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Full Version: Fantastic Animated Themes For Your Mobile Phone
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Look! What I’ve found? Amazing themes, aren’t they? I found them yesterday, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Before I found them, I felt my mobile screen boring. So plain! I wanted some changes. In my opinion, theme is the way to distinguish my mobile from others. But look at my mobile screen, just some photos, pictures like car, dog, cat, movie star, landscape, etc. They are nice, but they can’t move, and I want something different, something interesting. Finally…, I found these wonderful themes—TUTU Animated Screen. happy.gif
When I saw them for the first time, I just found them interesting, they could move. But suddenly I noticed that, with this little theme, there was a change on my phone menu. Wow~~ so cool! A quite different menu operation----more humanistic, and more simple-to-use!
I am sure that there must be someone like me, so I share them with you here, and I hope that you will like them, too.
Look, a dancing boy dancing on my mobile!
This is the difference, so obviously!
Without TUTU Animated Screen With TUTU Animated Screen

A little tempted? happy.gif
Now, let’s see the difference on menu.
Traditional S60 menu With TUTU Animated Screen

Like it? Wanna own it? Download it!

 Humanistic menu design
 Replacing animation with one key-press
 Energy-saving
 Easy to use

Devices Supported:
Symbian 60 V2:
Nokia N70, Nokia N72

System Requirements:
Basic frequency: 123 MHz
Available memory: 800K
Available storage card memory: 1.5M

Attn! After downloading TUTU Animated Screen, you can download any themes you like, and then it will be active on your mobile.

TUTU Animated Screen:

nice themes

nice themes
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