Hey guy's and girl's!
Lynchieboii here!
Starting this thread for all you Iphone fanatics who want good ringtones and not those crappy once Apple gives you.
Hopefully this Topic gets popular and eventually pinned.

Okay lets get started..

First of all Check out my Ringtones I have already uploaded.Click here

If you like them.. Then Download them!

These ringtones are all 30 seconds or Less so they can fit in your "Ringtone's" Library in Itunes.

If you would like a ringtone because its not already uploaded then just leave the song name, how long you want it to be(Remember 30 seconds or less) and finally what part of the song you want.

Example: Vinylshakerz - One Night In Bangkok, 30 seconds long, 5 seconds into the begining.

Your requests should be done in 24 hours or less, So check back often or in 24 hours and it should be done.

Once you have downloaded the file to a place that's easy to find, you will see its name like this:
If you don't have a Ringtone's Library in Itunes just double click on the file you have downloaded and Itunes should automatically create a ringtone's Library.

Then all you have to do is plug your Apple Iphone, Iphone3g or Iphone3gs into your computer via your charging cable, Click on your device under "Devices", Then click "Ringtone's" and check all the ringtones you want And Finally click apply and it will sync to your Iphone.

Thanks Lynchieboii 10.gif