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Full Version: "i Want To Be A Billionaire" Ring Tone
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I am not sure how to make ring tones, but I am looking for the "I want to be a billionaire" ring tone. I found some during my search but its not the part i want as a ring tone and the two I did find that started with "I want to be a billionaire" has the word fu8king and I would rather have the one that uses freaking bad rather then the other F word. Is there anyone that can help me with this or make this ring tone? Thanks
Hey there Tvares byebye.gif

Here's the ringtone for you:

I Want To Be A Billionaire

Need any changes, let me know thumbsup.gif

Also, in future if you have to request a ringtone, kindly use the pre-existing Ringtone Request Thread. Thank you smile.gif
Yes I seen the ring tone request after I posted this, I am sorry. I was looking for a way to transfer this post over to that thread but couldn't find a way.

I did find the ring tone you posted, thank you for doing that, but I was looking for one like the other that the tone starts out with "I want to be a billionaire", there are two posted, however the ones that are posted and start like that have f@ck rather then freakin. I have heard the song with the word freakin.

Thank you so much for taking your time on this.

Edited the tune, check it out, need any more changes let me know wink.gif
Your wonderful, thank you so much!!!!!
My pleasure smile.gif
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