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WPC is now more than 100 weeks old. So far whenever we had any announcement to make, we did it in the latest topic. we announced things at the beginning of whichever week the changes were introduced. This had a lot of disadvantages.

One of them is redundancy. One rule might get changed by the next one, and people will soon lose track of what the actual rules are.

Besides, if a member comes back after a one-week long break he/she might miss an important update or worse, break a rule he/she didn't even know existed!

And so that is why this topic has been introduced. Check all the latest WPC updates in this thread. whever you see a red-flag beside the topic title indicating a new post, click on it immediately. smile.gif
Introduction To A New Award!

Due to Increasing Complaints about Voting in WPC , we have decided to Introduce 3 more winners along with the top 3 postions thumbsup.gif the new award is named as "WPC ZouZou" the word ZouZou means Huge and it will definitely bring a HUGE difference in WPC voting wink.gif
Trophy looks like this :

Thanks To Pingallery(Petra) who helped in Designing this beautiful Trophy clap.gif

So the winning format will be like this:
1. WPC 1st position
2. WPC 2nd position
3. WPC 3rd position

1. WPC ZouZou 1st position
2. WPC ZouZou 2nd postion
3. WPC ZouZou 3rd position

There Wont be 2 groups anymore! Instead we added 3 more winners. so basically the pro's compete with the other pro's within the group. ZouZou will be awarded to participants, who've never won a trophy before! Also ZouZou Winners will get Trophies in their profiles!!
Important Update !!

After the voting booth has opened , nobody can edit/delete/change resolution of the gallery uploaded file! If anyone edits his/her file , shall be Disqualified!!!!!!
Final Entry Thread , PSD Files Update!

1. Only add the Images you have used in creating your wallpaper!
2. PSD would not be accepted as your originals!
3. PSD could be used only if your Wallpaper has been made from a scratch!
4. If needed , Managers shall Request you for the PSD files!
5. Entries with PSD originals shall be
Important Update !!!!! Graphic Manipulation

Wallpapers that have been changed just by adding Text, wont be accepted anymore thumbsup.gif In order to have a valid entry , you have to use 2 or more wallpapers , that can include an object cut out from the other wally and pasted on the main/background wally thumbsup.gif or simply a blend of both smile.gif , and if youre adding effects to the main wally(not created by you) , the effects have to be conspicuous thumbsup.gif
Important Update!!!

In order to avoid confusion, If you have Suggested a topic and didnt add much to the descript. earlier, it can be added not changed to the main descript. on page 1 of the thread only!!!! the idea or meaning to the original suggestion MUST NOT change
Tineye Accuracy Update!!

As most of us know about a website which reverse checks/searches the wallpapers thumbsup.gif , its also an add on application for fire fox, so we can track what is the original source of that wallpaper.
i) As you might think it is 100% accurate but unfortunately it is not!
ii)sometimes it shows say 60 sources of a wally but it might be just our background wallpaper only not the additional wallys we have used! , so in this case i normally check the sources and matched wallys!
iii)it also fails to track minor changes in the wally for eg. any kind of effect which are not effecting the overall look of that wallpaper!

In short we cannot completely rely on the results of tineye , will need further investigation on the wallpaper , may be necessary to look at PSD, all the wallpapers used and their sources! the participant will have to provide with all the information required to prove that the wallpaper has not been stolen thumbsup.gif

WPC Winner's Category Update!

We are Proud to announce that we have added 2 new categories in the Winning List.

"WPC Newbie Award"
( A special thanks to Amdominator for redesigning the trophy wub.gif)

Any New Participant will receive this award/trophy and the trophy looks like this :

"WPC Star of the Week"

After working two years as a WPC manager, the only thing i felt was that we never had any Rising Designer badge which could have actually motivated the newbies more, so i thought if we dont have a badge/trophy so what??? we can still encourage the new talent and give them some recognition!!
As you all know by now, the trophy is under construction wow.gif and we shall post it here and in the winning thread as soon as it becomes available smile.gif

Thanks to Liapireas for designing this wonderful Trophy, So the trophy looks like this:

Star Of The Week Trophy Discontinued As Of Week 450
New Rule Announcement.

