Often the idea is to turn your head sideways, and it makes a picture on a lot of the smiley faces. ;-) for example where the ; (semi-colon) are the eyes, the - is the nose, and the ) is the mouth. Also, you see some people use the hyphen (-) to show the nose, while others will show the same expression without the nose. Example: ;-) and wink.gif signify the same thing.

*s*, *S*, <s>, = smile *g*, <g> = grin xoxo = hugs and kisses huggggggsssss = hugs
*w*, <w> = wink *g*, = giggles *k*, *K* = kiss ;-)~~~~~~~~ = giving someone the raspberries.
(((((person))))) = giving them a virtual hug. \~/ = glass with a drink. (usually booze) ^5 = high five ?^ = What's Up?
\_/? = a cup of tea [_]> + Cup of coffee @@@ = Cookies @--/-- = a rose
:-) .. smile ;-) ... wink <:-| ... curious :~) ... cute
:-( ... sad 8-) ... wears glasses :-} ... embarrassed :-/ ... perplexed, confused
:,-( ..or ;`-( .... to cry :-< ... pouting >:-( ... angry 0:-) ... angel
:-| ... bored or no opinion :-> ... grin/mischievous | -) ... dreaming :-O ... shouting, or shocked
:-o ... talking, or surprised >:-|| ... mad / angry :-D ... big grin or laugh =:-O ... scared
:-x ... keeping mouth shut ohmy.gif) ... smiles (w/nose) :-))))))) ... lots of smiles ;-P ... sticking tongue out
tongue.gif ... sticking tongue out
# 8 - ) ... nerd, or or person with glasses and crew cut. &-( ... crying !:-) .. I have an idea ;-{ ) ... person with a mustache
;-)~ ... sexy tongue - or drunk ;~) ... being cute c["] ... coffee mug [_]> ... another cup or mug
:-> ... grin/mischievous <:-| ... curious |-| ... sound asleep :-x .. I'm keeping my mouth shut

Another few side notes:

0 can be O or vice versa, (the letter and the number are often interchangeable)
1 = won or one, (1dr = wonder)
2 = too, to, or two,
3 = the letter E, (so 's33 U' means See you)
4 = for, four, or a prefix of suffix of 'fore. (b4 = before, 4warned = forewarned),
8 is usually either a pair of eyes, glasses, or ate, although it gets used a lot for making pictures,
9 is a good thing (he was dressed to the 9s means he was all dressed up),
B = be,
C = see, (IC means I see)
G = gee,
K = OK, (so k, or kk means I'm OK)
M = am,
N = in,
O = oh,
R = Are,
U = You,
g = grin,
s = smile,

A few more quick notes on how this "slang and lingo" is created:
They can be put together in many different ways. Also, you will find some kids mixing numbers in with letters, so if you see:
"h3 l3Ft" substitute the 3 with an E, forget about the caps, and you have "he left".
You will also notice 2 odd items,
1. people tend to extend letters in chat rooms to convey emotion, so HEYYYYYYYY BILLLLLLLL, simply means someone is expressing a lot of emotion in saying hello to Bill.
2. Vowels get left out a lot in chat, and that's wrd. (in this case, weird, although I've seen it mean word)
And lastly, you will see the letter z everywhere. Usually it replaces s or es (the plural of something)
i.e.: 2 many billz = I have too many bills. Although that z gets tossed around a lot, as in hugzzzz, thankz, huggelzzzz, kkz, for OK, etc. Stick with it a while, and you'll be able to catch most of it.

There are also a few terms used with the text messaging more than in chat rooms. Since my generation doesn't really do a lot of that, I only know a few of them:
1040 means you owe me big time (tax form?... get it?)
86 means you're done, or we are outta here.
747 means let's fly, or we're leaving.
360 means I love you back, or right back at you.

143 means I love you (don't ask me why) Thanks to Tom Weiss and his better half for the answer to this one. Tom says that his lady informed him that
[1=I, 4=Love, and 3=You]
so the meaning comes from the number of letters in each word. Thanks Tom.

% is usually to replace the double o 'oo' , as in T%K means took,
& replaces 'and' so b& would be band,
Other than that I am not real up to date with the SMS lingo.

I'm sure there is a ton of this lingo I don't know (hey, the kids have to have some things to themselves). This is not the "be all end all" of acronyms, lingo, and slang, only the terms I've heard and seen posted. Most of this slang refers to chat room short hand, message board and forum posts, Instant Message programs, or text messaging with cell phones. But as I become privy to it, I'll pass it along. You are welcome to send me any I don't have, perhaps I'll post it. That about wraps thing up for now, so ......

tc bye from Talalsrilanka.
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