[center]Announcement - Google Android Theme is released - 17 December 2008!![/center]

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Google Android theme is the first theme, which can transform your phone into Google Android phone. This is a simulator of the Android OS. All images are taken from original Android resource files. The theme is made using Sony Ericsson Theme Creator 3.32. Download it free from my site! This theme has three versions - Basic for K810/T650, Premium for W910/K850 and Ultimate for W980/C905. Download link:

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* Sony Ericsson Themes version 4.5 - it supports these models: K770, K810, K800, W890, S500, T650, W580, W850, W880. The size of this version is 192 kb.
** Sony Ericsson Themes version 4.6 - it supports these models: K660, K850, W890, W910, Z750, Z770. The size of this version is 200 kb.
*** Sony Ericsson Themes version 4.7 - it supports these models: C702, C902, C905, W595, W760, W902, W980, G502 and newer. The size of this version is 200 kb.

There isn't version for 176x220 pixels screen resolution. The theme is tested on these models: W910, K850, and G502. What is so special in this theme and why to download this theme? - Here are some reasons:

- This is the first theme for mobile phone which imitates Google Android
- All of the images are on the right place, synchronized with the real OS
- The Media Manager has skin which is like the player in Google's OS
- You can change the wallpaper with your own without to remove the statusbar and the softkeys background.

For bugs or questions write in my forum. Attention - don't edit the theme via Sony Ericsson Theme Creator or other program, because you will loose the Media Manager skin!! The latest official version is Google Android Theme V1 build 23. More: Logon, ScreenSaver ( soon these animations will be created ). The file hosting is supported by Lasyk, MediaFire and MegaUpload. Credits: thanks to these people for some images and help:

Google for giving me the images which I need;
All my beta testers who help me to test the theme and to fix all bugs with the images.