From the Week 175 Onwards , We've decide that
the originals you have to put with your entry in the final entry thread,
should be combine in one image only,
it would be easy to all the members to get access to your originals easly.
so what you have to do is,
just combine your originals just into one image
a simple example Here
How Trophies Are Awarded

*Regular Trophies Are Allotted To The First Top Three IE. Gold, Silver And Bronze

*The The Zoozoo Trophies Will Be Awarded To Participants Who Have High Scores In The Competition And Possess Less Than Three Regular WPC Trophies.

Participants Holding The Gifted/Certified/Legendary Badges Are Not Eligible To Receive This Trophy.

*The S.O.T.W. (Star Of The Week)
Is Awarded To A Certain Participant Chosen By The Admins.
This Trophy Is Just Given As A Recognition Of Uniqueness By The Admins And Not To Be Taken In Account As The Regular / Zoozoo Trophies

Star Of The Week Trophy Discontinued As Of Week 450
Image Protection

WPC Designers Are Working Very Hard To Create Their Graphic Manipulations.
In Order To Stop Copying To Some Extent It Would Be Wise If Participants Place Their Own Form Of Signature On Their Artworks.
It Can Be Initials / Id Name Whatever They Want.
It Can Be In A Place Where It Cannot Be Cropped Or Changed thumbsup.gif Usually In The Center Of The Image In A Very Light Color thumbsup.gif
Participant May Choose As Per Their Own Need Weather To Add / Not Add The Signature To Their Entries.
Please Note That This Rule Is Not A Compulsion And Is Meant Only For The Sake Of Protection Of The Artworks.
Contest Entries Update

Participants Are Allowed To Use All The Elements You Find Over The Net Even If Its Used By Others.
Participants Are "Not" Allowed To Use Someone Else's Finished Artwork In Your Originals.
Any Participant Found Using Such Will Be Disqualified.

Giving Freedom To Use The Elements Requires Every Participant To Have Originality / Style / Their Own Idea.
It Is Essential For Every WPC Entry.
So Please Keep This In Mind And Follow The Rules
Important Update

Participants Are Aware That Every Week The Themes Are Chosen
By The Winners Of The Week Prior.
To Make Things Interesting Managers Will Pick A Theme For Every "0" Week
ie 310, 320, 330, 340... An So On.
Important Update

As Per The Majority Choice By The Participants & The Results Of The Poll (Click Here To View),
Managers Shall Add Animated / Non-Animated Week In The Restrictions.

The Rule Is Simple If One Week Non-Animated The Next Would Be Animated. Just A Simple Common Cycle (Sequence Of Events Repeating In Time.)

1. Animated Week Shall Have "No Restrictions Concerning Animations"
2. In Non-Animation Week, Participants Will Have To Make Non-Animated Artworks.
Important Update

If Participants Use Ready GIF (Animated) Files / PSDs In Their Works, Then It Needs To Be Specified In The Originals.
Have A Look At The Links Below For An Example.
New Trophies For WPC

First Entry Trophy

Regular Trophies

Zouzou Trophies


With Effect From WPC Week 453
All Participants Entering The Competition Will Be Receiving

1 Mobile9 Credit

This Credit Can Be Used To Buy Various Features From The Site


Terms & Conditions

1. Each Participant Is Entitled To Get One Credit For Participating In The Contest.

2. Participants Will Receive Credit Regardless Of Their Victory / Loss.

3. To Receive Credit Participants Must Submit Their Entry & Vote Correctly.

4. If The Participant Is Disqualified For Some Reason / Fails To Vote, Then The Participant Will Not Receive Credit For The Contest.

5. Credit Will Be Given At The Same Time As Contest Achievement.

6. Mobile9 Reserved The Ultimate Decision In The Operation Of Credit Reward.


The Rising Designer's Badge

With Effect From WPC Week 477 (1st September 2016)

All New Comers / Participants Entering The Competition Will Be Receiving This Badge


Eligibility & Criteria

1. Participants Must Enter WPC On A Regular Basis

2. Participants Must Have Atleast 25 WPC Participations Regardless Of Victory / Loss

3. Participants Must Have 3 Trophies Regular / Zouzou Trophies

4. Participants Holding The Gifted / Certified / Legendary Badges Are Not Eligible To Receive This Badge
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