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Welcome this topic is exclusivity reserved for big events that are happening in MOS! Stay tuned wink.gif

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This topic is going to be moderated by me, and the rest of MOS council! wink.gif
Optimus prime leaves....

Creator of this magnificent group, and our leader for years, has left the building. Reasons are many, and we can understand him. He will always be remembered and honoured by this group. He did so much, from creating the group, and the popular RC challenge, and his ideas, persistence and innovation are the ones that lead us to being the most active and the most biggest group on M9!

We thank you, and wish you all the best Vanja! May the luck be on your side thumbsup.gif

Yours truly MOS ppl! grouphug.gif

His retirement post. Read here
2 new members...

Todey we got 2 more members, ash143 and Obed_james ! 10.gif

They are both active, have good reputation, and it is our honour to see them in MOS.

Hope you guys will enjoy your self here, and learn many new things about music smile.gif

We wish you the warm welcome... grouphug.gif
New era begins.....

Today, from this moment, on 12-07-2008 The MOS council, is officially active! clap.gif

The members of MOS council are Antonis1978, Tehnokid1974, and myself. grouphug.gif

Why them?

Well because they had the most votes in recent voting for MOS leader.

What will change?

Well the thing that one person will not decide on everything for everything, also so we can avoid situations if the leader is absent, no one can decide of anything.

And there will be some modifications in rules. Congrats to council members smile.gif clap.gif 10.gif clap.gif grouphug.gif
Support our TOD-ers!!!

Over the summer, you all may notice how TOD topics have been "dead" lately. That may be because of the lack of time that some members have, but surely also because little support they are given for their great work.

So we are asking you to visit more often our TOD topics, and enjoy some of the finest DJ's who make ringtones just for you! thumbsup.gif

MoS council. grouphug.gif
Looking for a new Home....

When you joined MoS you didn't have to much option to chose in which subgroup you want to be? So you had to take something that isn't really your thing, or you didn't choose it yet?

Well now is your chance. Just post in MoS home, and say where you want to be, because we made more space in every group just for you, so you can express your creativity better!

Find more info in MoS home topic! thumbsup.gif

MoS Council

Why my files are rejected....

QUOTE(vinnieza @ Nov 8 2006, 10:11 PM)
If your ringtones were rejected (disappear off your validation queue) they were most likely rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Copyright issues (Big artists like Eminem have rights to their music).
cool.gif If it's in the charts it will be rejected:
2. Ringtones have to be ringtone length (28 secs or less). A lot of phones do not play longer than 30 seconds anyway. Also, phones don't have unlimited memory, please make sure the ringtones are of reasonable size.
3. Ringtone is already in the gallery
4. Poor quality- this includes how loud they are i.e. very, very, quiet ringtones will be rejected.
5. Title of the upload is very ambiguous. For ex: song, mp3, funny
6. Unsuitable content- mobile9 no longer accepts adult content. Please upload clean files only
General guidelines...

QUOTE(VanjaT630 @ Jul 22 2006, 12:05 PM)
Members of "Masters of Sound" will do their best to provide the links, tutorials and help in any way possible to all the other members. All the other members may feel free to post their own links to such material.

Do not post links to warez, keygens and do not ask for it either.

All the links we give are for freeware, shareware and legal software (or services).

We also do not advertise nor promote, we're only finding the best material that we use and want to share it with the rest of the members for which we are sure will be helpful.

Also, try avoiding opening new topics, but instead use the current ones, so we have things organized and under control.

Reactive this thread because we want to have every new moment from our club to an immediate access smile.gif

I will start with the announcement of the 3rd part of MOS councilor after ssivec retirement:

The new councilor is Thump_Rockstar clap.gif
VanjaT630 joined back MOS as the Official Consultant

MOS Council
i would like 2 welcome our 2nd Consultant to MOS
who is he well we all know the once mighty ahodarkar
who made so many amazzing stuff in MOS from sig's
to tunes and so much more but coz of so much things
going in hes life he dont have that time he had once well life
comes 1st before cyber life tongue.gif but i would like 2 congrats
ahodarkar bro on being the 2nd MOS Consultant.... notworthy.gif 10.gif
Finally MOS book has been finilised.

This has to be credit to VanjaT630 clapping.gif

MOS Council

The time has come. Although we thought that there will be more members who would like

to assumpt more responsibilities. Anyway here are the 2 candidates for the 3rd councilor


Derber and see-INO.

In these elections only MOS members could be able to vote. The votes will take place via PM to me or to Technokid.

Members will vote only for the name that want for 3rd councilor. As i have already state, the main reason

for voting must be objective cretiria and not to vote the one who we like more.

The procedure will last until next Sunday (midnight GMT) in which the results will be announce.

Good luck to both of you.

MOS Council grouphug.gif

We have new councilor.....Derber

New Specialist Leader.....Bratvany

Congrats both clapping.gif
Here are 2 welcome badges. You can choose whatever you want to welcome new members in our group thumbsup.gif



Joining-MoS rules updated:
From now on, it's not a must for people to have RC participations in order to join MoS.
Rules updated and the banner in Join MoS thread changed smile.gif
Hey MOS members!
Well, this time we gonna have maybe an unpleasant announcement, but this is just what we have to do.
If you're one of those that check threads regularly, probably you must've noticed that we have new groups among our members list in "M.o.s Organization."
The groups are names as "Inactive Specialists" and "Inactive Alchemists." Members in these two lists are those who have left MOS for a long time and haven't informed anyone.
The reason of why we did this is we have to keep an eye on everything. We should know who comes online, who doesn't. So we can do our best for you.
And the last thing to mention is that don't worry, you won't be moved to this list after one week absence. Just those that go away for months and don't inform anyone for their absence will be moved to those lists.
We're still not sure about it, but we may delete these members from MOS. Depends on if you members agree with it or not wink.gif

P.S: pattinga and castleboyz stated that we can do whatever we want and they are not willing to be active at our threads so they removed from the group.
We have a few new badges for different matters in M.o.S
Take a look at the examples below: wink.gif

M.o.S Councilor Badge:

M.o.S Consultant Badge:

M.o.S Subgroup Leader Badge:

M.o.S Challenge Host Badge:

M.o.S M.o.M Badge/Award:

All these badges will be added in Hall of Honors smile.gif
Well, we have some more new stuff here in M.o.S: smile.gif
1. We have a new topic in ToD subforum. The new topic contains the new badges M.o.S provides for T.o.D posters and introduces a new banner to be posted in T.o.D ringtones. Kindly check it here
2. M.o.S Challenge, the official challenge of M.o.S is so close to start. Check the topics here
3. Apart from the M.o.M and T.o.D that we provide monthly, we have a new award for members: Member of Year (M.o.Y)
M.o.Y has a few requirements. You may check 'em here.
M.o.Y comes with a badge that will be introduced later, and a gift that you'll receive on the door of your home smile.gif

4. The "M.o.S Member of Month" topic has changed to "M.o.S Monthly Awards," cause it's from now on we gonna announce more awards than only M.o.M there.

M.o.S Council grouphug.gif
Hello to all Mobile9 members. byebye.gif

Most of you know the most famous group of Mobile9 that bring you in contact with music, ringtones and
entertainment generally. It was created 2006 by VanjaT630 from that time untill now, it has offered the
most to Mobile9 community.

I don't want to tell anything else i'm just asking you to visit MOS facebook page and enjoy with other
Mobile9 music lovers smile.gif

Stay tuned walkman.gif

MOS Councilor grouphug.gif
New MOS Councilor:

injamul_ahmed thumbsup.gif

Congrats mate for this position. You trully deserve it clapping.gif
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