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Full Version: Update: Nokia Theming Tools
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As for Nokia theming, there are two main tools at the time:

For Series 60 3d Edition, S60^3 and Symbian Anna themes, download:
Carbide.ui (Symbian) 4.0
(Registration at Forum Nokia necessary)
It uses the S60^3 template by default.
To create S60 3d Edition, 3d Edition Feature Pack 1, 3d Edition Feature Pack 2, S60 5th Edition, E6, E66, E71, E75, and N97 themes, you need the accordant plug-ins. Download them here.
For Symbian Anna themes, you have to upgrade Carbide.ui to Carbide 4.1. To do so, install 4.0 first, then follow the instructions given here at Forum Nokia. The upgrade contains lots of Symbian Anna icons.

For Series 40 themes, download:
Carbide.ui (Series 40) 5.0
(Registration at Forum Nokia necessary)
Depending on which Series 40 handset you want to create themes for, you should also download the correct plug-in:
Series 40 6th Edition Lite (Entry) UI — for devices such as the Nokia C1-01 and Nokia C1-02.
Series 40 6th Edition Simple UI — for devices such as the Nokia 3710 fold, Nokia X3-00, and Nokia 7230.
Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI — for devices such as the Nokia C3-00 and Nokia X2-00.
Series 40 6th Edition, Feature Pack 1 (Touch and Type) UI — for the Nokia X3-02 and Nokia C3-01.
The plug-ins are available here.

If you don't know which group your phone belongs to, look it up in the Nokia Device Specifications.

Update - June 21, 2011: Long time no see. byebye.gif Much has changed since the first version of this post, so I dedusted it today to prevent confusion. All info is now up-to-date, if you see any mistakes, let me know. I'll update this post everytime a new version of the Nokia theming tools or plug-ins is launched.
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Is there some reason why I am unable to download Carbide.ui? low bandwidth?
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hey do u lknow tool about s60 2nd addition
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If you're working with Carbide.ui 4.0 for Symbian themes at the time, you might want to update it to 4.1 as this update includes support for the upcoming Symbian Anna phones. Seems at the same time a good way to get hold of many of the popular Symbian Anna icons wow.gif .

This time, you don't have to download a plug-in but rather use the automatic update function of Carbide.ui 4.0 instead.
Find more info about the update here.

Apart from that, I updated this thread's entry post accordant to the Nokia tool changes that took place in the meantime.
Carbide is too slow after this update sad.gif
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Thanks for the infos
Hello i need help plzzz cn u tell me hw 2 install a plugin in Carbide.ui (Series 40) 5.0
Series 40 6th Edition Compact UI — for devices such as the Nokia C3-00 and Nokia X2-00. i hv dw this n i tried 2 install 2 bt i cnt c c3-00 nokia ph plzzz cn ny1 guied me plzzz sad.gif
how 2 generate preview using Carbide.ui (Series 40) 5.0....i have made few theme bt cnt upload as i dont have preview??????
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I have a problem with the downloading, it want's a registration...where to register, because i doesn't see the button for reg...!?
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How to take previews for nokia 5130 x-press music
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How to take previews for nokia 5130 x-press music
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plxx teach me how to change nth files to sis file.. When i have created a theame using carbide soft the file was showing nth ...
Can anyone told me where to get photoshop
Need Plug ins of 320*240 screesize devices.........
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