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Full Version: M9 Talks To Ringtone King, Technokid1974
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Previously, we interviewed the theming queen. Today, I'm glad to catch up with the mixing king. Who is he? I'm sure you know or at least heard of his big name or seen his huge trophy room.

Please welcome Technokid!!

Hello Goran, can you introduce yourself to M9ers who don't already know you? Why Technokid1974?

OK as you all know my name is GORAN i am from AUSTRALIA and when i joined mobile9 I chose technokid360. technokid used to be my nickname I gave my self when I was young.

- techno stands for the music I love which is dance music
- kid because I feel like I kid all the time in my heart
- 360 was added coz back then I loved my XBOX360 but later I changed ships and went to PS3 ... So later I wanted to change my name to only technokid but it was taken so I choose technokid1974, 1974 is the year i am born which says i am a bit old know tongue.gif

That's right. I forgot that you changed your username. So how did you you find M9 and what makes you stay?
I visited mobile9 gallery initially, i was looking for cool wallpapers, themes and screensavers. There were no mp3 ringtones. When i got my 1st mp3 mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson P900, i wanted mp3 ringtones badly so i started to search for sites but was not successful. Then i remembered about mobile9 and visit it again and started to download mp3 ringtones but i was still not a member. Then 1 day as i love music and have so many songs i wanted to make my own ringtones and when I ended up know how to make some myself I decided to join mobile9 and share my ringtones to everyone who visit mobile9 gallery.

There are many reasons why I stay here for this long
- always loved to upload stuff to mobile9 and see the feedback I get
- meeting some lovely people. I have them as my real friends now, also love the admins here ... but at time i have got bit upset with them tongue.gif
- Ringtone Challenge. I have had some amazing times in RC and meet some amazing people
- love the activities of the forums.
- I am a MOS member which keeps me active
- I have so many lovely sweet friends in profile section. I love to shout to my friends and keep in touch and i have to admit its one of my fav... section in mobile9
- I am a gallery moderator which is fun as well. I could go on and on so i better stop now tongue.gif

You participated in nearly every Ringtone Challenge. How did you get into RC?
I think I have missed only 2 weeks coz i had troubles with my internet provider and for the other week ... I entered 1st but I was sick in the next few day and when I come back I forget to post my parts I used for my mix and was disqualified.

As for how did i get into RC, after some time, I ended up joining MOS at the time it was a small fun group with our leader called Vanja, we had our little ups and downs laugh.gif so Vanja had the idea of making a Ringtone Challenge and he asked if we were entrusted and give it a go with a test run for the 1st week see if it will take off and it did but it was slow at the time we did not have many people entering RC but i loved it and look what it has come to day the most popular competition in mobile9 also thanx to the RC managers who been doing an awesome job to make RC a magical fun place to be.

Can you describe how you create a ringtone mix from start to the end, including the tools you use?
I started with searching for a nice intro. Then I choose my songs I might use for my mix save them to a folder. Later, I will open all songs using Audacity 1.3.8 (it's a freeware and its an awesome program I would recommend to everyone) and choose all the parts i could use in my mix and save them to my desktop. After that, I look for a good ending. Once I have got all my parts I start to make my mix and play around. When I am happy with the parts, I save them. Later, I concentrate on putting each part to come out just right and sometimes it can take some time. At times i just want to give up then i come back and try again till I finish my mix the way i want it to sound lol.. The fun part come uploading it to gallery and seeing what people will say about my mix, and if i get nice feedback then i am happy with my work.

What's the most important aspect you're looking for when you decide which mixes are the best (like when voting for RC entries)?

Mmm that's a good question. When voting i must try and be fair to all music style coz my love is dance music so i have to try and not let my love for that style get a hold of me and vote for mixes which i like to hear, but when i do listen 2 mixes before voting i look that there are no mistakes in the mix, look at sound quality, and all mix sounds at same pitch, look at the start and ending of the mix, look at the parts that were used to see if it matches the whole mix, look for the mix to catch me into the groove (which means the whole mix is awesome could listen to it repeatly for a while), also sometime I think that to much effects in mixes can kill the mix that's about it.

The last time I checked, you have uploaded 5429 ringtones. I know it's hard but what's your 3 favourite mixes so far?
That's hard coz i have so so many but here are the ones I have picked:


What are the phones you have had so far? Which one are you're currently using?
i have had few. Here is my collection from day 1 till now wow.gif
Nokia 5110
Nokia 3310
Siemens S45
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 7210
Nokia 3650
Nokia 6600
Sony Ericsson T610
Sony Ericsson P900
Sony Ericsson S700i
Sony Ericsson K750
Sony Ericsson W800
Samsung SGH-D600
Sony Ericsson W850
Sony Ericsson W890i
And the current 1 i am using is LG KM900 Arena.

