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Full Version: Congratulations Egypt!
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We won over Cameroon 1 - 0 after an impressive fight for the ball between Egypt's player, mohammed Zidan and 2 Cameroonian defenders who pushed him on the floor, tackled him and remained on top of him until he was able to safely pass the ball to Aboutrika who scored an easy 1 on 1 goal at minute 74.

Now if we can only win the 2010 cup, we'll take the cup home for good!

The wild crowds are rioting all over the place and I'm writing this whilst streets are buzzing with car honks and screams of joy in Qatar.

Congrats Egypt!!
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Congratulations Egypt! on winning the african cup 4 2008 notworthy.gif clap.gif cheers.gif wub.gif haha.gif

Congratulations BRO you mast be so proud at the moment wub.gif wub.gif thumbsup.gif

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Congrats Egypt! clapping.gif
clap.gif clap.gif Wooohooooo!!!! Congrats Egypt!!!

thumbsup.gifI love that country! I lived there for 1 year! Amazing country, great people! wow.gif
Thanks guys and gals for your support! we shall prove our worthiness of the title at the 2010 world cup! where?

where else? AFRICA!!! clap.gif clapping.gif 10.gif wow.gif
Many congrats clapping.gif clapping.gif
Congrats to Egypt for the second in a row trophy !!!!!
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Congratulations Egypt and AzureSephiroth 10.gif 10.gif 10.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Congratulations Egypt
Compiled all of Egypt's goals since the 2006 tourny into one video on youtube:

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
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