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Full Version: New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset
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Some of you might be old enough to remember that we gave out the Jawbone bluetooth headset in a ThemeMaking Giveaway. At that time, Jawbone was the highest rated bluetooth headset ever according to CNET.

The company has just rolled out new bluetooth headset, the Jawbone Prime. It comes in 7 colors. If you interested in the science behind the headset, read it HERE.

A hands-on & unboxing by Engadget, and their conclusion? ---> Sure, it's expensive (USD 129.99), and there are plenty of decent noise canceling Bluetooth headsets out there to choose from -- Jawbone isn't even alone on the fashion front -- but we'd say Aliph's done a lot to improve audio performance and comfort this time around, and little to diminish those best-in-class looks they're so well known for.
Lolz!!.. not exactly a fan of bluetooth headsets unless they r stereo n play songs! tongue.gif
tats when they come truly handy!! tongue.gif

But nice piece.. looks like a style statement more than usage though!! wink.gif
I use bluetooth handsets, but I somehow always buy them from malefactor of my mobile phone. Except for apple, they are nice, but I am not giving them so much money. smile.gif
looking nice
NICE ONE clap.gif
great idea
Jawbone Bluetooth headset is highest rated Bluetooth headset because of its amazing sound quality and eye-catching design. Not only is it smaller and lighter, the Jawbone 2 also has a simpler ear hook design and a fancy new look that leaves its predecessor in the dust. If to put it in one simple word that would be – WOW. If someone asks me to list two things I dislike about the Jawbone 2, honestly, it will be difficult to find a single fault.
Now the company revealed its Jawbone Prime, a new version that replaces the eleven-month-old Jawbone. Its hotter younger sister just popped up on the FCC, and looks to be under two cm wide, losing a fair bit of the original Jawbone's girth. It is a headset that is capable of erasing background noise by using two microphones and a sensor that create an acoustic environment. To sum up the new Jawbone Bluetooth headset beats its predecessor from top to bottom in comfort and sound.

GOOOD 10.gif
Kool..a lot of colours
goodlooking one...clapping.gif
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