Apart from mixing tunes, what else do you enjoy doing (offline hobbies)?
I have so many hobbies so i will name few: bike ridding, mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, night clubbing, going on drives with music pumping loud, tennis, soccer, basketball, watching sport, watching movies. Watching cartoons, listening 2 music, shopping, PS3 and so many more things. smile.gif

Huge thanks to Goran for taking time for this interview. It's a long interview, but the man joined the M9 community back in Nov '06 and have since achieved a lot. So his history is surely not something that he can explain in just a few sentences of words. Hope you enjoy the interview!
Nice to really get to know you goran smile.gif
Very good interview. It made me go all nostalgic, while mentioning MoS back than wink.gif thumbsup.gif
really really cool interview. i really wanted to know Goran more and more, how he mix, how he vote, what is important for him, it's a really cool interview. thank u both Goran notworthy.gif and Arthur notworthy.gif
this was a really good interview, nice knowing you Goran and good luck in any future projects
nice to know you Goran byebye.gif

I loved your mixes alot wub.gif wub.gif

may be with all the mobiles you got you could open a shop tongue.gif

another nice interview Aw to a great person and a great mixer thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
helps me to know my bro techno better
i am thinking about what the meaning of Technikid360 i got the meaning from u goran clapping.gif you are a great and phenam DJ in m9 notworthy.gif you have used 16 cell currently using 17th as LG cheers.gif
Really great interview... wow.gif ...nice to know more about you goran.....mixing king........ notworthy.gif
Great interview 10.gif Really great is nice to know about Goran smile.gif
I havent read so much in forum for a long time (maybe never laugh.gif ) - great interview! thumbsup.gif 10.gif

Btw.... Why didnt you tell us something about your passion for mini skirts Gorane? haha.gif wink.gif wink.gif
Great interview!! like any kid to heart you're a very active one, congratz!!
Excellent Interview AW thumbsup.gif 10.gif Was really great to hear from the person who has contributed a lot to grouphug.gif and to RC with his tireless participations wow.gif clap.gif
Great interview wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
i enjoyed reading it.. great interview..

thank you all 4 your lovely reply's and thank you AW 4 choosing me 4 this interview
i had a lovely time answering your questions i could of told more but we had 2 write a whole
book then lol... laugh.giftongue.gif thanx again 2 mobile9 team and all the people who loved me and
supported me here from day 1 till know GOD bless wub.gif
realy good interview clap.gif clap.gif
Great interview clapping.gif clapping.gif i am glad i got to know more about you bro notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Man it feels like i am watching tv show seriously superb Job by the host clapping.gif clapping.gif
I Love Interview! Thank You AW for This Great Interview. thumbsup.gif
@Goran... Good to Know More About You. smile.gif
Its nice, thanks for the M9 team. Its really gr8 and nice to meet u Goran byebye.gif
thanks for the M9 team
it's great! getting to know TK better smile.gif

you didn't ask him about his fascination with changing his name to tEcHnOkId after having made so many changes already? tongue.gif
thank you so very much 4 liking my interview hosted by AW my friends and bro's wub.gif
wow.gif Bro's interview clap.gif wub.gif
Great interview clap.gif thumbsup.gif
Nice to know more about Techno bro. wink.gif thumbsup.gif
thanx bro 4 liking the Interview wub.gif
but you see me many times on msn i thought you know me very well tongue.gif
QUOTE (technokid1974 @ Oct 12 2009, 07:57 PM) *
thanx bro 4 liking the Interview wub.gif
but you see me many times on msn i thought you know me very well tongue.gif

haha.gif laugh.gif
But I didn't know about your Mixing and Mobile9 experiences bro. smile.gif
Goran is the best ringtone mixer in m9 10.gif
OMG, i just saw it blink.gif

Well said bro clap.gif thumbsup.gif
you are great man goran 10.gif techno kid rocks clap.gif clap.gif gathering.gif
Techenokid is the best dejay!!
great interview great manthumbsup.gif
Hi....Can I Help You?
Nice interview wink.gif
I heard that you ARE leaving the site!right?
WoW! it was GRAET wow.gif, big congrats to dear Goran for his huge trophy room clap.gif
@techno kid
ola foxxy
so nice to have 1 on 1 with u wink.gif
wonderful , great . . . . clap.gif clap.gif interview . . .
best of luck bro,
waiting for my turns.
Great interview,thanks AW..good luck Goran
wub.gif great interview byebye.gif
wow i honored to meet a Lord OF Ringtones notworthy.gif
Amazing happy.gif
Amazing happy.gif
In my view technokid is the real no.1 member of m9
QUOTE (Leafjohn @ Aug 24 2012, 11:02 PM) *
In my view technokid is the real no.1 member of m9
hi leafjhon bro what do you say about anil :D
@AW - hmmm it's been a while since we interviewed someone. i think it's time to do it again.
QUOTE (Sourav_Kumar @ Sep 1 2009, 11:12 AM) *
Really great interview... wow.gif ...nice to know more about you goran.....mixing king........ notworthy.gif

Nice to have more info about you 10.gif
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