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Full Version: Streaming Iphone Music Via Bt Headset
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I know all the latest BT headsets are incorporating various background noise canceling technology, but would like to hear from others about just how well it works. I also know that the new Jawbone Prime is reportedly the best at this, but this BT headset is not capable of receiving the BT streamed music from my iPhone 3GS. Of the 2 BT headsets that are capable, the new Blue Ant Q1, and the Jabara Stone, which of these two incorporates the best noise cancellation technology. I realize these are not stereo, and that's OK, because the stereo headphone BT is frankly not that attractive to me. If anyone utilizes BT to listen to their music on their iPhone has first hand knowledge with these two BT headsets please let me know how well they work, or for that matter any other headset. I believe Plantronics also made an older model that is capable, but I was mainly interested in the new BT's on the market. I know these were specifically designed with the new iPhone 3GS in mind. unsure.gif
thank you for info

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Thanks for the great information.

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iphn. rock.. dude.10.gif
Have fun with Iphone. Thanks!
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