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Full Version: Hbh-pv703 Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Handsfree
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Today i bought myself a new handsfree, its the hbh-pv703 SE. Its cordless ofcourse and has a earhook. Click to view attachment

Now the earhook was in the middle pricey, it costed 399 NOK in Norway, in comparison, the JABRA JX10 II costs 840 NOK and is one of the top shelf handfrees in this country. Reading the instruction manual it said that the first charge would last for 8 (!!) hours and normal charge time from flat to full would be up to 2 hours. However, mine was fully charged after 1 1/2 hour, even when trying to recharge it a couple of times. The 703 has a standby time of 350 hours and talk time of 10 hours according to the manual.

Wearing the device on the ear is fairly comfortable, the earhook is a fixed construction of plastic and rubber so it cant be adjusted. Although it can be taken off and switched, so you can wear the 703 on both sides of your head. I wore it for about 2 hours straight today and didnt feel uncomfortable with it. The buttons are fairly easy. the answer button is on the middle of the headset and the volume buttons are on the top. I didnt have any problems using them although the volume buttons could have been a bit bigger and the buttons in general had a really cheap plastic feel. other than that everything was fine. I dont know what to say about the design other than i think its nice, look at the picture and see for yourself smile.gif

I have only tested 1 conversation with the 703 so far. The recipient said he could hear me loud and clear, but even with the volume on 703 set to max, i would have had difficulties hearing him in a crowded place. In a office or in a car it wont be a problem, but loud and noisy areas might prove to be a problem. But this might have to do with the volume settings on the phone, i will try this out later today and edit here if that was the problem.

Summary: The 703 is a nice handsfree, and i think its worth the money. It has all the functions the average caller will need and its comfortable enough to let you have long conversations without getting tired on the ear. I will edit this post more in the days to come as im using the 703.

Edit: tried turning up the volume on the phone while conversating in 703 and it did get louder, but still, even with max volume on both phone and headset it doesnt blow your ear out.
ur review makes me think to buy it.
This is seem like as hbh-pv700.i hv it,but i cant use it for other se phone.just 4 w700.
nice review...thumbsup.gif
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