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Full Version: New Themer Looking For Feedback
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Right i have submitted my first "made to upload" theme, I uploaded another one that i had quickly made for my girlfriend but this one is the first one I have made specificly to upload here.

Can people give me some feedback on what im doing right / wrong and whatever else? thanks guys!

also how do you made those previews with all the screens on one image? 1.gif

thanks guys
Hi promanex, welcome to m9 and theming world... smile.gif

It's hard to say much about your theme just from the gallery shot... but I've opened it in TC and I can say it looks quite good for a start... few suggestions tho... you should've used the sofkeys (after making them wider, some words are longer and will overlap them) and statusbar throughout the theme, on the other screens... all the bars should have some consistency (e.g. highlights on the activity menu are not the same)... then you have to change those orange backgrounds which you left in TC, as they will kind of scream on the phone... and also, would be nice to use same style for input1 as for the input 1... thumbsup.gif

As for your question about the previews, I hope this tutorial made by doc will help...
Thank you for all the advice, I will be sure to follow it for my next theme :D and thanks for the link for some reason i didnt even notice that preview button there! ohmy.gif
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