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Full Version: Videos For K700!
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I can't view 3gp on my k700, why?

Anybody who got an intiere movie for the phone, or some music videos or stuff that will work on my k700?

is there any app that will make 3gp playable on k700?
erm... blink.gif
3gp is playable on the k700... blink.gif

try to restart your phone, or fully charge it...
which brand k700 do you have if any brand at all.
when u play it, what message it gave u???
when i make a 3gp file in quick time for my phone i need to use custom settings otherwise it does not seem tp play correctly on my phone.

record a short film and copy it over to your pc, then in quicktime have a look at the "movie info"

should be something like

format: h.263, 176x144 millions

AMR Narrowband, Mono, 8000hz

when you convert a film into 3gp make sure you use the same settings
try mpegable x4 live... clearer sound n video...
oops.gif has anyone got any sites i can get free videos off
Ya go to its got good stuff on there... including videos of all sorts and ringtones etc... check it out smile.gif thumbsup.gif
btw to download files on that site you have to register but it is pretty well worth it... and also there is this other site i found but its for wap its got lots of other sites
kk rockon.gif btw try <url snipped>.com you also have to register but its a good site you get 3 free downloads a day ta chuck for site
oops.gif forgot to ask are these free cos im fed up of getting ripped off £6.00 for a video that dint work robbed.gif anyway get back t me
Refering to mpegableX4 yes but with the 30 day trial period over how can i use it lol i checked for 1 day on the net for crack or serial but no help i get a serial but then how do i use it for the program and help/ advice is great plz cause i use ImToo but file qualitly isnt that good then if i icrease the quality too much it pauses now and then on my v620
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