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Full Version: Here Some New & Unique Theme!
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I created some new & unique themes. U like those themes then plz tell me. I'm waiting ur reply!!!!!!!!!!

Theme for Sony Eicsson (w700, w810, w550i)
1) Gulu's Personal Use & Favourate Theme
Link :

2) Gulu's HUM TUM
Link -

3) Gulu's VISTA + Walkman
Link -

4) Gulu's Windows Forever
Link -

Theme for Nokia S40 3rd Edition
1) Gulu's HUM-TUM (Best Theme)
Link -

2) Gulu's Vista
Link -

Theme For Nokia S60 2nd Edition
1) HUM-TUM v2007
Link -

Here Is My All files In

All guys if u have ne prob with this theme's then plz tell me n i can repair n redistribut these themes.

Sorry 4 my english!!!!!!!

Reply urgent....
I was wondering why would we look at your themes on rapidshare .. coz we have such an amazzing themers in here. blink.gif
Upload them on mobile9, if you realy make them and then ask for opinion tongue.gif
1st of all... Welcome to M9 gulu byebye.gif
and yea, I agree with pantoflica wink.gif
upload them to the M9 Gallery grouphug.gif

anyway I've seen them and they look very good thumbsup.gif
the only thing is that the "Gulu's HUM TUM" and "Windows Forever" are actually the same theme wacko.gif
only the name is different blink.gif
Welcome to the Mobile9, Gulu! grouphug.gif We always need the fresh blood here! devil2.gif

I've downloaded the Vista_Walkman_W810 and it looks nice! thumbsup.gif

But I think the damned rapidshare is not the best server to share your themes. There are too many delays before everyone can start downloading from rapidshare... Agree with pantoflica, you can upload your themes to the proper m9's gallery, in case if you will want this, of course.

And I have to say if you'll show us previews of your themes that you'll can receive more informative, more qiuck and more quality comment smile.gif You can have a look to another themers threads to get an impression how the themers are introduce their works:
Themes by jasnasto
Themes by happylass
Themes by zjurina
Themes by jdjMadDog
Themes by Atalantos

Welcome here once more!
Good luck and enjoy theming byebye.gif
Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pantoflica, Atalantos & Lionet sorry i give rapidshare link but now i changed n i share adrive link n all of u know?????? Adrive is a best share website. Its' free & resume support.
Guys i also upload but just show 1file & that's the reason i share my themes another website but now i check n is shown my themes so all off guys please check here my themes & download.

My Themes Link :

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
Good boy! thumbsup.gif haha.gif

As traffic statistics says, M9 has the most popular themes gallery in the Net, instead of any other sites. So your themes have the best chances to be downloaded from this site.

And now we're waiting for the preview of your themes in this thread.
Guys plz tell me how can i upload my themes screen shot in here????????
QUOTE(gulu2007 @ Sep 17 2008, 04:36 PM)
Guys plz tell me how can i upload my themes screen shot in here????????

You can upload your preview to any image's share servers

for example:

and then you can insert it to the forum using bb-code:
[IMG] http://link_to_your_preview.png [/IMG]
I couldn't say better than what Lionet has mentioned above. Welcome to M9, Gulu. We hope you would make new friends and enjoy your time here. grouphug.gif
Guyssssssss Here is My Gavourate Theme screen shot n i used this theme in my mobile..

user posted image
user posted image

Lionet plz tell me how is this?????? My friend u just wait b'coz i working to create 240X320 theme n i gift u for my favourate theme in 240X320.

Sorry for my English.
Welcome to mobile9 gulu grouphug.gif
Lionet plz tell me how is this??????

This is very nice! thumbsup.gif Man, my first theme was much more bad then this haha.gif

But I have to say some tips for you, if you don't mind...

The first aim of themer is to make a functional theme. This means that every text in every place must be readable well.
Please look at the Input1 screen. I'm not sure in the color you've used for input text. Is it readable well on the real phone?

Maybe I would changed the black desktop_tittle text color. White color would be more balanced in this case...

I have no questions about pics you've used in your theme. They are all fit well. But now you can draw your attention to the text colors.
Lionet here is a gift 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!

& i have solved what u sayed!!!!!

Another link here :

This theme suopported K790, K800, w580 etc....

& here is the screen shot

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif weightlift.gif
hi gulu can u post me rock on mobile themes 176x220
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