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In this thread, you can make request for specific miscellaneous theme resources. A few things to keep in mind:
- give as much details as possible. You cannot give too much details. It helps us to create something that suits your requirement better.
- be reasonable in the amount of requests you file. There are lots of requests but only a handful of very helpful people who will make those graphics. So only place 1 request at a time.
- people fulfill requests on a volunteer basis, they wanna help but they have other things to do. So please say thank you, show them respect & courtesy. No response or say something like "make another!" is rude.

To those who are so generous to help others, thank you! May your kindness return to you the same way you offer them.
look... example
Need Softkeys and wait bars in svg for Symbian theming.....
grate 10.gif 10.gif
QUOTE (deepasree @ Oct 25 2010, 11:42 AM) *
Need Softkeys and wait bars in svg for Symbian theming.....

Plz give me details...wht type of softkey or wait bar you need...!
i need some signal and battery..indicator...
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