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Full Version: Posting Of Themes
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It's just a question actually, i uploaded about 14 themes but after awhile only two showed up in the gallery and in my uploads section? what happened to my other themes? thanks! dots.gif walkman.gif
Please see this topic:

Looking at the two in the gallery if your themes had the same preview images then i expect they were rejected due to incomplete previews. The previews are suppose to have the operator text on them. This is to show our users what the theme looks like with the operator text. For example they may download the theme and the operator text cold be bright yellow or in the middle of someone's face. As a theme is more than a wallpaper we feel having the operator text displayed gives uers more of an insight into the theme they are downloading and adds more to the preview.

An example of a good preview is:

Where you can see the text colours, the status bar and the softkeys.
Thanks for the info, 10.gif yeah i know it didn't show the softbar i was actually asking around how to make a preview like that. i haven't gotten an answer yet so i opted to post it. i'm just a newbie in creating themes, that's the reason why. laugh.gif probably you could direct me or teach me how to? stretcher.gif
Have you tried looking at this topic:

Try the making a theme preview link. You'll need to adapt it to only cropping the main display though.
thanks vinnieza! clapping.gif
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